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Healing from the Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life

Healing from the Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life


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Unleash your infinite potential and heal your chronic illness.

This book takes you on a journey to the very core of your being. This is done through unravelling layers and layers of density that most of us accumulate throughout our lives, and which often initiate and perpetuate chronic disease. Once you touch the light of your being, you illuminate the dark recesses of your thoughts, emotions and your physical body, thus facilitating the healing of any chronic illness. The exercises given in this book allow you to gain more clarity about your life’s mission, heal old emotional wounds, lift subconscious blocks, remove limiting beliefs, enter the natural flow of the Universe and fearlessly embrace uncertainty. Dr. Naeem is a critical care specialist, pulmonologist and palliative care specialist, whose unique insights into healing stem from caring for tens of thousands of critically and chronically ill patients for more than a decade in two countries. This experience, combined with his own search for the meaning of existence and the true nature of ultimate reality, has culminated into the incredible journey which is the subject of this book.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781844097364
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 09/12/2017
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

A physician who realizes that healing comes from a deeper place than the physical, Nauman Naeem MD is a critical care, pulmonary and palliative care physician and has not only cared for thousands of patients but has also delved deeply into why patients do not heal through researching hundreds of books on healing, consciousness and metaphysics. He practices in Toronto, Canada. For more information see:

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Chapter 9

Mentation – Clearing Your Subconscious Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Mentation refers to all the psychological issues that keep us from healing. These usually revolve around the subconscious mind, one of the most challenging aspects of healing.

The subconscious mind controls most of our beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, habits, and actions and thus drives the majority of our experience of life. When we scrutinize our daily routines, we start to see where the subconscious mind operates.

One of the first things most people do when they wake up is to go to the bathroom to relieve themselves. This is an example of a subconscious behavior, because it does not require any conscious thought to perform but is something we do naturally. Another example of a subconscious behavior is the route we take to drive to our place of work if we have been at the same workplace for any significant period of time. This is usually well ingrained in us, and making this daily sojourn requires little or no thought.

Now let’s contrast this with a conscious behavior. Let’s suppose that your usual route to work is disrupted because of a major accident and has been blocked off for several hours. In this case, you still have to get to work, but you have to think about which alternative route you will take to get there. This requires using the conscious mind, since the new route must be discovered by you and is not part of your usual routine.

As you can surmise, subconscious behaviors become such through repetition and reinforcement. This is why our usual driving route becomes so natural to us that we do not have to think about it. Unfortunately, not all of our subconscious behaviors are beneficial to us. An example of this is smoking.

Smoking often starts out as a fad when we are young and feel invincible. We may see our friends and peers engaging in this behavior, and in our quest to fit in and be accepted, we are led to do the same. Smoking may start out as a fun and seemingly harmless activity that we engage in with our friends. Over time, however, it becomes a reinforced behavior that we seemingly cannot control because it has been taken over by the subconscious mind. This is why it is so difficult to quit, and no amount of motivation or willpower can put an end to this nasty habit, and people who consciously try to quit smoking often do so for a time but eventually relapse.
Motivation and willpower are sourced from the conscious mind and are not powerful enough to override the programming of our subconscious mind that drives us to smoke. This is true of any pathologic behavior, such as abusing alcohol or illicit substances, watching excess television, surfing the internet aimlessly with no purpose in mind, and overeating, to name just a few. This is how addictions are born and why they are so difficult to overcome.

I have so far discussed actions that are sourced from our subconscious mind, which can adversely affect our health if they result in unhealthy habits leading to addictions. However, if we dive further into our subconscious mind, we discover more sinister ways in which it can undermine our health, by generating negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

We all know what negative thinking is, since there is not one person I know who has not been a victim of this at some point in their lives. But what are limiting beliefs?

A belief is a thought that we accept as being true, even though it may have no proof of its validity in actual reality. An example of this is a belief in unseen forces that guide us in our earthly life, such as angels. I am not debating the existence of such beings. We may believe that angels exist, and we may even feel their presence in our daily lives, but there is no objective way to prove the validity of this belief. We can point to miraculous events we may have experienced at the hands of angels, but there is still no objective way to prove their existence. It therefore follows that limiting beliefs are those thoughts that we accept as being true that prevent us from reaching our true potential. If we look at the majority of people, we will find that we suffer from literally hundreds of limiting beliefs. Unfortunately, these limiting beliefs determine not only our experience of life but our ultimate potential.

