Healing Eden

Healing Eden

by Rhenna Morgan

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ISBN-13: 9781616509897
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 12/08/2015
Series: Eden , #2
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 247
Sales rank: 61,298
File size: 410 KB

About the Author

Rhenna Morgan is a happily-ever-after addict—hot men, smart women, and scorching chemistry required. A triple-A personality with a thing for lists and an almost frightening iPhone cover collection, Rhenna’s a mom to two beautiful little girls, and married to an extremely patient husband who’s mastered the art of hiding the exasperated eye roll. When she’s not neck deep in the realm of Eden, or living large in one of her contemporary stories, she’s probably driving with the top down and the music up loud, plotting her next hero and heroine’s adventure. Check out her website at www.rhennamorgan.com for all her social media links, and signup for her newsletter for snippets, upcoming releases, and general author news.

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Healing Eden

An Eden Novel

By Rhenna Morgan


Copyright © 2015 Rhenna Morgan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-61650-990-3


A lightning bolt sheared past Reese into the smoke-filled night sky and left an acrid stench in its wake. Streaks of fire and blue-white fingers of electricity flared so bright he could barely focus. He wasn't getting out of this. Not this battle, or this life, with any modicum of honor.

Darting through the air, he dodged another electrical strike.

An elite flashed into view and swung wide, his bloodied dagger aimed at Reese's gut.

Reese barrel-rolled up and over his attacker, wrapped him in a chokehold, and masked their presence from the rest of the fighters. Praise the Great One, he should be fighting beside this warrior, not against him.

The warrior flailed and tried to break free, the lack of footing giving him zero leverage. He slumped, unconscious, into Reese's ready hold seconds later.

He lowered them both to the tree line at the battle's edge, out of site from the rebels. The man couldn't be more than twenty years outside his awakening. Probably barely into his elite torc and cuffs. Beneath Reese's fingers, the man's pulse thrummed slow, but steady. At least this innocent's death wouldn't be on his conscience.

A twenty-five-foot wall of flame exploded across the open field and rattled the air and earth around them. The bright flare faded under heavy night, and more rebellion warriors thunked to the mottled field.

The sharp rustle of leaves against the forest floor sounded down the tree line, one quick shift and then silence.

Reese backed deeper into the foliage and strengthened the mask that kept him hidden. It couldn't be a rebellion man. All those were engaged against the malran's warriors. Focusing his thoughts, he sought the soulless black thread that represented the link he'd grudgingly created with Maxis Steysis, and traced his location.

No, not the rebellion leader either. His energy showed more than ten miles to the east, well away from the fight. Reese levitated off the forest floor and floated through the trees. Gnarled and leafless branches scraped his cheek and shoulders. Darkness enveloped him, broken only by the bright attacks where the forest opened to the battle beyond.

There. Not five feet from the tree line, a figure knelt facing the battle.

He drifted closer. The sweet, damp scent of soil and decomposing leaves overpowered the metallic residue of electrical strikes floating on the wind. Grunts, shouts, and the too-frequent thuds of perished men sounded in a haphazard pattern.

A flash spotlighted long, auburn hair. A woman. Bowed over a body, she cradled a fallen companion's head in her lap.

Reese angled to better see her and nearly faltered in holding his mask. His heart kicked in an awkward rhythm and reality faded to nothingness. Galena Shantos, sister to the malran. The last person he wanted to witness his disgrace.

Seventy years since he'd seen her this close. Her elegant features were still as staggering as the days when he'd trained to serve the malran, but there was more to her now. A confidence in the way she protected her charge and watched the battle. Knowledge behind her tropical blue-green eyes that spoke of experience and age.

And he fought alongside the men who battled her brother.

Galena flinched at another blast and hugged the limp body she cradled tight. As the light dimmed, she uncurled from her burden.

Another woman, her long blond hair stark against Galena's black tunic and leggings, and her sightless eyes aimed at the heavens.

No. Surely not. Reese crept closer, pressure building at his temples. The zings and thunder of battle rumbled louder, and his gut clenched.

Phybe. She'd been alive when Reese left her, tucked away in a zeolite mine where Maxis couldn't trace her link. He touched down in the thick carpet of leaves at Galena's right and dropped his mask. "I failed her."

Galena jerked and reached for something beneath one leg. "Who are you?"

