Head Over Heels: A Novel

Head Over Heels: A Novel

by Serena Bell

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ISBN-13: 9780425284292
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 195
Sales rank: 32,860
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author and RT Reviewers’ Choice Award nominee Serena Bell writes richly emotional stories about big-hearted characters with real troubles and the people who are strong and generous enough to love them. A former journalist, Serena has always believed that everyone has an amazing story to tell if you listen closely enough, and she adores hiding in her tiny garret office, mainlining chocolate and bringing to life the tales in her head. When not writing, Serena loves to spend time with her college-sweetheart husband and two hilarious kiddos—all of whom are incredibly tolerant not just of Serena’s imaginary friends but also of her enormous collection of constantly changing and passionately embraced hobbies, ranging from needlepoint to paddleboarding to meditation.

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My friendship with Liv is a mystery to my guy friends, who can’t believe I could hang around her and not want to—their words—tap that.

Liv’s hot, sure. Long and lean and leggy, with a great smile and curves most guys would kill to get their hands on. But I don’t have those kinds of feelings for her, and even if I did, I’d never cross that line. She’s too good a friend, plus we’d drive each other nuts in under twenty-four hours—if we made it that long.

“Never gonna happen,” I say, not for the first time.

Brooks raises his eyebrows. “So what was that about before? When I was appreciating the view?”

“It was about how just because I don’t want to get with her doesn’t mean I want her to get with a guy whose idea of commitment is dinner and a movie before sex.”

I’ve taken so much shit about Liv since we became friends, I’ve got my retorts down to a science.

The thing is, it’s not that hard, in these days of Tinder, to find a way to scratch an itch. Most of the women I meet, they’re interested in getting serious—in settling down, having a kid or two, leaving the whole dating scene behind. But a woman who genuinely wants to be “just friends”?

Rarest beast on earth.

Liv is one of a kind.


Katie answers the door.

“Hi, Livvy. I’m watching Frozen,” the world’s most adorable five-year-old proclaims proudly, pushing strands of blond hair out of her face. The strands fall back into her eyes, and I kneel to tuck them behind her ears.

“What part are you at?”

“Elsa’s ice palace. She’s singing ‘Let It Go.’” Katie sings a few lines, twirling wildly around the living room, arms thrown out. She finishes with a curtsy.

I stifle a giggle. “That’s my favorite part. I brought you spaghetti.” I display the brown takeout bag.

“Yum, sketti!”

Katie turns her attention back to the unfurling grandeur of Elsa’s ice palace.

“Hey, Liv,” Chase calls. “In the kitchen.”

I head that way. Chase’s house always feels like finally pulling on sweats and taking off my makeup at the end of a long day. It’s super comfy. Not my style at all, or really any style—a mishmash of well-worn furniture and rugs—but the whole thing feels a lot like wrapping up in a fleece blanket and watching a good chick flick. Which I’ve done maybe a hundred times on Chase’s armchair by now, while he watches his action movies on his own laptop on the couch a couple of feet away. It’s our ritual.

This house—and Chase and Katie, of course—is definitely one of the things I’ll miss most when I leave Seattle. It’s weird to think that I’ve been in Seattle more than three years—longer than I’ve lived anywhere else. Maybe it’s the side effect of having moved around so much when I was a kid in foster homes, but I don’t like to stay put too long. That’s why I’ve been focusing my job search on everywhere except Seattle.

In the kitchen, Chase pours me red wine in a juice glass. He doesn’t drink wine, but he keeps it around for me, which is one of the many things that make him a good friend. “Cheers.” He clinks his scotch against my glass and sighs heavily, drawing my gaze to his face. Chase has beautiful brown eyes, flecked with darker brown, gold, and green, fringed with long eyelashes. But right now they have circles under them.

“You okay?” I ask him. I’ve had a hell of a day myself, but he looks worse than I feel.

He brushes his hand through his reddish-brown hair, making it all stand on end. Chase has that kind of not-quite curly hair that won’t behave, but because he’s a guy, no one gives a shit. When he rumples it and it’s all over the place, he looks hot. I say that objectively, because I can appreciate a hot guy when I see one, not because I personally crush on Chase. I know most people don’t think men and women can be friends—for the record, I was one of them until I met Chase. In this case it works because we both know we’d crash and burn as a couple.

