Healing Your Life with Water: How to use your Mind Body & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth

Healing Your Life with Water: How to use your Mind Body & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth

by Diana E. Ruiz

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Healing Your Life with Water: How to use your Mind Body & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth by Diana E. Ruiz

This is a ground breaking book that reveals the surprising key to feeling better, looking younger, living longer and CHANGING THE WORLD - using your Mind, Body and Water Connection.

If you want to feel and live better, read on....

You are made up of 70% water—in essence, you are a body of water. Taking care of your inner water has a greater effect on your health—and the world—than you ever imagined. What Diana Ruiz reveals will change how you feel about yourself, others, and life itself.

Join Diana on a voyage to healing your own body of water and kick-starting your Inner Fountain of Youth. Through simple techniques and new knowledge, you will experience better health, relationships, increased vitality, and a boost to age-defying thoughts and emotions.

In Healing Your Life with Water, you will learn:

The surprising relationship between water and human emotions.
A simple technique to relieve, phobias, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, anxiety; any type of stress at home/work simply.
What an Inner Fountain of Youth is and how to rev it up.
How to eat in a rejuvenating “Alkaline” way.
How to boost "Alkaline" thoughts and emotions.
How to turn up your "Inner Fountain of Youth".
How to boost confidence.
How your thoughts affect your body of water as evidenced by scientific studies.
How Zombie Emotions and Moldy Oldies prevent happiness.
A revolutionary simple technique to erase stress and boost vitality.
The role water, oxygen, and kindness play in preventing cancer and disease.
How to create age-defying relationships at home and work.
How the subconscious controls us, and how we can control it.
The Emotional Freedom Technique than can heal our pasts.
How you can change the world just by feeling good.
How to Change the world just by feeling better.

Are you ready to awaken your Inner Fountain of Youth and change the world?

Come on in, the water’s fine!