Smudges marked Phybe's ashen face, her blue gown torn and satin slippers stained. Somehow Maxis had found her and finished the job he'd sent Reese to do. "He'll kill me for trying to save her."

More strikes burst through the thick residual smoke, the malran's fighters airborne and casting one attack after another. Fewer than twenty rebellion men still lived, half retreating north.

"A cause that fights without honor isn't worth fighting, is it?" he said.

Galena straightened and squared her shoulders. "I'd have a hard time counting on honor from any man who fights with Maxis."

"You're right. I gave that up the moment I agreed to his schemes." He crouched beside them.

Galena tensed and tightened her grip on whatever she hid beneath her leg.

Reese palmed Phybe's forehead, cool and lifeless. May your journey be swift and your spirit find peace with The Great One. The same Myren prayer he'd offered his mother when she'd drawn her last breath. He stepped back. Maybe it was time to find his own peace. On his own terms. "You don't remember me do you?"

She shook her head. A terse, barely-there jerk as she eased from beneath her dead charge, crouched on the balls of her feet and coiled for escape.

"My name is Reese Theron."

She froze, flashes of light from the battle winking off the edge of her blade. She assessed him head to toe, no spark of recognition.

Maybe if he'd been braver all those years ago, he'd have had a chance with her. Or broken his vow and killed Maxis himself when he'd had the chance. He shook the memories off. He'd taken the wrong path and now it was time to pay. "Call your guards. Make sure they know you're in danger."

A gunshot rattled the skies and a woman's blood-curdling scream sounded across the battlefield.

Galena lurched to a stand and then stopped, zigzagging her attention between the shouts along the battlefield and Phybe's body.

Now was his chance. Either he took the brave farewell, or he'd die by Maxis' hands. "Your face is a good one to remember. Go with The Great One, Galena." He shot to the sky and built a violent ball of energy in his palm, sharp tendrils darting from its center. Drawing back, he aimed the bogus attack at Galena. Surely The Great One would understand.

An elite guard spun from across the skies and drew back for counter-attack.

Reese braced for impact.

A streak of auburn flashed below him. Galena, spearing through the air, her trajectory centered between the elite and Reese.

The energy in his palm fizzled. Not her. Not Galena.

Lightning fired from the elite's palm, sheered past Galena's cheek, and pierced his shoulder. He jerked and spasmed, locked in place by the force of the strike. Blue-black spots dotted his vision and his lungs seized.

A woman's scream ripped through the air.

Wind whipped around him, dead weight as he fell, and darkness took over.

* * *

Galena twisted midair and shot toward Reese, wind blurring her eyesight.

His arms and legs flailed boneless as he hurtled to the earth.

She'd never make it before impact. Even if he survived the fall, Jagger's strike had been a killing shot, off by inches at most.

Reese crashed against the unforgiving ground, his head and limbs thunking against the trampled turf.

She landed seconds behind him. The sticky iron scent of blood, dirt, and sweat surrounded her. So many men strewn across the grass, their bodies contorted in unnatural shapes.

Less than ten feet away one of her brother's men struggled for breath, unconscious with a trail of blood at his temple. A loyal fighter who'd battled against an indecent and cruel rebellion.

But it was Reese her palms burned to touch. To feel the beat of his heart. She dropped to her knees and rolled Reese to his back, muscles surging with wells of strength she'd never felt.

His pulse fluttered beneath her fingertips, faint and irregular.

A thud sounded behind her. Her name registered, a voice she recognized.

She ignored the call. Shedding her mortal form, she dove into Reese's unconscious body and let her spirit spread and assess. Gaping, charred flesh at least two fists wide, muscle and sinew around it lifeless from the electrical shock. She followed the damage, too much impairment radiating dangerously close to his heart. She couldn't lose him. Traitor or not, her instincts didn't care. Only knew this moment would shape the rest of her life in a way she didn't dare ignore.

Shouts rang out beside her. Short, brusque words delivered with a frustrated bite. Footsteps shuffled around her and the injured moaned. Detached in spirit but still connected to her physical senses, the muffled distractions rattled as she healed.

Five inches. That was the gift of her intervention. Had she not flown in the path of Jagger's bolt, he'd have pierced Reese's heart. Blood seeped from the violent gash and his heart trembled with the aftershocks of the delivering jolt.

