He Called Me Commander

He Called Me Commander

by Joyce Strahn


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Because Joyce is a starseed from Arcturus, former shipmates from the starship Aaschjan tracked her on their computers, and for three years, between 1987 and 1989 and beyond, were able to communicate with her through her channel friend, Gayl Fraser. This book contains information about the Galactic Federation, the fleets, their lifestyles, and their intent to bring peace on Earth by helping to release this planet from the grip of the Illuminati and set the planet on the path to ascension.

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ISBN-13: 9781452549132
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/02/2012
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

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He Called Me Commander

By Joyce Strahn

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Joyce Strahn
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-4913-2

Chapter One

He Called Me Commander

"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you Don't go back to sleep! You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep! People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open. Don't go back to sleep!"

From the Chinook

It was January, 1987, six months after I had moved to Salem, Oregon, to start my real estate career over again.

I was at a very low period of my life. The real estate market had crashed in Montana. I had left my beautiful home there, my office that I had started and groomed and held together by my fingertips, one son who was still in college at Montana State, and my spiritual bases—everything was gone.

There I had been President of my Unity Church, President of the Board of Realtors and had friends and family and a State that I truly loved. The money that I had brought with me had long since gone and I had had to sell most of my furniture to even keep going. It takes a long time to get started in real estate, especially when you don't know any one or anything about the area, and I was forty seven years old. Also, I was about to go to my bankruptcy hearing. From my childhood, there was no greater shame than bankruptcy.

This was the energy that my channel friend, Gayl, came into when she arrived to stay at my apartment on her rounds of doing sessions in several Oregon towns. I wanted to take her around and show her some of beautiful Oregon, so we made our way to Silver Falls State Park, a magnificent park about 30 miles east of Salem.

We had not even left the car and she said, "Archangel Michael is here. He wants to talk to you." The following is directly from that transcript:

Archangel Michael speaks—We have erected a tower at the lake (Hidden Lake where I was living) and Ashtar will begin to speak to you there right after the bankruptcy hearing.

I am Michael. I thought I would like to look around here a little bit. I have never seen such a forest as this.

"Oh, this is beautiful!"

When you step out of the car, stretch yourself tall and remember that you are Captain Haelegram of the Arcturus fleet. Remember that. And you are a very small female here. You were a very large male on Arcturus, so go to that energy. It is you. You are doing what you need to do. You are acting on the precepts of your reality. It is unrealistic to try to carry a steamship, but you can carry a canoe. So, we are going to get you a canoe.

So ... I am Michael and I am with you every moment. You must remember that. You are getting scared sometimes. You are here on temporary assignment. You are on loan from the Universe. And remember that. When it is abundantly fearsome, say. "Well, I knew that it wouldn't always be a picnic, and I knew that there would be scary days, and I know, too, that it is paying off. It is working."

This is reality. The abundance of those beyond and how they perceive this action, how they perceive the force of energy upon the earth, that is what you are speaking of. The ones beyond know what is happening. They see it. They see the change. The abundance of revelation in the hearts and minds of the people on the planet is truly astonishing! I tell you it is much more than we expected! And how do you think this would have happened if you hadn't been here, you and the others? How do you think this would have happened?

"I don't know."

It would not! Hmmph! It would not. So give yourself credit. Stand right up in front of your mirror every morning and say, "I know what I am."

You are not alone. Many are coming around you. Be in your modes with them sometimes doing the work seriously, but remember there is Light play. Go to things with these people and laugh. Do not let seriousness be a part of your life. We can say this is a serious endeavor, but immediately, we must make a joke. That is the way it is in the Universe. The Universe has not a serious bone in its body. Truly. It is more in abundant clarity of the joy always shining. And if that is the way of joking, that is the way of laughing, then that is the expression. If it is just contentment, that is another way. If it is music, that is another way. Perhaps with your music, you can get New Age songs going and play and play.

So, all right, remember that I am here, BC (Michael often refers to Sananda as Brother Christ) is here and you are here. And you are not going with us, we are going with you. We are following you. Remember, you have led. So, there is no fear whatsoever.

We have no fear for you. That is not even called faith. It is called trusting. It is called trusting your comrades, trusting your compatriots of the Universal Legions. When you move through this time, you will remember far more than you could ever imagine. So, don't try to devise how you will see, because you cannot even imagine how you will see. It will be far more than you could devise.

Now, I completely remove myself from this form. Although she knows that I am in accord of her vibration, she needs a little sustaining energy to balance.

Do you know that I can be with you at all times? Are you aware of this, that Michael vibration can be called into your form at all times?

"I do it sometimes with the flame." (The violet flame.)

It is up to you. You see, BC is with you whether you want it or not—that is kind of a Universal joke—

"I try not to impose on you."