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ISBN-13: 9781483512235
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 10/31/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 344
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Healing Your Life with Water: How to use your Mind Body & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
CynthiaSueLarson More than 1 year ago
Marvelously inspirational and informative! Many of us know about the wonders of drinking sufficient quantities of water, yet sometimes lapse from drinking as much as we've heard is good for us. Diana Ruiz's wonderful book, "Healing Your Life with Water" provides just the right nudges to get back into healthier drinking habits. If you've heard it's important to drink several glasses of water every day, but haven't been doing so well at drinking that much, chances are pretty good that much of the reasons for that have to do with inadequate information. Diana Ruiz's highly readable book offers just the right amount of encouragement together with excellent insights regarding the ways our bodies are made of relatively few elements... and how important it is to reduce "acidic ash" in our bodies. Diana Ruiz provides summaries of up-to-the-minute scientific research written so clearly that it's easy to see how quickly our bodies can restore balance and good health. Even if you've already heard of such things as the "Grim Reaper" or "Fountain of Youth" genes, or the Standard American Diet (SAD), this book is a treasure trove of ways we can improve our health by improving out diet. Yes, this book is much more than just a book about water--it's a primer for eating a sensible alkaline diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking water.... and even occasionally drinking your greens. Ruiz dispels the myth that "you have to be rich" to eat healthy foods, and provides easy-to-follow recipes and dietary suggestions that work for every budget. If you're already eating a healthy diet, you still can get a lot out of "Healing Your Life with Water" thanks to the outstanding second part of this book, cleverly titled, "Part 2: The Manual They Forgot to Give You at Birth." Ruiz explains how our thoughts and emotion have a powerful effect on our physiological health, and describes how we have a great deal more to do with our mental and emotional health than most people realize. This book about water moves into our relationships with others, with references to Emoto's book, "Messages from Water," so what starts out as a book about diet and drinking water ends up as a visionary book sharing insights about ways we can each help make this a better world.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Patricia Reding for Readers' Favorite In Healing Your Life with Water: How to Use Your Mind & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth, Diana E. Ruiz reminds readers that water is the substance that makes up 70% of our bodies, just as it covers 70% of the surface of the earth. Ruiz explains the importance of drinking enough water on a regular basis so as to keep your body operating at optimum health. When your body is working at its best as a result of drinking enough water and eating the correct foods, the groundwork is set for making other, more significant changes in life; specifically, changes to a person’s emotions, level of joy, and ability to bring joy to others. Ruiz informs readers how water is the regulator of everything in a person’s body, including the body’s temperature, joint cushioning, nerve impulses, and brain function.  Appropriate water intake can significantly reduce the risk of serious disease. In addition to appropriate water intake, a person’s health can be significantly improved with a diet that helps the body to re-create itself in a timely and healthy manner. Ruiz then draws parallels to the health of the earth itself and to mankind in general, when people pay attention to their water intake and diet and when they strive for a positive outlook in life.  Ruiz has set out simple ways to determine correct water intake, to identify the correct foods to eat, and to create a positive outlook on life. She provides readers with simple tools for creating a peaceful and joyful state of mind.  The information is easy to read and easy to implement. Ruiz is sure to empower others to take control of their lives and to make their lives fuller, healthier, and happier. I’ll drink (water) to that!
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite Healing Your Life with Water: How to use your Mind Body & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth by Diana E. Ruiz is an informational, scientific, and personal how-to book. The How is to get healthy, find peace, and foster growth of all kinds. The To is through something as natural and common as our own bodies: water. Water is the single most important part of living a healthy life and provides a method of nourishing your body in ways that just can't be reproduced without it. Being well hydrated lets you live a vibrant life, free of sickness, disease, joint pains, etc.  This book was cool. You got to learn, not only the health benefits to being hydrated and having a proper supply of water, but also the science behind why water is so powerful. Diana gives you lots of tools and steps to follow, enabling you to change your life and let water guide and ease your health concerns.  While I really enjoyed the book, and may instill some of Diana's practices in my daily life, at times it got a little preachy. Still, it was a very informative book and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it. I will be trying out some of the ways to get more water into my diet, and hopefully I will see some or all of the benefits that Diana speaks about.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite Healing Your Life with Water: How to use your Mind Body & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth by Diana E. Ruiz is a spiritual book which speaks about the cleansing and healing properties of water. The human body is made up of 70% water and the book tells us that if we take care of the inner water, then it will have a healing effect on our body and life. Diana E. Ruiz takes you through a healing and spiritual journey that teaches simple techniques about healing your inner water and how to experience a positive feeling, better relationships, and increased vitality.  I always felt there was something very spiritual about water. Water always gives a feeling of cleansing and healing. This book tells us just that and gives us useful tips on how to awaken the Inner Fountain of Youth and lead a good life. The holistic approach the author has adopted makes it a very informative and handy book. The book increases our awareness of the importance of water in our daily lives. The author gives tips to energize our body using water as the primary fuel for the body. Water also helps us retain our youthful looks and energy. The author has put across the therapeutic value of water in an elegant and neat style. This book will change the reader's perspective about water. This is one of the best books I have read on water and its holistic properties. The author has written a spiritually uplifting book that is healing for many on the spiritual and physical plane.
Tyler_TichelaarTT More than 1 year ago
New Book Reveals What a Water-Full World We Live In Healing Your Life with Water is a life-changing book. In fact, it’s like reading two books in one. I imagine most people will choose to read this book so they can better understand, heal, and rejuvenate their bodies. And I hope they do read this book for all the fascinating information it contains about understanding the body’s pH levels, what foods to eat to help the pH level, and all the other information that promotes good health, healthy eating, and kick starts the “inner fountain of youth.” But this book is more than that. Diana sums it up this way, “We are made up of 70 percent water and there is a certain way to eat, think, and feel in order to keep your ‘body of water’ healthy.” Diana shows how our thoughts and emotions affect our body of water and, ultimately, our health. Her focus on the body’s pH is about balancing our water so it is not overly acidic but rather alkaline, and she carries the alkaline metaphor throughout the book, promoting not only alkaline water but alkaline thoughts and emotions. She states: “When we understand the relationship between our mind and our physical body of water, we can begin to discover the key to: feeling better, looking younger, living longer, and unlocking our inner fountain of youth. You will be surprised by how easily your personal happiness affects the world at large once you make this discovery. And it all starts with our health.” Beyond the health aspects of Healing Your Life with Water, Diana Ruiz offers a much bigger picture. Focusing on research done by water experts like Dr. Masaru Emoto as well as numerous other health and healing experts, including Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, and Gary Craig, she provides the reader a full means of creating a balanced body of water including techniques to relieve pain—be it emotional, mental, or physical. Ultimately, feeling better is how we make the biggest change of all because when we feel better, it’s easier to be kind to others and since we are made up of 70 percent water, this good feeling ripples out to other “bodies of water”—you, me, the community at large. This good feeling even affects nature’s bodies of water—lakes, rivers, and oceans in a surprising way. This book is full of information and inspiration. Diana teaches us how to turn even acidic thoughts into alkaline ones, including how to change our reactions to upsetting situations, how to see successes in our failures, and how to work through the difficulties in our lives—especially those stubborn grudges and resentments. She often makes the reader laugh through her humorous use of colorful terms like Zombie Emotions and Moldy Oldies thoughts, thereby getting her points across in memorable ways. Perhaps my favorite discussion in the book is when she talks about suffering. Someone once told Diana that the tools she offered were too easy and that healing ourselves should require suffering—that there is value to be found in suffering. While suffering can help us learn, Diana puts suffering in its place, stating, “Suffering may lead to wisdom, but wisdom does not lead to suffering.” Diana does not advocate seeking out suffering once we find a better way to heal and move forward, and she calls on the wisdom and experiences of others to back her up, including Viktor Frankl, Buddha, and—Jesus. Of Jesus, she states: “I was always intrigued by his ability to forgive and by the stories of healing others without prejudice. It becomes clear to me now that he freely healed those who would be healed…he didn’t admonish them to continue suffering. He encouraged them to take up their beds and walk instead of recommending they lie there a bit longer because suffering was to be dragged out as long as possible. The lesson was discovering that there wasn’t a need to suffer longer than you felt a need to.” After reading Healing Your Life with Water, I have learned to focus on leading a more alkaline lifestyle both in what I eat and in how I think about myself, others, and the world around me. I’ve cut back on coffee and soda because they are acidic. And I’ve spent more time sending positive thoughts and praying for those in need. As Diana states, “information is useless unless you apply it to create a diet that gives you life, fights disease, and promotes health.” The application of this book’s information is a life-changer. If you want to live a healthier and happier life, you will find it by following the advice in these pages. Beyond benefiting from its tips about diet and healthy eating, you will find your thoughts transformed into seeing the bigger picture of how we can heal not only ourselves but we can help to heal the world when we focus on being kind to our bodies of water. World peace might even be possible when we focus on alkaline and healing thoughts. Diana thinks it’s possible, and after reading this book, I think so as well. We just have to make the choice. First, choose to read this book and let your water flow—heal your mind and body naturally as it was intended to do.