Swift and sure, she spread her spirit, cauterizing and mending the most critical lesions. A touch here. A brush there.

Near his heart, a fine opaque mist appeared.

Her spirit vision faltered. The odd substance settled into every nook and cranny. It shimmered and sparkled, a mix between morning dew and midnight fog. Seventy years she'd been healing men and not once had she seen anything like it.

"Damn it, Lena, we need you." The admonition rang in her ear and a firm hand clamped on her shoulder.

Galena ripped her spirit from Reese's body and spun in a levitated twist to a defensive crouch, hands lifted to protect herself. Her vision wavered.

Ramsay came into focus, the whites around his gray eyes glowing in a way that promised dire loss of control and a vicious scowl aimed squarely at her. "What in histus is wrong with you?"

Her knees nearly buckled. Maybe she'd put too much into her healing. "He's wounded."

"He's a traitor. To me and to Eryx." Glaring at her, he swept his arm behind him. "What about them?"

There were dozens of them. Good men, battered, bloody, and fatigued. Most were upright and lumbering across the battlefield, checking for rebellion survivors. Six were laid out for triage close to Maxis' estate, Eryx and Ludan seeing to their care.

Her cheeks burned and her stomach pitched. There wasn't any logic to defend her actions. She'd acted on pure emotion and instinct, and put the lives of loyal men at risk, but she still wouldn't change what she'd done. Not a second. A truth she wasn't altogether sure how to process.

"Focus on the ones worthy of your gift. Not someone —"

"Enough." She straightened and met her brother's scowl. Every muscle shook with fatigue. "I watched an innocent woman die tonight. Held her in my arms while she screamed."

"Trust me." Ramsay glowered at the unconscious man behind her. "He's not innocent."

For years she'd trusted her brothers. Loved and followed them with unwavering loyalty wherever they asked her to go. Until this moment. She inched forward on trembling legs, hands fisted at her sides. "Innocent or not, I saw goodness in him. Watched him say a prayer over Phybe's body and felt his grief. Healing is my gift to use when and how The Great One guides me. Not to be commandeered and directed by a man swept up in the heat of battle. Life is life, no matter whose heart feeds it."

Ramsay sneered. "Even Maxis Steysis?"

Nearly six hundred years their families had been at war, since their grandfather left Maxis' grandmother pregnant at the altar in favor of a commoner.

"Everyone has a shred of goodness in them." Well, maybe not Maxis. But she'd be damned if she let Ramsay question her judgment. There was a reason she was drawn to Reese. She just needed a little time to figure out why. "If you'd stop and think for a minute you'd know saving him is a smart move. If he fought with Maxis, he knows things. Things you won't be able to learn anywhere else."

Reese's chest rose and fell, slow and steady. With a push from her senses, she registered the faint but solid rhythm of his heart. More than anything she ached to kneel beside him. To finish the job she'd begun and skim her fingers through his wild hair. Perhaps link her fingers with his long, tapered ones and rest alongside him while she waited for him to wake.

Praise The Great One, what was wrong with her? This protectiveness didn't make sense.

Eryx's best friend and somo, Ludan, shouted from the furthest edge of battle. "Ramsay."

Galena knew that tone. Had heard it after too many battles. Another warrior in need of care. With a last glance at Reese to placate herself, she headed in Ludan's direction. "I've got it."

Three steps in she stopped and glared at Ramsay. "You may not care for him. May see him as the vilest of men. But do not disrespect my gift by hurting him."

She left her frowning brother behind, and prayed the promise of a traitor's information would stay Ramsay's hand until she returned.


Seventy years. Seventy fucking years since Maxis had been this dumbfounded, with not one thought, word, or deed to spur him forward.

The sun beamed brighter than normal through the thick Asshur clouds. The faint winds at his back were unseasonably warm, as though nature conspired to lure him from his trance.

He wasn't interested in moving. Couldn't fathom his next step, and wasn't sure he cared to bother.

More than three-quarters of his men, gone. On the red clay valley below, what remained of his army jerked and stumbled through an embarrassing display of drills.

It wasn't possible. If he hadn't seen the scorched fields and twisted bodies surrounding his home for himself, he'd have never believed it. When he'd left with Serena the night before, the malran's men had been grossly outnumbered. There was no way they should have survived. But Eryx and his men had done it. Done it and saved the new malress and Maxis' best-trained slave in the process.

