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Healing and Awakening the Heart: Animal Wisdom for Humans

Healing and Awakening the Heart: Animal Wisdom for Humans


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This Book Is The Broken Heart's Solution.

For anyone who's heart has been hurt
I wrote this book.

These tools tenderly re-nourished my broken heart as well as hundreds of clients. These concepts led me to a deeply satisfying life-experiences.

When using prayer and heart-based service as a basis, these tools shift your situation well!

All that I wrote was inspired by animal friends.
I wrote from their wisdom so that others may walk out of pain.

Take the Divine's love into the awakened heart, the endless love that is here for you, in even the most disappointing challenges.

I wrote this for people who will find hope, recover from pain,
and go on to find immense bounty and fulfillment.

There are millions out there who seek these same tools. I wrote it for all of you who believe in love's goodness but feel betrayed by something that has happened. The animals are my teachers. We welcome you back into full love. You are invited home.

Dr. Laurie Moore
A Book to Help Millions of People.

FOR PERSONAL HELP: To schedule a session with Dr. Laurie Moore in person, by phone or by skype please email or call 831-477-7007.

Chapter 1: When Trust Was Broken, I Learned to Value Gifts
Chapter 2: When I Suffered, I Learned to Identify Purpose-Aim
Chapter 3: When I Thought Love Broke My Soul, I Learned to Feel Completely
Chapter 4: When Dreams Failed, I Learned to Subtract Unnecessary Ingredients
Chapter 5: When I Was Misperceived, I Learned to Witness
Chapter 6: When Mom Died, I Learned to Add Positive Qualities
Chapter 7: When We Use the Practices, Our Life-Creations Are Re-Designed
Chapter 8: When I Found Real Love, I Learned to Offer My Blessings to Others
Chapter 9: Map of the Eight Practices
Chapter 10: Gratitude Shares

Read This Book!
If anyone told me that the root cause of a crippling belief hidden away in my unconscious could be uncovered and transformed in a short thirty-minute phone session with Dr. Laurie Moore, I would never have believed them. However, that is exactly what happened.

I read dozens of books dealing with family psychology, spiritual transformation, and forgiveness in attempts to figure it all out. I've taken classes and attended seminars focused on self-healing and communication. I haven't been able to make teachings work in this situation. Just prior to my session with Dr. Laurie, I was at the end of my rope.

She surprised me right away by skipping my whole sordid story. She asked me to identify my feelings about the breach with my son and his family. Dr. Laurie has the ability to create a very safe space for her clients. She calmly and gently encouraged me to locate the sadness, frustration, and hopelessness in my body. "A cat taught me to tenderly approach disharmony in this way," Dr. Laurie explained.

She then facilitated an experience in which I went from suffering to peace. What she said broke me wide open. She quietly asked if I could think of this space as being "The Beloved." As she said the words "The Beloved," a monumental shift occurred inside me. It felt miraculous. The cold endless blackness was instantly transformed into what felt like a warm, dark, velvet cocoon that was completely secure and totally loving. "The animals taught me that all of life is 'The Beloved,' Shirley," she said.

-Shirley Hart, author of Life Inside Out

Laurie Moore has a unique approach to enlightenment that is extremely heart-felt, practical, and pleasantly mystical at the same time, which keeps the "awe" and mystery alive throughout her work. The compassion and stability with which she directs her knowledge and intuition is a testimony of the maturity of her realization of Love in her own life. If you feel a pull to read her work or be in her presence, I can wholeheartedly recommend you follow that instinct and rest assured that you will find healing, enlightenment, and harmony in your life, both within and without.
-Bentinho Massaro, Founder of Free-Awareness

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