he & She

he & She

by Wayne Clark


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*** 5-star Silver Medal winner in the 2014 Readers' Favorite Annual International Award Contest ***

A Web photo of a dominatrix sends a man mired in midlife crisis on a last-ditch attempt to feel truly alive one more time, even if it kills him.

"There are multiple ways to view success in life, and Kit's journey through sexuality is not about preservation of the body, but of the soul... A remarkable investigation of a man attempting to save himself from stagnation." - IndieReader

"... a stylish piece of literary fiction... intellectually engaging throughout. A finely drawn portrait of desire in its fall and winter seasons."- BlueInk Review

"...All in all, this is a delectable novel about a man exploring his unknown sexual fantasies at the price of possibly losing his true self along the way."- Red City Review

Growing numb to life, to his on-and-off girlfriend of many years, his career, even Scotch, a man turns fifty. He is a translator who can no longer dream of translating beautiful works of fiction. He is an amateur musician who can no longer dream of expressing his life on a higher plane, without words. As he glares inside himself he sees little but his declining sexuality, his crumbling hold on life, a growing list of failed relationships, and a darkening well of loneliness.

Stumbling upon an image on the Internet one night, he suddenly hears cell doors sliding open. He stares at a young woman, in profile, beautiful, unblinking, regal. Instinctively he knows that by lingering on that image he will shatter a relationship that has kept him on the sane side of loneliness as surely as if he stepped in front of a speeding eighteen-wheeler. But desperate to feel alive again before time runs out, he knows he must see the stranger behind the pixels on his laptop screen.

Although it is her image that first transfixes him, his eye afterwards chances on a handful of words on the Internet page. She is a dominatrix. The word triggers something inside him, blows the dust off fantasies trickling back to adolescence, and slowly begins to re-choreograph his decades of sexual memories. Was he ever really the dominant male he thought he was? Did he have a sexual alter-ego? Was this the last card he had to play in life? The face on the screen held the answer. He would find out even if it killed him.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780992120207
Publisher: Wayne Clark YUL/NYC
Publication date: 10/25/2013
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

Award-winning author Wayne Clark was born in 1946 in Ottawa, Ont., Canada, but has called Montreal home since 1968. Woven through that time frame in no particular order have been interludes in Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, Germany, Holland and Mexico.

By far the biggest slice in a pie chart of his career would be labelled journalism, including newspapers and magazines, as a reporter, editor and freelance writer. The other, smaller slices of the pie would also represent words in one form or another, in advertising as a copywriter and as a freelance translator. However, unquantifiable in a pie chart would be the slivers and shreds of time stolen over the years to write fiction.

