Healing with Magnets

Healing with Magnets

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Magnets heal. For centuries doctors worldwide have been prescribing them. Modern athletes swear by them. Patients attest to amazing therapeutic results. Even skeptics acknowledge their potential. And leading health expert Gary Null, host of the top-rated Gary Null Show, knows why and how magnets can work for you.

Easy to understand and informative, this up-to-the-minute guide will introduce you to all the essential principles of magnetic healing—what it is and how it works—along with documentation from the latest and most exciting scientific studies on the subject. It offers, too, not only the testimony of clinicians who have used magnets to treat conditions as various as broken bones, prostate enlargement, fibroid tumors, and scar tissue, but also the histories of patients who have benefited from magnet therapy.

Null's guide will also answer in plain language all your basic questions about magnets: Where do you get magnets? How much do they cost? What are the different types? How do you know which magnets are right for your needs? Which doctors specialize in magnetic therapy?

Here is the definitive reference on magnet therapy, a timely and time-honored route to sound health and renewed well-being.

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About the Author

Gary Null, Ph.D., is the New York Times bestselling author of over 50 books, including Be Kind to Yourself and Who Are You, Really?, as well as the host of the nationally syndicated talk show and longest running health program in the country, The Gary Null Show. He lives in New York.

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