“Yeah, just . . . Emily left. She said she needed to sleep in her own bed and have some downtime. She said she’d come back Tuesday if I needed her, but that still leaves tomorrow and Saturday. Mike says I can bring Katie in if I need to, for a couple of days—I need to find someone permanent, and I don’t really have any leads.”

“I’ll help,” I say. “And in the meantime, I could watch Katie tomorrow and Friday. Turns out the Gershels want me out right away.”


“Her sister lost her waitressing job and she’s going to take over for me, and they need the guest room, and—anyway, I could probably kick up a stink about my contract but I didn’t want to. I’ll crash with Eve.”

“On the couch of death?”

Eve’s couch is so sprung that staying on it between nanny jobs is somewhere between uncomfortable and took a year off my life.

“Yeah. I just hope she doesn’t bring anyone home. Those walls are thin.”

Chase grimaces. “Fun, fun, fun. Well, if you can’t sleep, we can both be insomniacs. Watch movies together by text. Good practice for when you’re in Denver.”

“You been up a lot at night?”

“Katie’s not sleeping great,” he admits. “She’s fine during the day, mostly, but she’s having a lot of nightmares. And a lot of times when I wake up, I can’t fall asleep again.”

My heart squeezes for both of them. Even though Chase and Thea didn’t get along great, I know Katie’s grief is hard on him.

He starts unpacking the takeout bags I brought.

“What is this?” he demands.

I hide my smile. Messing with Chase about takeout is one of my favorite sports. “Sushi.”

“Seriously? Whatever happened to, you know, pizza? Chinese? Burgers and fries?”

I hide a smile. “It’s summer. And sushi has lots of omega-3 fats. It’s healthy. And beautiful.”

“Beautiful,” he mutters irritably. “Food is not supposed to be beautiful. It’s supposed to taste good.”

Just so you know, Chase likes to pretend he’s surly and mean, but he’s the biggest softie on earth. You just have to watch him for three seconds with Katie to see it.

I carefully transfer my sushi to a plate.

“Why do you do that?” he asks. “Put everything on plates. It just makes more dishes.”

My turn to shrug. I’ve got this thing for making meals as homey as possible. It’s another side effect of growing up in foster homes. There was a lot of grab-and-go in my life, and I love the idea of sitting down as a whole family and eating with plates and silverware and napkins and all that jazz.

I dump Katie’s spaghetti into a bowl and he says, “Now that looks good.”

“It’s Katie’s.” I warn him off with a glare.

He sighs. “I’m never letting you order the takeout again.”

This conversation is a perfect example of why Chase and I could never be a couple.

While I finish setting the table—best I can with Chase’s limited design resources, which don’t include placemats or actual napkins—Chase goes into the living room, shuts off the movie, and comes back into the kitchen with Katie at his side.

I set the bowl of spaghetti, heated, in front of her. She takes one look at it and bursts into tears.

Chase panics, practically lunging across the table in his haste to help. “Katie, what’s wrong? What’s wrong, baby?”

“Mommy always cut my sketti,” Katie wails.

Chase looks utterly stricken, and I can’t really blame him. He starts to form words, but I know nothing he says now is going to help. At all. I know the only thing that will help. Aside from the one thing neither of us has any power to do, which is to bring Thea back.

“She’s hungry,” I murmur to Chase. “Let’s get some food into her.”

I take a knife and fork and begin slicing the spaghetti into shorter pieces, and Katie’s wails soften immediately.
“Take a bite, hon’,” I tell Katie.

She does. Then another. Until she’s shoveling it in. She’s still sniffling a bit, but no longer crying.

“Slow down, hon’.”

“It’s really good,” she says, through a mouthful. “It’s the best sketti ever.”

Chase’s face slowly relaxes. His shoulders, too.

“She didn’t realize how hungry she was because she was watching the movie, and now she’s too hungry to have any resilience. She’ll be fine. Right, Katie girl? You’re fine, aren’t you?”

She smiles around her spaghetti, sauce smudged in a ring around her mouth.

Chase mouths something at me.

Thank you.

“It’s nothing,” I murmur.

He shakes his head. “Right now,” he says, “it’s everything.”