BC is with you whether you like it or not, but Michael can be but by request. It is my function, also, and it is not an imposition, it is an availability of energy. I can be a component of your energy at all times. It helps you focus, but fire rather than any kind of rankle. There is a difference. Spiritual fire is wonderful. I love spiritual fire.

OK. OK. I am going now from her form, but I do want to make it clear to you. I am in abundance.

"I am glad things are going well with all of what we are doing."

Oh, very, very well. It takes a high note of cheer to keep that kind of energy going, and that is why we want you laughing a lot because otherwise you would get too tired and bogged down. And, that is why we are helping you, because it helps the energy flow at a different level. It is to maintain this pace that we will be doing for the next few years will be quite a challenge. It is hard, but it can be done.

"Thank you."

The next morning Gayl came out of the shower laughing. "I stepped into your shower and this man's voice started talking to me. He said, 'These are Joyce's things. What are you doing using Joyce's things?' I started communicating with him and he told me his name was Aleckatron and he was from Arcturus and that he was a scientist who built geodesic domes on Arcturus. He said a contingent of them were here in your house because you and they are from the same starship and they are learning from you how to live in Earth energy."

I was not surprised, just delighted that I could be of service to them. So ... that evening we did a channeling and Aleckatron came through for the first time.

Aleckatron's First Visit

I have a mode that is different from yours. I am trying to make adjustment to the light flow.

"Do you want me to turn that off?"

No, it is all right. I am doing this. It is with my energy level that I must come into better coordination. I must learn these things. It is an important part of what I will be doing here.

As you have been abundantly made clear to, I am called Aleckatron. I am one of the dominion of Arcturus, as you are, also. I am having a novice training in the respects of living in a town on the planet called Earth. I have not been a novice in any other way. It is an interesting experience to be called upon to attempt this sort of endeavor. I have not been asked to do this anywhere, anytime before now. As I have become accustomed to your space in this State called Oregon and in this planet called Earth, I have come now from the place called Silver Falls where my colony does abide, as does yours.

I have not been so long upon this place called planet Earth, but since I have been in your way as your advisor and counselor, although you do not know it so well as exactly you will know it from now on. I have made abundant adjustments now in my energy flow as the establishment of the energy upon the planet is required to be in gradients of what is esteemed to be normal upon the planet Arcturus. There are gradients to infuse more energy to withstand and gradients to diffuse energy, to become subtler and then pass to and fro. This is a difficult challenge for those of us who have been here such a short time.

There is an abundance of energy in the place called "sleeping room" with the help of others from the colony. We have magnified the intensification of habitable energy for us. Thus, you can be accorded into the dignity of your home space, also, when you are in your sleeping space because you now have Arcturian energy focalization in the place of your sleeping. Do not think that it is abundantly exactly the same as Arcturus. It is still somewhat immobilized by the planet Earth vibrations as well as those vibrations of the town you dwell in. But ...

Though I bid thee welcome. I do know of your ways. Yes, I am an engineer, also.

Channel's husband enters the room—"Oh, is that right?"

Yes, I have been upon the planet Arcturus since the beginning of my days. I have not traveled much being of inordinate scientific nature. I then sounded out a pattern for myself upon the scanner and found that I was led to this position upon Earth at this time. Having coordinated with a former shipmate, I then could in sequence come into being here. It is not such a focalization of energy as you may know as form, but similar in that I have frequently contributed my form cellular structure into this pattern.

If you could say of your forms in a scientific manner, in an engineering manner, that you could take out of a certain group of cells, let us use numbers of ten, and they represent an area, a certain frequency, a certain dimension in the form that you inhabit, a certain function. If for instance, in the crudest analysis, you were to say let us take one cell out of ten, and create a pattern that is clearly form but not so intensive. This is what I have done.

Channel's husband—"Is this different from being in Spirit? Is being in the etheric different?"

Very different.

Channel's husband—"How? How can you explain that to us?"

Etheric is as your programming is inherently what you are. Your pattern always remains. It is of the subtlest vibratory level. The vibratory level of Spirit is enhanced only by the various layers to create form. Spirit is 100%. Even to say enhanced would at times almost diminish Spirit, almost the opposite of what you see as enhanced.

Spirit sometimes has to struggle so much in form that it diminishes. But, let us say for the purpose of understanding, that Spirit is the purest Light vibration. If it has correlated with the Light well, with the Source as its benefactor, than Spirit retains the very, very subtlest manifestation in the Universe. This means that you can go to the programming called Intent and begin to understand what Spirit is. It comprises all that you are, but when you build upon that in any way, such as I explained in one cell out of ten, thus enhancing by creating a form ... and I am form. I am not Spirit. Spirit need not be concerned with environment, except vibrational Intent.

"If I could see you, what do you look like?"