One limiting belief is that as we age, we are bound to develop chronic disease. We may have grown up around sick grandparents, which reinforced this limiting belief.

Another limiting belief is that our physicians know what is best for us and should be obeyed without question. I consider this a limiting belief because, although most physicians usually have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about treating disease, they know very little about promoting health, good nutrition, and preventing disease, as these subjects are not taught in medical school. What is taught is a reactionary approach to treating acute illness and chronic disease when they arise.

Another limiting belief is that the only treatments for diseases, once they arise are medications, procedures, and surgeries. Most doctors have little or no knowledge of more holistic healing practices, many of which have been practiced for thousands of years before the advent of modern medicine, and this can tremendously impact the course of an acute or chronic illness. This does not mean that patients may not need medications and surgery, but offering these and not including counseling, good nutrition, exercise, the benefits of natural and herbal remedies, spending time in nature, and meditation can only limit the patients’ potential to overcome their illnesses.

We have only touched on a few of the limiting beliefs that can affect health, but they can also pervade other aspects of our lives, such as relationships, finances, our ability to experience true freedom in our lives, and our ultimate happiness. But where and how do these limiting beliefs arise?

Subconscious actions, such as driving to work, are usually the result of repetition. However, limiting beliefs are usually more deeply embedded in our psyche and have roots that often go back to our childhood and early infancy. When we are first born into this world, we are free of any positive or negative experiences. Because our minds are empty vessels, they take in our environment and condition our thoughts into creating our beliefs about life.

For example, if you experienced physical abuse as an infant or child, you will grow up with a belief that people are to be feared because they are all out to hurt you. Although, this may be true in certain cases, it is not true of the majority of people but, because of your experience of abuse, it will condition your subconscious mind to keep you on the defensive and to never trust anybody.

If, as a child, you witnessed your parents fighting about finances, you will grow up with a limiting belief that money is scarce and any substantial amount can only acquired through struggle. This will affect the level of financial success you achieve in your life, regardless of your means of earning an income.

Similarly if you grow up seeing your parents and grandparents with chronic health issues, you will be conditioned to believe that this is the norm and is inevitable for you. Alternatively, you may rebel against such an outcome and decide that you will do everything in your power to avoid chronic health issues, but this is not usually the case for most people.

So if our limiting beliefs arise out of our early childhood experiences and subsequent conditioning, how are we to combat them to avoid stunting our potential in all aspects of our lives, including our health?
The first step in reframing our limiting beliefs is to interrupt their patterns and to realize that they are simply beliefs with no basis in truth or reality. For example, if our grandparents or parents have suffered from chronic disease, does it mean that we will suffer the same fate? There is absolutely no basis in reality for this belief, as chronic disease is the end result of many factors beyond genetics, including diet, level of exercise, self-defeating habits such as smoking, exposure to environmental toxins, and negative social environments, to name just a few of the influences on our health. Therefore, we must realize our limiting beliefs as simply beliefs and not facts.

The next step is to become conscious of where our limiting beliefs have derailed us from the outcomes we desire, such as freedom from illness, not having to take medications, achieving excellent health, and living with boundless energy.

Once we can visualize our desired outcomes, this helps put our limiting beliefs into context. We realize that they have simply been deterring us from our desired outcomes.

Once we become conscious of how our limiting beliefs have kept us from our goals, we now need to find examples of where our limiting beliefs are not true. To use the example I introduced earlier, if you believe that you are destined to suffer the same health fate as your parents, to counter this, you can look to many examples where children do not suffer from the same illnesses that their parents do. In fact, you may not even have any signs of disease but only believe that you eventually will because of heredity. Therefore, you may be your own proof that you can be free of whatever fate has befallen your parents.

The next step is to find an alternative meaning to your limiting belief. For example, seeing your parents suffering from chronic illness may not be a sign that you are destined to suffer the same fate but that you should take better care of your health to avoid the same fate.

The next step is to eliminate your limiting beliefs and to replace them with empowering ones. In order to understand how to eliminate our limiting beliefs, it is helpful to use an analogy.

