The Health of Aging Hispanics: The Mexican-Origin Population / Edition 1

The Health of Aging Hispanics: The Mexican-Origin Population / Edition 1

by Jacqueline L. Angel
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Springer New York

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The Health of Aging Hispanics: The Mexican-Origin Population / Edition 1

This timely and much-needed book addresses the demographic trends affecting the Latinos in the United States, Mexico and Latin America, looking at the health concerns and of this growing population, as it ages. Further examination of this previously understudied group– now the nation’s largest minority group – offers the possibility to promote healthy aging for the entire nation. As international immigration continues to increase, collections such as this are critical for understanding the social and health consequences of this immigration.

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ISBN-13: 9780387472065
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 02/20/2007
Edition description: 2007
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Setting the Stage: Hispanic Health and Aging in the Americas.- Setting the Stage: Hispanic Health and Aging in the Americas.- Exploring the Health Consequences of Hispanic Mortality.- Health Status of Elderly Hispanics in the United States.- Census Disability Rates Among Older People by Race/Ethnicity and Type of Hispanic Origin.- Disability and Active Life Expectancy of Older U.S.-and Foreign-Born Mexican Americans.- Predictors of Decline in Cognitive Status, Incidence of Dementia/CIND and All-Cause Mortality in Older Latinos: The Role of Nativity and Cultural Orientation in the Sacramento Area Latino Study on Aging.- Education and Mortality Risk Among Hispanic Adults in the United States.- Does Longer Life Mean Better Health? Not for Native-Born Mexican Americans in the Health and Retirement Survey.- Contextualizing Support and Mexican-Origin Health in Old Age: Issues of Family, Migration, and Income.- Dynamics of Intergenerational Assistance in Middle- and Old-Age in Mexico.- Aging, Health and Migration: The Voices of the Elderly Poor in Mexico.- Aging and Health Interrelations at the United States-Mexico Border.- Colonias, Informal Homestead Subdivisions, and Self-Help Care for the Elderly Among Mexican Populations in the United States.- Access to Health Care Services Among Elderly Hispanics with Special Reference to Mexican Americans.- Disparities and Access Barriers to Health Care Among Mexican American Elders.- Lack of Health Insurance Coverage and Mortality Among Latino Elderly in the United States.- Access Issues in the Care of Mexican-Origin Elders: A Clinical Perspective.- Cross Border Health Insurance and Aging Mexicans and Mexican Americans.- Cultural Myths and Other Fables About Promoting Health in Mexican Americans: Lessons Learned from Starr County Border Health Intervention Research.- Health Insurance Coverage and Health Care Utilization along the U.S.–Mexico Border: Evidence from the Border Epidemiologic Study on Aging.- Options for Health Care Reform.- Impoverishing and Catastrophic Household Health Spending Among Families with Older Adults in Mexico: A Health Reform Priority.- The Health Care Safety Net for Hispanics.- Afterword Globalization and Health: Risks and Opportunities for the Mexico—U.S. Border.

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