I have an august countenance as you might say upon Earth, quite tall, quite how would you say it, perhaps to you supremely severe, but it is not. It is that I have supplanted in my being the countenance of straightforwardness, the ability to perceive things exactly, the way to enact all things as they are notified, instantly, the engagement to perceive the Universe in its totality. This means I don't waste any time. It means I can understand humor as it is applied upon Earth. It is one of the reasons I did thread my way into this device called the form that I am, to understand humor.

If you had lived upon Arcturus since the beginning of time, you would find that humor was one of your lesser assets. Being of an interesting observer character, I chose then to see that other planets have humor and the ability to indulge in humor. Therefore, I chose to become upon Earth.

I know some of the ways humor is held here. I do not understand always why it is humor because I know humor releases an action that is called convulsion in the internal organs. I don't understand yet why humor and the action of convulsion coordinate. I know this is called laughter. I have not yet been able to connect these two, however, I perceive that I am lighter as I am observing the humor and I think that this is connected. There is a lightness to humor which does not endeavor to instruct. Perhaps you can tell me if this is true, or not. There is a way with humor which is intended to alleviate suffering in a certain way and to raise the consciousness vibrations to a certain point releasing through the convulsion called laughter. I believe this is true. Do you see this?"

"I believe the laughter releases tension in the body. I think that is what you will find."

Once when I traveled to the theater with the three of you, I did observe the film through the eyes of this form. I am able to maintain my vibration by integrating as one with this form. I would like to pursue this with your form, but I may not until you have given permission. Spirit may blend more readily and easily and so as not to harm the form of those that they come to, but those of other matter, molecular structure, and denser than etheric ... spirit, these creatures as we may call ourselves, do not interfere in any way until the appropriate mode is given. So ... it is an endeavor that we might pursue that I might observe.

"I would very much like you to do that."

Then we will have a notification. We will work out a signal. There will be times appropriate and times not. As you perceive your world, if there are times when my vibration would not enhance the enactment, then that is a time not to do this kind of integration. This form has patterns she uses for those who observe. She can tell you these. Perhaps this will assist.

When I went to the film in the place called theater, I was observing some of the other ones who were laughing, and it seemed that some laughed at one thing and some at another, but indisputedly, those who laughed seemed more able to take the consequence of Earth life vibration. This is very easy to observe being an engineer and being able to see the vibrational attitudes.

I did observe upon entering the theater that certain individuals had an enraptment, or how would you say, an enshroudment of certain vibrations and the laughter released those as to break away bonds. Then, I observed that as they did caricaturize the incidents upon the film that I considered to be at times unnoteworthy, others then thought that they were very humorous.

I appreciate that because I could see that certain things which I had thought to be unnoteworthy were, indeed, quite valuable. Therefore, humor and the convulsion called laughter are tied in with those things not so serious, but very healing, releasing, transcending, and therefore, this is very, very important to the attitudes of forms, especially Arcturians. This is my mission here to observe, assist, and carry back information.

As you would have observed, I can be serious without being heavy. I am not somber, but I am not glib. You can associate with this. I would endeavor to appreciate more humor upon my plane to take back to the colony and to contribute to the endeavor of Arcturian life. It is one thing to be sweet and light, but it can be pious. This is not a very favorable attribute.

"It has been very difficult for me to laugh. I understand that from the Arcturian background. It's ... it's a very rare person who can make me laugh. I know what you are saying."

If you can perceive that the two of us might do a study of the effects of humor and the actual laughter, we might take this back to the people of Arcturus.

"Michael said that a couple of days ago that one of the main things we are going to have to do is laugh, cheer, to get through the next few years."

Yes, this is going to be, as you say upon Earth, quite tough at times. It is in a mode of your understanding that I reveal to you that, indeed, the time will come when the people will need places of substance to be upon.

I have engineered many feats, one of the least which is the starship design that I came upon. There are other modes that I have designed. These are called cities on your Earth plane, but if you could see Arcturus, they would seem to be enclosed gardens.


Excerpted from He Called Me Commander by Joyce Strahn Copyright © 2012 by Joyce Strahn. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


My Story....................xi
Chapter 1—He Called Me Commander....................1
Chapter 2—Holanea, Commander of the Arcturian Fleet on Earth....................22
Chapter 3—Rozann's 1st Visit and Aleckatron's 2nd Visit....................28
Chapter 4—Kortron....................43
Chapter 5—Anna of Ashtar....................563
Chapter 6—Halcyvar and Hatonn....................79
Chapter 7—Kortron, Sananda, Cozann....................92
Chapter 8—Ashtar and the Kids....................115
Chapter 9—Yellow Beings....................145
Chapter 10—Hilarion and Ashtar....................176
Chapter 11—Zeron and Sananda....................200
Chapter 12—Arcturus and Captain Haelegram On the Fleet Communications Starship—Simulation Data Center "AASCHJAN"....................217
Chapter 13—The Ashtar Command....................224

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