Healing Sun: Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century

Healing Sun: Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century

by Richard Hobday


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Healing Sun: Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century by Richard Hobday

This look at the benefits of sunlight looks at how the sun can prevent and cure diseases, as well as help us in the future.

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ISBN-13: 9781899171972
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 02/28/2000
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 707,475
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.13(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Richard Hobday, PhD, is an Energy Institute member and a chartered engineer. He is the author of The Light Revolution.

Table of Contents

1.Your Body and Mind in the Sun17
Vitamin D and 'The Vitamin D Winter'18
Deficiency, or Insufficiency?20
Sunlight, Cholesterol and Vitamin D22
Sunlight and Skin Type24
Sunlight and the Blood27
Sunlight and Growth28
The Psychology of the Sun30
Winter Blues and Light Hunger35
2.The Decline of the Sun37
Artificial Indoor Light38
Comfort and Health41
Ozone Depletion and Sunbathing42
Sunlight and Cataracts43
Skin Cancer45
Sunscreens and the Sun48
Sunlight, Free Radicals and Vitamins51
3.How Sunlight can Prevent Serious Health Problems55
How Common is Vitamin D Deficiency?56
Sunlight and Brittle Bones58
Osteoporosis, the 'Silent Epidemic'59
Rickets and Osteomalacia -- the 'Diseases of Darkness'62
Tuberculosis and the Sun63
'Surgical Tuberculosis'65
Sunlight and Cancer Prevention66
Colon Cancer and the Sun69
Breast Cancer and the Sun70
Prostate Cancer and the Sun74
Ovarian Cancer and the Sun74
Sunlight Therapy and Cancer75
Sunlight and the Heart76
Sunlight and Diabetes78
Multiple Sclerosis79
Sunlight and Tooth Decay80
4.Sunlight: A Medicine for Diseases of the Past, Present and Future83
The Open-Air Treatment of Infection Diseases87
The Open-Air Treatment of Tuberculosis87
Sunlight Therapy in the Ancient World90
The Rediscovery of Sunlight as a Medicine91
Sunlight and Smallpox93
War Wounds, Sunlight and Open Air95
Dr Oskar Bernhard (1861-1939): The Healer of Wounds96
Bernhard's Heliotherapy of War Wounds98
Dr Auguste Rollier, the 'High Priest' of Sunlight Therapy99
The 'Rollier Method' of Sunbathing for Health104
Making the Most of Sunlight107
Sunlight and Sea Bathing107
Then and Now110
5.How to Sunbathe Safely111
Vitamin D, Health and the Ageing Process113
Time of Day and Time of Year114
The Solar Calendar115
The Solar Year115
Latitude and Altitude117
Air Pollution118
Ambient Temperature119
Diet and the Sun119
Is Fat a Sunbathing Issue?121
Diet and Skin Cancer122
Sunbathing for Health: Which Diet?124
Sunlamps and Solaria127
6.Indoors, Outdoors129
Buildings and Bacteria132
Sir Leonard Hill: Comfort or Health?134
The Nightingale Ward138
The Fireplace and the Chimney139
Indoor Health Today141
Sunlight Outdoors142
The Orientation of Cities144
Indoor Light144
7.Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century149
Sunlight and an Ageing Population151
Ozone Depletion and Sunscreens155
Buildings, Bacteria and Sunlight157
Recommended reading173

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