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Head Over Heels: A Novel 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Jennann3 10 months ago
After a blind date gone wrong, Liv and Chase decide to remain friends. They have nothing in common after all. Chase thinks she's high maintenance and Liv thinks he's too simple. They are exact opposites, not even agreeing on a movie they both like. As friends, they completely "get" each other often commensurating on dates gone wrong. They even celebrate bad dates with movie night, on the couch watching different movies. When Chase finds himself in need of a nanny for his 5yr old daughter, he asks Liv for help. She agrees, but she's leaving in a month for a job out of state. As time passes, their friendship blossoms into something more. Neither one of them are ready to admit their feelings, until Liv leaves for her job. If you're looking for a fun, flirty, sweet romance this is the one for you! I loved when Chase and Liv played with his daughter. It was especially funny when she made Liv the "ugly" frog! I enjoyed all the little touches, additions Liv made to Chase's life making them more of a "family". I loved Liv's camping experience too! I read a gifted copy from Netgalley and all opinions stated are my own.
D-does-reviews More than 1 year ago
This book is a feel good friends-to-lovers romance that had me laughing out loud while reading about the antics and imagination of Chase’s 5 year old daughter, Katie, who is the light of his life and the star of this entertaining book. Both Chase and Liv have good reasons for staying single so neither one of them has any inkling that living together will have them seeing each other in a whole new light. My favorite part of the story is when Chase drags Liv into the woods for a weekend of camping, hiking and fishing that is endlessly entertaining and illustrates how great these two characters are for each other though they’re the last to realize it. If you enjoy a lighthearted romance with a lot of heart, this is definitely the book for you. I read a complimentary copy through NetGalley and all opinions in my voluntary review are completely my own.
mom2crgk More than 1 year ago
So many good things to say about this book! I had not read the blurb ahead of time. I love Serena Bell's books so I didn't need to, and I did not know what I was in for. I LOVE single dad books, but am not usually a fan of said single dad sleeping with the nanny. I've read a couple, and they don't do it for me. This was also a Friends to Lovers story, which I love, but it's possible that I liked it so much because Ms. Bell writes the Sleeping with the Nanny story better than anyone else. :) Liv and Chase both had complicated histories, which resulted in each of them having trouble trusting that the people in their lives are going to stay. Their stories are heartbreaking in their own way, so you understand why they have lived their lives the way they have up to this point. They had met on a blind date and decided that it would never work between them, allowing each of them to be themselves with the other, forming a basis for a beautiful friendship. Chase is a single dad to his daughter Katie, and when they find themselves without a nanny, Liv steps in temporarily until it's time for her to leave for a job in another state. I have been reading a lot of slow burn books lately, so I would have preferred a little more buildup to their coming together, but I suppose what came after was so good, I wouldn't have wanted to wait much longer for it. Ms. Bell is very good at writing sexy times, and Liv and Chase spend a lot of time getting sexy together! This story is about much more than that, though, and it actually caused me to tear up several times. I loved these characters, and I loved their journey, and I'm glad I got to review this book through netgalley.
UpAllNightBB More than 1 year ago
4 stars Review by Elizabeth Late Night Reviewer Up All Night with Books Blog Head Over Heels is a standalone romance by USA TodayBestselling Author, Serena Bell. This is my first time reading anything by Serena and Head Over Heels was great, I will certainly be looking to read more by her. Be ready to have all sorts of emotions thrown at you! Katie just lost her mother and is having a difficult time with it. Chase, her dad, is doing all he can but lets be honest, when a little girl loses her mother, it is tragic. Chase, bless his heart, has this amazing idea to hire his best friend, Liv, to nanny for him while he is in a bind. But now, Liv is leaving for a new job in Denver in just two weeks’ time. They are best friends, only friends. However, Chase starts to see Liv differently as the days pass. The bad thing is that both Chase and Liv are relationship claustrophobic. Literally. Liv has the tendency to choose guys that are great but she always finds something wrong and breaks it off. Chase is somewhat the same way. After Thea, Katie’s mom, Chase has never looked at relationships in the same way. As the days pass, these two best friends cross the line of friendship. Will Chase and Liv shove their claustrophobic tendencies aside? Is there a Happy Ever After for these two? If you like best friends to lovers romance with some steamy sexy times, read this book. I am personally a huge fan of best friends to lovers trope, but I am also a fan of single dad romances and this qualifies as that as well. It's a twofer. The chemistry between Chase and Liv is hot and ooo the sexy times?? Hotter. Chase’s friend, Brooks, is funny as all get out when he makes his appearance as is Liv’s friend Eve. And Katie has her moments too. You will not regret reading this. It does have a slow start, but it gives the chemistry time to build. All in all, this was a great read.
