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Healer's Secrets of Successful Prayer: 2nd Edition

Healer's Secrets of Successful Prayer: 2nd Edition

by Charles R Crooks


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Description by Nancy Coneff

Maybe you are asking yourself how this book could bring you anything new. What can be said that has not already been covered by other authors in the untold number of books on the subject?

A fair question!

Look more closely, and you'll find this work to be worth your time.

Healer's Secrets of Successful Prayer gives you information and methods you can put into practice very quickly.

What habits inhibit our ability to achieve successful prayer?

The idea of separation fosters the illusion of isolation. When we adopt a habit of thinking we are separate from everything, we make it impossible for all that is benevolent to grant our request for peace profound.

The Secrets of Successful Prayer are found in all the major religions practiced for the last four or five thousand years. Belief in separation and isolation brings discord. Over millennia, Spiritual Teachers have been trying to resolve the discord and suffering of humanity brought on by a believed separation.

The major Spiritual Teachers throughout history aimed to impart to us the gifts of Love, Understanding, and Compassion.

It seems all religious traditions generally agree on this basic idea: the essence of God is in our midst, within us and not separate.

Consider the possibility that, with every breath you breathe, there is so much Love, Understanding and Compassion available that you are given the opportunity to choose a Path of Light OR a Path of Darkness? Choice! The gift of Love, Understanding, and Compassion!

Apart from belief systems, using terms not related to any specific religious tradition, Healer's Secrets of Successful Prayer will help you lift yourself from a world of separation to a world of inclusion. Regardless of your religious or spiritual tradition, as you rise to view the world of inclusion, you'll find the benevolence of all that is Holy and Righteous to be almost beyond belief.

As it has been said in the Christian tradition, the goal is to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven here by our Good and Holy Deeds in Love and Light. As we make simple modifications to our world view, we move away from the dim light of separation, bringing ourselves into the greater light of inclusion.

This change in world view is the choice which actively grants the benevolences permission to give us all things.

Our prayers may have seemed unsuccessful. But this is not a matter of fault in us, or our assumed guilt. Rather, it is a matter of process and procedure.

Healer's Secrets of Successful Prayer examines our true Nature. We learn to recognize the Qualities within us, bringing us back to inclusion, where we no longer consider ourselves separate from all that there is.

Doing so makes it possible for our reality, our desires, to unfold as a consequence of our harmony with all that is benevolent.

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ISBN-13: 9781983966507
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/24/2018
Pages: 96
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About the Author

After a camping trip with some friends to the desert in West Texas. Hhe received instructions. to begin a journey of a certain length. Therein and afterwards, previous titles from other existences were returned to him. In addition, many things became known, including different races other than humanity, various healing systems, and how things work in the five realms available to humanity.

As the series of events since beginning the Good Work were most profound, Charles chose not to use the term 'Shaman' until necessity made its use unavoidable. He states, "This is a delicate matter requiring the most serious contemplation. It is not a hat that one puts on after a short training session, but the result of many years of preparation, assuring the strength and principles of the individual chosen to take on this work." It took several years for the completion of the first phase of the work and another ten years before the second phase of the work was finished.

He states, "A profound change occurred in his approach to his life and the purpose of his work."

Charles's job as a Shaman consists of performing the Good Work and The Continuing Effort that is associated with the Light, including the Constructive and Spiritual Attributes of Love, Understanding, Compassion, Honesty, Honor and Humility. The Continuing Effort is an on-going process designed to transform the baser non-constructive attributes of humanity to those Constructive Attributes listed above. His goal is to transfer the Gnosis (or first-hand knowledge) of Light to others, and in so doing, the information becomes 'known' to that person. Charles states, "It is through this process, where the truths within become revealed, peace returns, and the person becomes a Carrier of Light."

After over forty years of system training, and as a direct result of the journey taken, Charles heals others by using a system he has developed that works faster and more completely than any previous system of healing that he had earlier learned. He assists others in releasing burdens they may carry from experiences in both this life and past lives. Some of these burdens are misunderstandings, judgments, old angers, fears, shames and any other acts that do not support a spiritual life. His system of healing will help one reestablish one's connection to one's own 'Spiritual Tradition,' whatever that may be, as it does not interfere with other systems or religions.

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