Head and Neck Imaging: 2-Volume Set / Edition 4

Head and Neck Imaging: 2-Volume Set / Edition 4

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Elsevier Health Sciences

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Head and Neck Imaging: 2-Volume Set / Edition 4

Meticulously updated, extensively expanded and reorganized, this 2-volume text is the field's definitive reference on the interpretation of images of the head and neck. An international cast of 'who's who' in the field discuss all modalities with an emphasis on CT scans and MRIs as well as plain film, providing encyclopedic and detailed coverage.

• An international perspective from global authorities in the field.
• Organized by anatomic region for easy access to information.
• 40 color-plates depict pathology and anatomy.

• 7 brand-new chapters: Neural Tumor Spread · The Trachea · Swallowing Evaluation · Ultrasound of Nodal and Non-Nodal Neck Masses · Skin and Soft Tissue Lesions · The Genetics of Tumor Development and Metastasis · and New Imaging Techniques.
• Coverage of the hottest topics in the field, including dental anatomy and pathology · trachea anatomy and pathology · genetics of tumor development and metastasis · MR spectroscopy and PET in the head and neck · pharyngeal and masticator space lesions · thyroid and parathyroid glands · and neural tumor spread.
• The latest head and neck imaging modalities and techniques, including state-of-the-art MR imaging and CT scans.
• Expanded anatomic atlases of the sinus and temporal bones.
• A fresh new design subdividing coverage into shorter chapters, along with outlines and summary boxes to make content more accessible.
• More than 40% new images and illustrations, over 4500 in all, with 40 in full color.
• More in-depth coverage of pathology, embryology, and anatomy.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780323009423
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 11/26/2002
Edition description: Fourth Edition, 2 Volume Set
Pages: 1952
Product dimensions: 8.84(w) x 11.31(h) x 2.27(d)

Table of Contents


SECTION I: Sinonasal Cavities
1. Embryology and Congenital Lesions
2. Anatomy and Physiology
3. The Osteomeatal Complex
4. Postoperative Complications of Osteomeatal Surgery
5. Inflammatory Diseases
6. Tumor and Tumor-like Conditions
7. Facial Fractures and Post-Operative Findings

SECTION II: Orbit and Visual Pathways
8. Eye: Embryology, Anatomy, and Pathology
9. Orbit: Embryology, Anatomy and Pathology
10. Lacrimal Apparatus: Embryology, Anatomy, and Pathology
11. Visual Pathways: Embryology, Anatomy and Pathology

SECTION III: Central Skull Base
12. Skull Base: Embryology, Anatomy and Pathology
13. Imaging of Perineural Tumor Spread in Head and Neck Cancer

Section IV: Jaws and Temporomandibular Joints
14. Embryology and Anatomy of the Jaws and Dentition
15. Dental Implants and Related Pathology
16. Dental CT Reformatting Programs and Dental Imaging
17. Cysts, Tumors and Non-Tumorous Lesions of the Jaws
18. Temporomandibular Joints: Anatomy and Pathology


Section V. Temporal Bone
19. Temporal Bone: Embryology and Anatomy
20. Temporal Bone: Imaging Anatomy
21. Temporal Bone: Congenital Anomalies
22. Temporal Bone: Inflammatory Disease
23. Temporal Bone: Trauma
24. Temporal Bone: Otosclerosis and Dysplasias
25. Temporal BoneTumors and Cerebello-Pontine Angle Lesions
26. Temporal Bone: Vascular Tinnitus

Section VI. Upper Aerodigestive Tract
27. Oral Cavity: Anatomy and Pathology
28. Pharynx
29. Pediatric Airway Disease
30. Larynx: Anatomy, Pathology, and Post Operative
31. Trachea: Anatomy and Pathology
32. Swallowing Evaluation

Section VII. Neck
33. Embryology and Anatomy of the Neck
34. Fascia and Spaces of the Neck
35. Congenital Lesions
36. Lymph Nodes
37. Ultrasound of the Neck
38. Parapharyngeal and Masticator Space Lesions
39. Salivary Glands: Anatomy and Pathology
40. Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands: Anatomy and Pathology
41. Skin and Soft Tissue Lesions
42. Brachial Plexus: Anatomy and Pathology
43. The Post Treatment Neck: Clinical and Imaging Considerations
44. Genetics of Tumor Development and Metastasis
45. New Imaging Techniques

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