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he & She 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
This is a very intriguing read. Kit is unhappy in his life and is searching for something. He meets a dominatrix and starts to explore his sexual fantasies that he has kept hidden. As he believes he has found his happiness and craves more she begins to pull away and his life spins out of control again. I enjoyed the book, sexy scenes with lots of emotion and depth.
Ivory0707 More than 1 year ago
He Looking for She Kit Cayman is a translator and amateur horn blower who realizes that he is not satisfied with his life. As he glares inside himself he sees little but his declining sexuality, his crumbling hold on life, a growing list of failed relationships, and a darkening well of loneliness. Stumbling upon an image on the Internet one night, he finds himself hypnotized by a young woman that is a dominatrix. Instinctively he knows that by lingering on that image he will shatter his long-time relationship. But desperate to feel alive again before time runs out, he knows he must see the stranger behind the pixels on his laptop screen. Kit unearths fantasies from his youth and he reevaluates his sexual life, while falling in love with a woman he can't have. I personally didn't like the book although it has elegant and descriptive wording revealing the stark loneliness of a life unfulfilled. I kept losing interest in Kit's self reflection ramblings. I also found some of the time changes to be confusing because I wasn't sure in some parts if it was present or past. The dominatrix and submissive scenes were descriptive but not offensive. If you like bountiful personal exploration and have interest in BDSM then you will find this book interesting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Clark's first and A-1 novel has enriched us with an existential, page turning, character identified book. It's not overly plot oriented as is expected in erotic fiction, making it surpass genres and tear down stigmas. This is not just about K's mid life crisis but about maintaining one's blindness to inner truths. The BDSM scenes are not sleazy. They are an honest and stylish recount of K's experiences with dominatrixes and their company and the sexual satisfaction they ensue almost breaks apart his feelings of inadequacy and loneliness. But more than that, this is a modern look at the pain of trying and needing to find the lost self through the insufficient love of others.
sportzmomof5 More than 1 year ago
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I was surprising fulfilled after reading this book. A lot of books that have the BDSM tag on them don't hold a lot of depth. This one has you so emotionally invested you feel like Kit and you can't stop turning the pages, wanting more. If you are wanting a starter book of BDSM this is perfect, the scenes aren't too graphic but the images they leave are sexy. Can't wait to read more from this author.
LHCollinsLH More than 1 year ago
A Seductive and Intriguing Novel I went in reading this book thinking it was going to just be a fun and arousing read, but very quickly it became obvious that while it was written to be seductive it was also written to be an intriguing exploration of loneliness, lust, love and obsession. he & She is a novel that takes the reader on a sensuous journey of self-discovery and excess as K strikes an obsession with a woman in a photo that leads to new sexually awakening desires and situations that leave him floundering in a world he never seriously contemplated before. The novel has an emotional tie that keeps this seductive plot grounded, ensuring that while the reader is entertained they are given a few thought-provoking commentaries on loneliness, obsession and the length humans will go for either one as well. Clark uses his gift of storytelling to really explore K as a character and the woman he becomes enamored of; sussing out the intricacies of their relationship and the intricacies of life in general as well. It's arousing, exciting, provocative, down-to-earth and everything in between. It really was a truly intriguing novel that kept me sucked into the story of K and the journey he found himself on.
Capri_Coker More than 1 year ago
Alluring, Engaging and Intensely Real ''he & She'' is the kind of sexually provocative novel that sucks you into the story with a flair for seductive and the rarely glimpsed side of life. Wayne Clark weaves a story of self-discovery, of loneliness, of obsession and desperation that really makes for a truly captivating read from beginning to end.  The story centers K, a man verging on 50 who finds himself floundering in a life that holds little meaning and a lack of passion. A random photo sends him on a journey that awakens his desires, launches him into a tumultuous relationship and tests the bounds of his own sexual desire and need for something... anything to awaken a spark of life inside him. K is a man that is authentic and relatable, drawing you into his sphere with little prompt and making you care about his struggles, desires and journey through to the finish line.  This is a wonderfully evocative novel that speaks to body the mind and the body, using a passionately provocative and intimate narrative tone to set the story alight in intriguing ways. The novel is fast-paced, but slow and seductive like honey... it brings up a well of emotions from uncomplicated lust to unnerving worry and everything in between.  Mr. Clark has done a fantastic job of crafting a thoroughly enjoyable and compelling novel that never lets up in it's relentless pace. This was certainly an impressive introduction to the author that left me eager to see what else springs forth from the mind of Wayne Clark.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite 'he & She' by Wayne Clark is a story about an individual's declining sexuality and how a picture on the internet triggers his sexual urgency. He wants to see this beautiful woman who has ignited his fantasy from behind his laptop screen. In reality, his life has become unexciting with a string of bad relationships. He does some more research about her and he gets more excited to know that she is a dominatrix. The word gets him all excited and he starts fantasizing and exploring his dormant sexual desires. The book is raw and the story is realistic. The story takes you through the sexual fantasies of a fifty-year-old who has actually woken up from his unexciting life. The book tells you about the individual sexual preferences of a person which at times can border on being termed 'perverted.' Men like to experiment with sexuality when they are older and they can be experimental and more controversial at that time. It is better not to be judgmental and let them experience their sexual preferences and fantasies.  I found the theme off-beat. It is not a theme that is usually written about. The author has tackled a relevant theme, but there is a slight variation from the normal sexual inclinations. The handling of the theme is very contemporary and it is a story of victory and triumph over one's waning sexuality due to age.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite In he & She, author Wayne Clark introduces us to Kit Cayman, a burnt-out translator/musician in New York City - a fifty-year-old man who is starting to feel numb in his life; less passionate sex, failed as well as insipid relationships and, worst of all, the intolerable loneliness. One night, he stumbles upon a web photo of a dominatrix woman. This motivates him to reexamine his desires and learn to deal with the emotional aspects of his life in a new light. Greatly entranced, Cayman’s desire to submit to the dominatrix is harder to quell each day. Dominatrix, BDSM – these do not exist in my comfort zone nor they will ever. To be frank, I was a little worried that I might have to stop reading. However, the sexual scenes were surprisingly tolerable and the core of the story had more to do with one man’s desire to feel alive and have a purpose in life to look forward to; which is meeting and submitting to his dominatrix. With fine prose and some well-timed humor, the plot is paced well in terms of impact and intelligibility. Sometimes it felt like I was reading someone else’s secret diary and this made it very easy to connect with the protagonist.  All in all, he & She is a compulsive read that sheds some light, if not more, on men and the different layers of sexuality and passion. It is about love and, most important of all, it is about simply being human. A praiseworthy work from Wayne Clark.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite he & She by Wayne Clark is about Kit Cayman, a man living a life with no purpose. Working as a freelance translator meant that he worked from home and was therefore inside his apartment most of the time. With the exception of his best friend and his girlfriend, he rarely interacted with people. He felt the urge to find purpose, to give his life meaning and excitement. This all changed when he clicked on a photo of woman and he immediately knew that he had to meet her. He knew she was the change he needed in his life and, indeed, she was. He was ready to be introduced to her way of life; but what would this mean for his relationship with his current girlfriend, and was he even ready for the challenges of the new life style that he craved? Wayne Clark delivered a must-read novel by proficiently building Kit Cayman's character from the beginning of the book to show how the different events affected his life, leading him to a different life path and ending in a very surprising climax. Wayne Clark crafted an emotional story of a man in emotional turmoil and the level of skill with which the story is written made it a captivating read. It kept me engrossed up to the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He & She by Wayne Clark is a 376 page novel written in third person, past tense. It had a prologue that actually showed the ending of the book. Enough details to make you want to read how and why things turned out the way they did. Interesting idea. The book does have way too much narration for me. I prefer to get to know characters through dialogue and actions. When there was dialogue it showed their personality well and fit the description of them that I had in mind. The story has sex and BDSM scenes however the true story lies with Kit Cayman. He is an unfulfilled translator/musician that explores new found feelings of intense desire. He has to learn how to deal with the emotional aspect of his life, something he had never done before. He had been living in a rut for forty-nine years then just seeing the website for a dominatrix, and the possibility of meeting her, changed his world.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A riveting read. Your emotions will run the gamut; you will laugh at some of the protagonist's fumbles, cheer at his victories and cry with his defeats. There is a little bit of "K" (the protagonist) in all of us, his resignation, his fearlessness, his humanity and fragility.  It is an engrossing, intimate, sexy, modern story about self-discovery, love and the human condition.