All because of his traitorous strategos.

His eye twitched and the slow ache at the back of his jaws sharpened. He'd trusted Reese Theron as he'd trusted no one since his grandmother's death. That fucking betraying, shortsighted bastard. If he'd killed Phybe as instructed, Eryx would never have found Maxis' home or been able to save Lexi.

The warriors dropped their weapons and took up bickering like a nest of hormonal bitches. Not an ounce of organization among them. Unsurprising given the limited time Reese had led them, but still, one would think some of their brawn would extend to their brains.

Maxis reached through his link for Reese. Still not so much as a flicker, the same as every other time he'd checked this morning. Reese was either dead, or captive in zeolite.

Serena's sultry voice crooned behind him. "If the look on your face is any indication, you should have stayed in my bed this morning."

Maxis winced. He knew better than to lose sight of his surroundings. With Eryx out for vengeance, daydreaming was a bad idea no matter how many of his warriors were within spitting distance. That a woman had managed to catch him unaware only validated his level of distraction.

A wisp of yellow fabric billowed beside him, no doubt another of the elegant gowns Serena preferred. Why the malran had abandoned his relationship with her years before was beyond Maxis. With vivid blue eyes and ridiculously long blond hair, she was the picture perfect model for a malress. Fortunately, her thirst for revenge as strong as Maxis'.

"No good morning for your lover?" She gripped his hips and nuzzled his neck. The brush of her soft breasts at his back pricked his temper.

"Enough." He pushed her away and crowded the ledge overlooking the training grounds. He had enough to contend with without Serena adding petulance to the mix.

Serena glided beside him and scowled at the men. "I guess if I had to take credit for that mess, I'd be bitchy too."

He spun so quickly she gasped and took a step back. He gripped her hair before she could escape and yanked her so no more than inches separated them. "Watch. Your. Mouth."

She froze, but the challenge in her exotic eyes held. Only four or five inches beneath his stature, she carried herself with a regal grace, and damned if her lemon and honey scent didn't taunt him as boldly as her stance.

"Damn it all." He shoved her away and stalked along the ridge, watching his men.

"You could talk about it." Patronization at its finest, with a bit of dare mingled in for good measure.

"Which part? The fact that I've lost a chunk of my men, or the fact that Reese is captured or dead?'

She shrugged. "Both are replaceable."