Our psyche can be likened to a storage room in our basement. It is often the least visited room in the house because it is simply used for storage and we only go there when we need to retrieve something or store further items. Because it is rarely frequented, unwanted guests can take residence in the storage room, such as spiders, centipedes, cockroaches, and other bugs that live underground. The storage room can also accumulate a lot of dust and filth, because it is rarely cleaned on a regular basis. In the same way, if our psyche and subconscious mind are not attended to on a regular basis, unwanted guests such as subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs can become established and take residence there.

Now, in order to eliminate spiders, centipedes, and other bugs from the storage room, we must turn on the light or shine a flashlight into that room to find them first. Once we do this, we find that they scurry and try to hide in order to more deeply embed their presence in that space. It may take multiple attempts with the light source to find and remove these persistent pests.

In the same way, our subconscious mind must also be illuminated in order to uncover our subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs and eliminate these entities. Once these limiting beliefs are identified, it is not enough to simply remove them. They must be replaced with empowering beliefs.

So what are our limiting beliefs around health and chronic disease? We have already mentioned a few, but here are some of the more common limiting beliefs that plague many of us.

I will never heal. I will always remain sick. Medications are the only treatment for my disease. I must always live with my disease. I should never question my doctor because he always knows what’s best for me. Chronic disease is a normal part of aging. My disease is a punishment for the bad things I’ve done. I’m genetically programmed to have chronic disease. Disease can only be treated from the outside in. I have no control over my health. I am powerless in the face of my illness. Spontaneous healing is not possible.

So what is the process of rewriting our limiting beliefs?

When I talked about finding bugs in the storage room, I discussed shining a bright light into the room to identify the bugs so they can be removed. In the same way, we must illuminate the subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs in our psyche. This can be done through a simple meditative process that I will describe as follows.
Find a quiet place, either indoors or outside in nature, where you will not be disturbed for at least twenty to thirty minutes. You can keep your eyes closed or open, whatever is comfortable to you.

The key to this meditation is to visualize light flooding your body from all directions—from above, from below, and from all sides and angles. Imagine this light flooding every cell of your body and illuminating these cells fully, so that they become tiny points of light. Imagine these points of light coalescing into a larger field of light that consumes every aspect of your physical self.

Once you can visualize yourself as a brilliant being of pure light, say the limiting belief you want to reframe and eliminate from your psyche. For example, you could say, “All the places where I believe I will never heal and always remain sick, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being.”

Then proceed to replace this limiting belief with an empowering belief. Using the example above, you could say, “I am fully healed from my chronic condition.” You can repeat this process for any limiting belief that you suffer from.

Let’s go through each of the limiting beliefs I have mentioned above, one at a time.

“Everywhere I believe that I will always remain sick, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being. I overcome my illness fully and completely.”
“Everywhere I believe that medications are the only treatment for my disease, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being. Medications are only one part of my treatment, and part of a more holistic approach that heals me fully.”

“Everywhere I believe that I must always live with chronic disease, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being. I live with no chronic disease in any part of my body.”

“Everywhere I believe that I should never question my physician because he always knows what is best for me, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being. I accept my physician’s advice regarding my health and put this advice into context with my entire whole health healing plan.rdquo;

“Everywhere I believe that my disease is a punishment for the bad things I’ve done, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being. My disease has nothing to do with punishment but is simply something my body is experiencing because of my lack of understanding and scrutiny of my inner world and how this is reflected in my outer health.”

“Everywhere I believe that I’m genetically programmed to have chronic disease, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being. Genes are only part of the story of chronic illness and manifest in the context of environmental influences that affect their expression.”

“Everywhere I believe that disease can only be treated from the outside in, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being. Disease is optimally treated from the inside out.”

“Everywhere I believe that I have no control over my health, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being. I have full control over my health.”

“Everywhere I believe that I am powerless in the face of my illness, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being. My illness is powerless in the face of the full extent of my presence.”

“Everywhere I believe that spontaneous healing is not possible, I erase and eliminate this belief from every aspect of my being. Spontaneous healing not only is possible but has been a proven phenomenon in, literally, thousands of cases and probably many more that are unknown to the general public.”

The next step, after rewriting a limiting belief into an empowering belief, is to embody this belief. This is done by finding evidence that your new belief could actually turn out to be the truth and then taking immediate action on your empowering belief.

For example, if your limiting belief was that you can only be treated for your illness with medications, look for examples of individuals who have come off or decreased the doses of their medications through making lifestyle changes around sleep, nutrition, and exercise. I have many examples of patients who have been able to do just that.