voraciousreaderKB More than 1 year ago
This is an entertaining friends to lovers story. Chase and Olivia are good friends and don’t want to ruin their friendship by getting involved romantically with each other. They enjoy hanging out together and usually meet up after dates with other people to compare notes and complain. Chase and Olivia first meet when they are set up on a blind date. They immediately realize they are all wrong for each other and become good friends instead. They are the exact opposite of each other and they know things could never work between them. Olivia is high maintenance. She loves art museums and chick flicks. Chase is low maintenance. He loves anything involving the outdoors and action flicks. They are each looking for someone who enjoys the same things they do. Chase has a five year old daughter named Katie. Her mom has recently died and now she is living with Chase full time. Chase and Katie are having a difficult time adjusting to their new life together. He is trying to figure out being a full time dad to a little girl who just lost her mom. Katie is sweet but grieving. Chase needs a nanny and asks Olivia for help until he can find a permanent nanny. They each have baggage from their past and are afraid to open their hearts. Once Olivia agrees to become Katie’s nanny, the dynamics slowly change between Chase and Olivia and they aren’t sure how to deal with it. I’m not sure why but I had a hard time connecting to the story. Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book vIa Cocktails and Books and Netgalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book to read from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. Head over Heels by Serena Bell is a stand-alone novel. This is a fun romp of a friends to lovers trope that will have you laughing out loud, fanning yourself from the steam and a few sobs as your heartstrings get tugged. Olivia Stratten (Liv) doesn’t like to stay in one place too long. She’s about to leave Seattle and move on to Denver and a new job so when her good friend Chase Crayton needs help until he finds a new nanny for his 5 year old daughter Kate she is happy to move in and help out because they are just friends and totally incompatible romantically or perhaps not so incompatible. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and think it perfect for summer reading. Publishing Date June 5, 2018. #NetGalley #HeadOverHeels
Marlene976 More than 1 year ago
A cute story. Both of the characters were likeable. The development of their romantic relationship seemed a little off; Chase seemed a little rigid. It was ok
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC at no cost to author..(netgalley) 3 1/2 Stars. I haven't read this author in a long time, and while I did enjoy the book I found it a little slower than what I am used to, but again that is my opinion. On the blind date and Chase and Olivia were set up on was funny and that started their dislike towards each other. They both have difficult backgrounds since they were both hurt from people who supposedly loved so for them to be able to overcome that it will take time and it is a good thing they now have it since Olivia will work for Chase as a nanny and thus begins their friendship which in turn turns into more. So yes, I encourage you to read and as always Enjoy!
Momma_Becky More than 1 year ago
Head Over Heels is an amusing friends to lovers romance. It does touch on some deeper topics - the loss of Katie's mother and Liv growing up in foster care - but the story doesn't delve deep enough to create much angst, so it's a pretty light-hearted read overall. Despite the story being well-written and some absolutely adorable scenes with Chase's five-year-old daughter, I still came away with a middle of the road feeling. I didn't dislike it, but it's not one that I would look at later and remember details. Part of that comes from a somewhat slow build on the first half of the book, but I think most of it is that I kept reading, looking for that something that stands out, that makes this one different from a sea of other friends to lovers, nanny romances. It just wasn't there. The story has all the right elements, but it's practically a cardboard cutout for this type of romance, which made it completely predictable. The only surprise for me was the sheer amount of steam in the second half of the book. Seriously, one encounter was three chapters long. I like a good, sexy read as well as the next person, but without that emotional connection, it's just another steamy scene. In the end, it's a pleasant enough story for a bit of light reading, but not one that I would feel a burning desire to read again at a later date.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Head Over Heels by Serena Bell is a sexy friends to lovers romance. The two main characters, sporting goods store manager Chase Crayton, and marketing guru Olivia Stratten, have been the best of friends for three years. Chase is a single dad, and his five-year-old daughter needs a new nanny. Liv, who has nanny experience, is moving to Denver in a couple of weeks. She volunteers to move-in and take care of Chase's daughter while he searches for a full-time caregiver. Even though Liv and Chase are commitment phobic, their evolving feelings cause them to reevaluate their friends-only future. This is an nicely written novel, and Liv and Chase are interesting, complex and genuine. Liv is a success, in spite of her troubled childhood. Chase is a new dad, and works hard to ensure that his daughter is well cared for. The sex scenes are hot and replete with passion. If you enjoy a story with a lot energy and some funny moments, then pick up a copy of Head Over Heels. This book may be enjoyed as a standalone. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Laura_F More than 1 year ago