Excerpted from Healing Eden by Rhenna Morgan. Copyright © 2015 Rhenna Morgan. Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Healing Eden 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have enjoyed this series very much. A different type of paranormal romance that has very likable characters and engaging plots.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author has created a different world and done a interesting job.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really good read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next one
sportochick More than 1 year ago
the author has a beautiful way with words and emotions In the opening of this book 2 of the Eden series the author ties in some scenes from Unexpected Eden (Eden #1) from a different point of view. I was excited to see that the characters she picked for this book were the ones that intrigued me in book 1. The primary female is healer Galena, sister to Eryx and Ramsey. Her character is presented in a manner that is dynamic and unassuming. It is refreshing to see a female character become stronger throughout the story in a manner that retains her softness. Reese, the primary male character is a character that is written in a complex way where there are lots of layers that the author slowly peels away. I enjoyed how we are slowly drawn through the story and shown that sometimes outward appearances aren't all there is to a story. This story is about making wrong choices, trying to correct them and loving someone so much that you want to help them save themselves. Visual descriptions are amazing throughout the book and the author has a beautiful way with words and emotions. I can't wait till book 3. I hope it deals with either Ramsey or Ludan as the main male character. You'll need to read this series it's exciting and different is a great way. I was gifted this ARC in exchange for an honest opinion via Netgalley.
LiveLaughandLoveBooks More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was very interesting. I really liked how Rhenna wrote this book and described the characters. I also really enjoyed how Reese and Galena’s relationship was almost like a fairytale in the since that we all have struggles and this one almost seemed more real to me. The reason why this was more real to me is because I knew a friend who was kind of in the same boat as Galena. She had to choose from her dad and her boyfriend and no one liked him, but a few people. So I really enjoyed that I could relate to this book. Thank you so much for letting me read this. *I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
bookaholicGE More than 1 year ago
Galena Shantos is the healer and sister to the Myren king. Knowing her role in her family, she has always done what is expected of her until.... in walks a blast from the past, Reese Theron. Reese Theron has always had a crush on Galena but with his soiled past and his position as her brothers right hand man, he can never imagine having Galena as his own. Galena and Reese meet again and caution is thrown to the wind. Can family loyalties be ignored and love conquer all? Read and find out! I received this book as an ARC from Net Galley for my honest review This book was really good. The dynamics between Galena and Reese and how it effects their family is out of this world. There appears to be a very thin line between loyalty and betrayal and while both Galena and Reese want to be loyal they don't know who they should give all of their loyalty to. While reading this book you will laugh, cry, scream at the injustice of it all and want the next book to come out yesterday! With a cover this hot and a price this great and a story so awe inspiring who can deny Rhenna Morgan has a hit on her hands. Great job Rhenna Morgan I literally need the next story ASAP...looks like something very interesting is about to happen!
MTSmith More than 1 year ago
Healing Eden is Galena and Reese's story. It's one of redemption and destiny. Galena is a healer and Reese, who once belonged to her brother's kingdom, is the enemy. Well, he's a reluctant enemy. Unable to let secrets be made known, Reese lost his place in the Myren army and found himself forced to fight for Myren's enemy, Maxis. His decision to sacrifice himself for Galena put him firmly in enemy territory, locked away because he is a traitor. But Galena doesn't see him as that. She doesn't see him as the enemy. So she saves him, heals him even though he feels unworthy of her touch, of her gesture. Her act connects them in ways they didn't expect and opens the door to a love that is fiery and consuming. Their relationship isn't without hurdles. There's still the fact that Reese harbors secrets he'd rather Galena not know about and that he was fighting for Myren's enemy. It wasn't Galena who needed convincing of his goodness but rather her brothers, Eryx and Ramsay. Like the first book, this one moves quickly. Pay attention or you'll miss something (like the introduction of a third race that, for me, hints that things are going to change in the battle between good and evil). Yet, despite the rapid pace, Ms. Morgan manages to build Reese and Galena's relationship slowly, steadily, giving it time to develop from lust to love, for trust to grow between them so Galena's brothers listened when she vouched for Reese. I loved Unexpected Eden and couldn't wait for Healing Eden to come out. The wait was worth it. Ms. Morgan has, once again, written a book that is filled with incredible characters, mystery, suspense, action, and love. Oh, and world building! Ms. Morgan knows how to world build without info dumping, and does it so well you won't need to read Unexpected Eden to appreciate the Myren world. My fingers are crossed that Ramsay gets his story next. I can't wait to meet the person who is his equal, on and off the battlefields. Received from NetGalley via Book Enthusiast Promotions for an honest review