If your limiting belief was that your medical doctor is the only source of knowledge and wisdom to treat and heal your illness, look for examples of individuals who have supplemented their primary treatment with integrative, holistic, and mind-body approaches to healing. If you scrutinize the cancer community, you will find many patients who integrate their chemotherapy and radiation therapy with more holistic approaches, as described by Dr. Kelly Turner in her landmark book, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds.

If your limiting belief was that you have no control over your health, look for examples in your life where you were able to take ownership of what ails you and were able to facilitate the process of healing. For example, if you were a child and fell off your bike and scraped and cut your knees, you may remember your mother helping you clean the dirt of the wound, cleaning it with antiseptic solution, and putting a band aid or dressing on the wound. This is an example of taking ownership of a medical condition and taking action to facilitate the process of healing.

For any limiting belief that you have held around your health, you can eliminate this, create an empowering belief, and find living proof of the truth of this belief if you do enough research. This forms the basis of taking immediate action on that empowering belief.

The process of eliminating and replacing limiting beliefs is not a one-time process and needs to be repeated over and over again. Just like the bugs that can easily return to the storage room after they are removed, subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs can persist after one clearing. This is why the meditation described above needs to be repeated over and over again for every limiting belief we can identify.

Once your limiting beliefs have been removed and replaced with empowering beliefs and embodied with living proof of their validity, you will start to clear a pathway to journey to your inner world where the source of your healing truly lies. Just like removing debris from a road, your path will be cleared for you to take the next step.
As you proceed along this inner journey you will come across the next obstacle to healing in your path: unresolved emotions. This is the subject of the next chapter.

Table of Contents


Part 1 — Background to the Healing Process

Chapter 1 Your Illness Is a Gift
Chapter 2 The Heart of the Matter
Chapter 3 Walking a Fine Line
Chapter 4 Opening To The Possibilities

Part 2 — The Healing Process Revealed and Explained

Chapter 5 The Path to Healing
Chapter 6 The Nature of the Path
Chapter 7 Intention – Setting the Stage
Chapter 8 Exploration – Dancing with the Void
Chapter 9 Mentation – Clearing Your Subconscious Blocks and Limiting Beliefs
Chapter 10 Emotion – Burning Through Your Unresolved Feelings
Chapter 11 Overcoming Fear
Chapter 12 Narration Part 1 – Unravelling The Story Around Your Illness
Chapter 13 Narration Part 2 – Seeing Through and Decoding Your Life Story
Chapter 14 Vibration: Increasing Your Vibrational Frequency Of Your Energy
Chapter 15 Motion: Entering The Flow
Chapter 16 Realization: Embracing The Unknown
Chapter 17 Creation: Manifesting The Health You Desire

Part 3 — Integrating and Implementing the Healing Process

Chapter 18 A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool
Chapter 19 The Role of Conventional Medicine
Chapter 20 The Path To Change
Chapter 21 Beyond Health
Chapter 22 The Healing Process For Children
Chapter 23 Why Seek Healing Versus Cure?
Chapter 24 Is It Not Too Difficult to Heal?
Chapter 25 The Common Thread Through The Healing Process
Chapter 26 Where To Begin The Journey Of Healing
Chapter 27 The Pathless Path
Chapter 28 Why Some Patients Just Cannot Heal
Chapter 29 This Is Not About You
Chapter 30 Touching the Infinite and Achieving the Impossible

What People are Saying About This

Eben Alexander

True healing has always begun inside of us, as was first appreciated over a half century ago with recognition of the placebo effect. In his excellent book, critical care specialist physician Dr. Naeem has illustrated a very powerful and practical means of taking charge of our own healing, with myriad associated benefits including that of finding our purpose in life and contributing to making the world a far better place for all. His advice is not only sound, but very profound — I surmise that reading his book and incorporating his advice into our daily lives will inevitably lead to greater richness in life, all in the process of becoming whole."

—Eben Alexander MD, neurosurgeon, author of Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven

Michael Bernard Beckwith

"With wisdom and elegance, Dr. Naeem’s Healing from the Inside Out introduces us to the fundamental truth that ultimate well-being begins within individual consciousness.

This landmark book is a trustworthy, comprehensive guide to optimum health in body, mind, and spirit and the universal principles by which it is attained and sustained."

—Michael Bernard Beckwith,
author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning

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