I discovered this author about six months ago and I am adding all of her books to my TBR. I enjoy her writing that much. I was really excited to see Jack from Do Over in the beginning of this book but other than that brief appearance, neither he nor Maddie were in the story. I was a little disappointed but Chase and Liv made up for it! I'm a huge sucker for friends to lovers but the take on this was unique. Chase and Liv became friends after a blind date. I feel like that made this a bit of second chance too, which is my other weakness. Chase and Liv really believed they were opposites and I loved how they started to discover that they had way more in common than they ever thought. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Chase and Liv's friends to get their own HEA!! *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*
IrishEyes430 More than 1 year ago
A delightful book about friendship, loss and romance. Chase has recently received custody of his young daughter Katie, due to the death of her mother. After firing his current nanny, he is in immediate need of a replacement. His best friend Liv has done nanny work in the past and agrees to fill in until she leaves town for a new job. They met for the first time on a blind date and although didn’t hit it off romantically, they became best friends. Both of them have things in their past that affect them to this day. The characters are complex and their personal issues unfold throughout the book. I highly recommend this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chase and Liv meet on a blind date and although they form a friendship, each knew this is never gonna work. She is a girly girl and he is all about the outdoors. I love a good friends to lovers story. This one touched a little more than some because I felt their pain. Each have a past that eats away at them and what really holds them back is neither wants to ever be hurt again. So when Chase needs a temporary Nanny and Live takes the job, what could wrong? She leaving in 2 weeks for a new job. Why not help out her best friend. Only one night and a kiss later they decide to be friends with benefits. Things begin to get a little crazy when each find their feelings are changing. Herein lies the problem. Chase and Liv are not willing to take a chance not matter what.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Chase Crayton is desperate, he needs someone to care for his daughter as soon as possible, but he can't trust just anyone with the task... enter his best-friend Liv Stratten. She is not only someone he can trust, but also someone he can share a living space with without complications, and of course she is great with kids, so what could possibly go wrong? Well, when you put two people with great chemistry in the same house, sharing everything from meals to intimate moments, it's bound to stir up some unexpected feelings, feelings that they were certain would never happen between them. He loves having Liv around, but with each day that passes, the harder it becomes to keep her in his guest bedroom and out of his own! When Chase asked Liv to help him out, and move into his place and become his live-in nanny, she had some reservations about them living in tight quarters with one another, but he really needs her help and she just can't let him down. So she moves in, and things seem to run smoothly between them, almost too smoothly, and before long it leads to some heated glances and butterflies in her belly that she never expected. This wasn't supposed to happen between them, they met on a blind date that didn't pan out, so why now after all of this time are there sparks bouncing around between them? Head Over Heels is an emotionally rich tale that is destined to stir up the feels and leave you swooning... seriously what is not to like about a sexy, dedicated single dad! This was a fun little read to devour, once I cracked the cover and the words took over, I just couldn't put it down... it was not only addictive, but also good for my heart! If you like heartwarming friends to lovers stories, then I highly suggest you pick this one up, it's certain to hit the mark, and squeeze your heart! I requested an advanced copy of this title and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
CRISSYM More than 1 year ago
3.5 STARS!!! Head Over Heels is a great friends to lovers romance read. This book gives us Chase and Olivia's story about two people who were hurt by those they loved and how they go from being friends to lovers. Chase and Olivia both have a back story that makes them do the things they do, and they have to overcome their fears and doubts, especially Liv. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline but at times I found the story to be a little slow. However, there are a lot of funny parts that will have you laughing out loud. I definitely felt the connection between Chase and Olivia and I enjoyed the times they spent together, even as they bickered. Their story was a steamy and sweet. This was a good romance read that I think readers will enjoy.
StephG72 More than 1 year ago