badkat17us More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the series and they must be read in order to understand what is happening. I really love this series. This book continues on from where the first one left off and focuses on Galena and Reese. Reese pretends he is going to hurt Galena so the warriors will kill him but Galena isn’t going to let that happen; so instead he is just injured. Galena feels something for Reese and heals him saying she did it because he might have info he can use. She then convinces both her brothers so talk to him and let her finish healing him instead of just killing him or keeping him locked in the dungeon. Galena’s brothers notice how she acts around Reese and are confused by this. Meanwhile Eryx still has to deal with the Maxis problem as well as others that have steamed from him and the rebellion. While healing Reese Galena sees something in him. Reese has always like Galena and seen her differently but he figures after everything he has done and the secret he still hides he has absolutely no chance with her. Galena isn’t willing to give up on what she feels for Reese. This is the first time someone has seen her the way he does and she can’t get enough of it. For once Galena is going to go after what she wants and not let what everyone else expects from her to stop her. Reese is visited by someone no one else knows about and given some life changing advice he decides to follow. This may allow him the chance with Galena he previously though he would never get. Are Reese and Galena destined to be Mates? If, so how will her brothers and everyone else react to this news? What will Maxis’s next step be? The more I read this series the more I love it. The characters are fantastic and I love supernatural type books. Reese has been hiding a secret his whole life and was worried about how people would react to it and decided to keep it to himself and in turn found himself doing things he never wanted to do. Galena has always been seen and treated a certain way and has now has a chance to step out and truly be herself. Galena is a wonderful, strong woman. I was glad I got to read a little more about Lexi and Eryx’s relationship in this book. I hope there is going to be another book in this series and if there is I have a feeling about who it may focus on in the next book. This book has some twists and turns and they made the book all that more interesting. I look forward to reading more books by Rhenna Morgan in the future. Another great job Rhenna.
TobiForgetHousework More than 1 year ago
Format: Galley copy Reese is injured in battle and captured and treated as the enemy. Galena's duty is to her gifts and as she heals an injured Reese, her gifts insist on it. Reese has loved her for ages from a distance. He betrayed the royal family and reluctantly becoming a part of the rebellion and he is determined to reveal the truth behind his abandonment. Healing Eden is a unique paranormal romance. It was full of fascinating twists and turns that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end.
gaele More than 1 year ago
Picking up where the first left off, Healing Eden is again unique and unexpected as Rhenna Morgan gives us glimpses of Lexi and her increasing comfort levels in Eden, and the overriding plot line of good v evil is still in play, but at the core, this is the love story of Galena and Reece. Morgan’s world building and history for the Myren that was so well-established in the first book is just as strong in this second, allowing readers to jump into the story without feeling like they are totally lost. This couple, however, has some obstacles from the get go. To start, Galena’s brother Eryx is King, she’s the healer and dedicated to helping those who need it. Unfortunately the battle for control (and the good v evil part of the storyline) is a seemingly never-ending struggle, and of course, Reese is on the wrong side. Or is he? The second in command to Maxis, Reese is a warrior for the other side. But then, Reese sacrifices himself to keep Galena safe (cue love songs, white doves and cupids) and you just know that this will be epic. But Reese wasn’t a willing participant in the rebellions, he has secrets too deep that he doesn’t want known, and is sure that he is unworthy of Galena. But apparently no one clued Galena in on Reese’s unsuitability, because she sees someone worthy of respect and trust, and even love. Add to that pile of awesomeness just waiting to be discovered, there is another player in the good v evil, light v dark battle, and these spiritu (good and bad) will push the edges of everyone’s lines, testing relationships, family ties and loyalties. There’s still a significant amount of head-hopping, less jarring than in the first title, and the story has all of those ‘moments’ that makes fans of fantasy swoon, while keeping romance fans happy: quests, battles, passion, deception, plots and above it all, relationships that highlight the real connections and hearts of those within them. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
Healing Eden by Rhenna Morgan is the second book in her Eden series. To give you a brief refresher, Eryx and Lexie were our mated couple in the first book, when Lexie discovers she is human and Myren. She comes to Eden to stand beside her mate, Eryx,the King of Eden. Lexi and Eryx were hot and in this book they both continue to play a major role to bring peace for the Myrens against the evil forces trying to takeover Eden. In Healing Eden, Galena, who is Eryx’s sister, and Reese, considered a traitor to Myren, are our heroes in this book. During a battle, Reese is captured and put into prison. Galena, who is a healer, helps heal his wounds. Her other brother, Ramsey, who was a long time friend to Reese, many years before, threatens to kill him unless he gives up information on the villain, Maxis. Pushing her brother away to allow her to heal Reese, Galena feels the immediate attraction, as well as sensing all that is good with him. Reese has never forgotten his feelings for the young Galena, when he was on Ramsey’s team, and even in the dire position he is in, he cannot resist kissing her. Galena cannot get her feelings for Reese under control, and tries to get her brothers to allow Reese to help them find and destroy Maxis. The truth will come out why Reese left the Shantos family, and went to Maxis. Decisions are made that will give Reese a chance to redeem himself, and earn back some trust. Galena knows how she feels, and knows Reese is telling the truth, and she fully trusts him. But dealing with her stubborn brothers is not easy. What follows is an exciting adventure where Reese will put himself in danger to help stop the rebellion and Maxis. There were a number of surprises throughout the book which kept our interest. A very nice romance between Galena and Reese, that has help from Lexie, who pushes Eryx to read Reese’s mind to learn the truth, and to allow his sister to have what she wants…Reese. This was a nice story, with some wonderful characters. I loved Eryx and Lexie in the first book, and now they are joined by Galena and Reese. I am hoping Ramsey will get his story in the next book. Rhenna Morgan keeps the flow going smoothly in Healing Eden, and making us wait impatiently for the next one.
