Healing Chronic Lyme Disease Naturally

Healing Chronic Lyme Disease Naturally

by Joey Lott


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Healing Chronic Lyme Disease Naturally by Joey Lott

"I Have Chronic Lyme Disease, I Feel Awful, and I'm Completely Overwhelmed."

If this is you, then you've found the right book. In Healing Chronic Lyme Disease Naturally, author Joey Lott lays out a step-by-step protocol to get you back on your feet, living life again to the fullest. He knows what it's like because he's been in your shoes, and he healed himself naturally. This book is extremely thorough, but the information is approachable and easy to break down into smaller bites. In fact, the author recommends taking it one step at a time and assessing how you feel along the way. After all, this is your journey back to health and you should have total control.

What Do Metabolism, Thyroid, and Inflammation Have to Do with Chronic Lyme Disease?

Despite the emphasis commonly put on the bacterial strains that cause Lyme disease, antibiotics or strong antibiotic herbs may not always be the best first approach to getting well. Learn how your metabolism may be the best starting point in your healing journey, before bombarding your system with a myriad of drugs and herbal protocols. Discover the connection between systemic inflammation and the symptoms of chronic Lyme. In addition, find out the role your thyroid plays in all of this and why thyroid function is crucial if you're going to supplement with herbs.

Can Herbs Help With My Symptoms?

There are so many symptoms associated with chronic Lyme (including everything from depression and anxiety to digestive upsets, anger, pain, fatigue, and more) that it's hard to know which to address first and with what herbs. Fortunately, Healing Chronic Lyme Disease Naturally serves as a veritable bible for symptom sufferers, covering all the major symptoms and organ systems of the body that may be affected by chronic Lyme and offering comprehensive herbal recommendations for each, including suggested dosages, possible interactions, and a timeline of when to expect relief.

Healing From Chronic Lyme Disease Shouldn't Have to Break the Bank

From the beginning, the author states that this protocol was designed to be affordable. In fact, the book begins with two critical healing techniques--improving metabolism and de-stressing--that are completely free. This way, you're not left digging through chapter after chapter of suggestions, wondering which treatments you can afford now and which you'll have to put off for later. It's all laid out from the beginning with your success and your wallet in mind.

As the author states, "You needn't feel worse to feel better." Download your copy today to begin your healing journey right away, or get the paperback version to keep as a handy reference, especially when shopping for herbs. Lyme doesn't have to be a lifelong condition! Get started on the road to recovery now.

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ISBN-13: 9781518666742
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/20/2015
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

"The secret to happiness is to let go of everything - see through every assumption."

Beginning at a young age Joey Lott experienced intensifying anxiety. For several decades he lived with restrictive eating disorders,

obsessions, compulsions, and an inescapable fear. By the time he was 30 years old he was physically sick, emotionally volatile, and mentally

obsessed with keeping any and all unwanted thoughts and experiences at bay.

At this time Lott was living on a futon mattress in a tiny cabin in the woods. He was so sick that he could barely move. He was deeply

depressed and hopeless. All this despite doing all the "right" things such as years of meditation, yoga, various "perfect" diets, clean air, and

pure water.

Just when things were at their most dire, a crack appeared in the conceptual world that had formerly been mistaken for reality. By peering

into this crack and underneath all the assumptions that had been unquestioned up to that moment, Lott began a great undoing. The revelation of

this undoing is that reality is utterly simple, ever-present, seamless, and indivisible.

Lott's books provide a glimpse into the seamless, simple, and joyous nature of reality, offering a glimpse through the crack in conceptual

worlds. Whether writing about the ultimate non-dual nature of reality, eating disorders, stress, disease, or any other subject, he offers the

invitation to look at things differently, leaving behind the old, out-grown, painful limitations we have used to bind ourselves in suffering. And

then, he welcomes you home to the effortless simplicity of yourself as you are.

Not sure where to begin? Pick up a copy of Lott's most popular book, You're Trying Too Hard, which strips away all the concepts that keep us

searching for a greater, more spiritual, more peaceful life or self.

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