This was my second book by the author and while this is set in the same "world" as Do Over, other than a brief cameo by Jack, it reads as a total standalone. I find that friends-to-lovers isn't always the easiest trope to pull off as sometimes it's hard to strike that balance between showing a couple that were friends, but then suddenly "woke up" to the attraction. Frankly, sometimes I just don't find the transition believable. That was not the case with Head over Heels. Liv and Chase didn't have the most conventional friendship having met on a blind date that didn't work out, but I bought their dynamic. They were "friends" but maybe not best friends – there was still some mystery about their backgrounds which kept things interesting. Chase was absolutely swoony – I mean, let's face it... There's just something about a well-written single Dad, right?? That being said, Liv's childhood certainly explained her reluctance to commit. Both characters had their own demons to slay so it was nice that the "obstacle" to the relationship was not just on one character's side. I will definitely be checking out more of this author's works. *I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*
Susanmc81 More than 1 year ago
Chase and Liv met three years ago on a disastrous blind date. Both were reeling from bad past relationships. While they felt that they couldn’t cut it as a couple, they ended up being fast friends. Fast forward to present day, and Chase is now taking care of his four year old daughter after her mother’s death two months ago. He has lost his nanny, and Liv has given her notice for her nanny job to start working a marketing job in Denver in several weeks. Since she needs a place to stay until she leaves and Chase needs help until he can replace the nanny, Chase asks her to nanny. This is a start of a really fun friends to lovers romance. While the plot is pretty predictable, and the sex scenes are a bit perfunctory, both of the main characters are very likable. I would definitely recommend this book. I was given an ARC of this book for my honest review.
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
Chase Crayton and Olivia "Liv" Stratten are best friends. Sure they met when they were set up on a blind date 3 years ago but they quickly realized that they are not dating compatible. Flash forward 3 years and now Chase is in need of nanny for his 5 year old daughter, Katie, who suddenly came to live with him because her mom died. When Liv gets a new job out of town, she agrees to move in with Chase and watch Katie until she has to leave. Until then, she'll help him find a new nanny. Well neither Chase nor Liv ever expected that living in the same house would open such new feelings between the two. Suddenly they are super aware of each other. As these two spend more time together things quickly change. Now that they are both aware of their feelings for each other in ways that they never had before, they have to decide if it is worth possibly ruining their friendship over a chance at true happiness. I just adored Chase and Liv. They both were so comfortable with each. They could laugh, tease and just be themselves with the other. I loved the story these two went through to find their happy ending. It was fun, romantic and sexy! All around a great story with even a greater ending!
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
This is a nice, romantic story about friends to lovers, one of my fave tropes. Chase and Liv have incredible chemistry and I really love their story. Watching them fall in love and the realization that they are way more than friends was just so sweet!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chase Crayton runs Mike’s Outdoor Store. He recently got custody of his daughter, Katie age 5, after her mother died. Now, he needs to hire a nanny. Olivia (Liv) Stratten is a good friend to Chase. They dated once and realized that while they got along well, there was no spark between them. Now, they are just friends. She has been working as a nanny for a local family. But when she tells them that she has taken a job in another state and gives them her notice, they decide to let her go right away. So, she agrees to be a nanny to Katie for a short while until Chase finds someone else and she departs for her new job. Katie and Liv hit it off right away. Liv knows how to handle Katie’s grief at the loss of her mother while helping to settle her into her life with her Dad. Liv helps to show Chase how to care for his daughter and also how to learn to play little girl games. A predictable love story. If you like a short read with a lot of sex scenes then this is the book for you. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow - a really fabulous friends to lovers read - the author writes a great hero - dialogue is awesome. I've read a few books of hers in the past - not an auto buy for me but I may be rethinking that... Get this book for sure and read it on the beach!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this friends to lovers story. It was fun, flirty and eventually oh so sexy. Chase and Liv are so cute together and they were great as friends they made an even better romantic couple. The story is funny, cute, and wonderfully written. These characters will touch your hear. I highly recommend this one.
bc2mc3 More than 1 year ago
I enjoy a good friends to lovers story, and this was one of the better ones I have read lately. Liv and Chase had a blind date where upon the agreed that dating would never do as they were too opposite, but in spite of that date became “best friends”. Chase has a daughter, Katie, who in my opinion steals the show with her cuteness and when he loses his nanny, Liv agrees to take over as nanny until she has to move to Denver in 2 weeks. This gives them just enough time to fall in love even though neither will acknowledge it. Serena Bell writes great characters and her dialogue is generally spot on. Really enjoyed this book. It was a fun read!