Head or Heart

Head or Heart

by Christina PerriChristina Perri




The second long-player from Christina Perri, the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter responsible for penning the surprise 2010 hit "Jar of Hearts," Head or Heart picks right up where 2011's rushed yet brimming-with-potential Lovestrong left off. More confident than her debut, yet retaining much of its vulnerability, Perri, along with a quartet of producers who include Martin Johnson, Jake Gosling, John Hill, and Butch Walker, explores familiar singer/songwriter themes with a keen pop ear, wrapping big, radio-ready choruses inside folksy verses, effectively bridging the gap between the laid-back folk-pop of a Jewel or Norah Jones and the slick, American Idol montage-ready showboating of a Katy Perry or Sara Bareilles. Case in point, the dreamy "Human" (the album's first single), a slow-building, heavy-hearted power ballad that imbues classic, coffeehouse-approved, confessional singer/songwriter tropes with an arm-waving chorus that's ripped straight out of the Kelly Clarkson playbook. To be more concise, Head or Heart works best when Perri leans harder to the pop side of the ship, as is the case on the soaring second single "Burning Gold," a percussion-heavy, tastefully stylized, Florence + the Machine-inspired empowerment anthem, and the bouncy and heartfelt "Be My Forever," the latter a duet with Ed Sheeran. The fact that almost all of these aforementioned songs are grouped together early on in the proceedings doesn't bode well for the album's back half, which is pleasant enough and consists of mostly piano-based odes to love both gained and lost. They lack much of the spark that propels the record's inaugural moments, but Perri has become such a pro at selling even the slightest of ideas that they never feel phoned in.

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Release Date: 04/01/2014
Label: Atlantic
UPC: 0075678673740
catalogNumber: 541533

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Christina Perri   Primary Artist,Choir, Chorus,Musician
Charlie Bisharat   Strings
David Campbell   Conductor
Peter Gosling   Choir, Chorus,Musician
Roland Kato   Strings
Rob Mathes   Conductor
David Stone   Strings
Josefina Vergara   Strings
Butch Walker   Musician
John Walz   Strings
Suzie Katayama   Strings
Natalie Leggett   Strings
Julian Leaper   Leader
Rudy Stein   Strings
Alice Pratley   Musician
Julian Hallmark   Strings
Wayne Miller   Musician
Sarah Thornblade   Strings
Andy Nixon   Musician
Chris Leonard   Choir, Chorus,Musician
Jake Walker   Musician
Alyssa Park   Strings
Jack Antonoff   Musician
Songa Lee   Strings
David Hodges   Musician
Hannah Dawson   Musician
Tereza Stanislav   Strings
Serena McKinney   Strings
Martin Johnson   Musician
John Keefe   Musician
Kyle Moorman   Musician
Thomas Bowes   Leader
Kid Harpoon   Musician
Victoria Miskolczy   Strings
Matthew Funes   Strings
Sarah Parkins   Strings
Nicholas Holland   Musician
Jake Gosling   Choir, Chorus,Musician
Brandon Paddock   Musician
Marianne Haynes   Musician
John Hanson   Musician
Jeremy Isaac   Musician
Charlotte Scott   Musician
Adam Coltman   Choir, Chorus
Tommy Culm   Choir, Chorus
John Hill   Musician
Matthew Gooderham   Choir, Chorus
Eli Gosling   Children's Chorus
Charlie Long   Children's Chorus
Lucy Gosling   Choir, Chorus
Lottiey Gregson Stevenson   Choir, Chorus
Josh Smethurt   Children's Chorus
John Keefel   Musician
Zuban Gosling   Children's Chorus
Sophie Davis   Choir, Chorus
Sophia Long   Children's Chorus
Penny Long   Choir, Chorus
Murray Cummings   Musician
Mia Long   Children's Chorus

Technical Credits

Ruth Barrett   String Arrangements
David Campbell   String Arrangements
Kevin Griffin   Composer
Isobel Griffiths   String Contractor
Rob Mathes   String Arrangements
Allen Sides   Engineer
Butch Walker   Producer
Suzie Katayama   String Contractor
Tony Corey   Marketing
David Ryan Harris   Composer
Gersh   Drum Technician
Jack Antonoff   Composer,Producer
David Hodges   Composer
Tom Gates   Management
Jamie Scott   Composer
Jonathan Allen   Engineer
Martin Johnson   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Kyle Moorman   Engineer
Kid Harpoon   Composer
Jim Eliot   Composer
Jake Sinclair   Engineer
Josh Mosser   Engineer
Ryan Chisholm   Management
Jake Gosling   Producer,Engineer
Brandon Paddock   Engineer
Christina Perri   Composer,Cover Direction
Laura Sisk   Engineer
Steve Rusch   Engineer
Mark Bengtson   Pro-Tools
Chris Bernard   Drum Technician
John Hill   Producer

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