Healing Money Issues

Healing Money Issues

by Ron Knight



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Healing Money Issues by Ron Knight

Philosophy Behind the Workbook

My philosophy is that there is a solution, for those of you who feel and experience lack or unworthiness in your life, year after year. Allow me to explain how this works.

Your thoughts create 'energy'. This energy carries feelings, and these feelings inspire us to take actions that either support our life style of: a) abundance and comfort or b) lack and worry. The energy you create for yourself comes from many sources, like: your breath, food, proper sleep, prayer, song, meditation, excitement from sports, nature, work, etc. You get the idea.

Over the years you drain yourself of your maximum energy by verbally giving it away. You do this by telling stories, stating your opinions, making judgments about yourself and others, making declarations about plans you are going to do (but never do), gossiping, focusing on negative news through the TV or other means. All of this energy is wasted away on dead-end lack thoughts and worry.

Your word is no longer law onto you. It no longer possesses the divine energy to materialize your comfort level or the feeling of abundance and love.

From the union of thought and emotion is the feeling to materialize. You need to embody a feeling. You attract reality with the energy you have stored up in your body. You are determining what you are going to experience, by the feeling you inject into your thoughts and that takes energy. That feeling has a divine spiritual identity similar to our soul and you are that feeling.

These principles apply to creating abundance. Money and abundance are also feelings. It takes a lot of energy to inspire yourself with enough enthusiasm, to feel worthy toreceive.

Most of what needs to be healed for people in lack is, suppressed anger. All anger comes from loss. For example, when in a negative conversation, learn to be silent and do not inject your opinion.

Keep your righteousness and negative thoughts about the world and others to yourself. Keep the energy you have stored-up to yourself, until you bring it into reality. You will honestly find that with some discipline and vigilance, your power to create with thought and materialize doubles and redoubles will begin to manifest in your life. Store-up your energy. Guard it, as it is yours and is precious. Do not give it away recklessly. It's not free to waste. Verbally discipline yourself and establish a dominion over your own mind. In time, you will create the energy of self-love that attracts your receiving to yourself.

The sooner you give yourself permission to start feeling and receiving what it is you really want and desire, the more energy and determination you will have to go for it all.

This Workbook has 44 methods to support you in the healing of your money issues. Give yourself 30 days to complete this workbook and restore your self-worth and energy.

About the Author

Ron: Knight grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, in a very rare family that studied philosophy, human potential, and loving relationships together as a family. He studied numerology, TM (Transcendental Meditation), A Course In Miracles and Human Behavior. He has travelled the world studying with teachers on many different human ability subjects.

Consistently exposed to the rare opportunity of being involved in the magic and miracles that surround people, it is easy for him to inspire others in the uncovering of their dreams and goals.

Ron is happily married.

He has been successful in the following areas: import/export, construction, jewelry, propery management, tour bus owner/operator, and financial education ventures.

He started a men's support group in 1984 that met consistently for 10 years.

In 1995, Ron began travelling throughout the Caribbean studying international finance. He has been participating in financial workshops and seminars throughout the US and Canada studying the different aspects of successful finance as well as meeting the people involved.

He now has created a very successful group of professionals focussing on finance and established a substantial financial educational network.

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