SuperReaderChick More than 1 year ago
Healing Eden starts off in the midst of battle and pulls you right into the action. It's been awhile since I read the first book in the series, so I had to piece together what I could remember as this book moved forward. That's the only problem with series books releasing so far apart. Once I got my bearings, the story gained momentum for me and I was completely immersed. The description of the characters and their surroundings was vivid and elegant and I loved getting to know them one page at a time. Galena and Reese have had much to overcome and their stories really touched my heart. As I neared the end, the story was building in complexity. It really made me eager to know what would happen next. The ending came as a bit of a shock but left things in such a way that I cannot wait for the next book in the series.
greekgoddess422 More than 1 year ago
This review is from: Healing Eden (Paperback) This is book 2 of Rhenna Morgan series and it's Fantastic . She has you guessing what will happen from the first page to the last . You don't want to but it down at all . We have Reese who is fighting for the rebellion to overthrow the Royal Family . He use to be friends with the Royal family but something happened to turn him away . During the battle Reese is flying over 2 females . One is injured and dying and the other one is trying to save her . He goes over that way and recognizes Galena . Galena is a healer and her brother is King Eryx. She dosnt recognize Reese until he Jares her memory . Reese sees a fighter trying to aim at Galena and he steps in the way and gets hit . Galena dosnt know why but on Instinct she goes and heals Reese . Her brother comes upon her healing him and asks "WHY" she dosnt know why so she says she's a healer . Reese is thrown in the dugeon and once again Galena goes to see him . She dosnt know why but she is called to him . Reese thinks he will die buy one way or the other . Either by the King or Maxx (the evil fighter ) so he asks one thing from Galena "A Kiss". The kiss is so powerful that they both are overtaken by it. Galena goes to speak to her brother King Eryx to save Reese . That is where Reese sees his spirit guide and she tells him to think over everything . Reese has a plan to try to steer Maxx to give up his evil rebellion . And Reese wants Galena for his own . And they need to stop the Humans from coming into Eden . Like I said this book will have you reading it from the first page to the last . We find out in the story a surprise concerning Reese and Maxx . Lots of Traitors in the Royal army . Grab it and find out who . And how Galena saves Reese and does she make him her own
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Healing Eden is book two in the Eden series by Rhenna Morgan. This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the author. Book one of this series, Unexpected Eden, focused on the King of the Myrens, Eryx, and his quest for his future queen, Lexi. Now in book two, Lexi has completely adapted to her new role in life and has embraced Eden. I loved seeing how strong she has become and getting to see them as a couple in this book. We also met Eryx’s sister, Galena. Galena is a healer, strong and dedicated to both her family and her country. And, we met the mysterious Reese Theron, second in command under the leader of the rebellion against Eryx, Maxis. There was a time when Reese trained for the royal army. But when it came time for the final test and vows, he couldn’t allow them to scan his memories. He has secrets he can not allow known. So he was kicked out. And now he finds himself blackmailed into working for the rebellion. There is no bright light at the end of the tunnel for Reese. No happy ending. He sees only one way for this to end and he welcomes it. But that’s not the way Galena sees it. She saves Reese. She sees something in him that he can’t see. Something worth saving. Maxis, the leader of the Rebellion Army, wants power, and will stop at nothing to get it. He wants to be where Eryx is, his rightful place as leader of Eden. With Reese gone, he finds himself a new second in command. He also finds himself a new partner with Serena, the ex-lover of Eryx, who wants revenge of her own. These two are both as black hearted as they come. But is this just about a battle for power between Eryx and Maxis? Or is there more to it? We are introduced to a new player in this fight of good vs. evil, dark vs. light. We learn of the spiritu, usually they remain invisible throughout our lives, silently guiding us. But in this case, the light spiritu for Reese, Clio, and the dark spiritu for Maxis, Falon, make themselves known and we learn of their roles in all of this. This was a fantastic continuation to this series. I loved the romance between Galena and Reese and the slow healing of Reese’s soul. At the same time, the suspense kept me turning the pages as Maxis tried to find a way to beat Eryx and turn the council against him. This is truly a story of good against evil as Eryx, his family and his army do their best to defend their country against those that seek their power. I can’t wait to see what Rhenna Morgan has in store for us in the next book. “Not all battles are fought with weapons. The heart is a valiant weapon for those brave enough to wield it.”