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ISBN-13: 9781858985879
Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 03/01/1998
Series: International Library of Comparative Pub
Pages: 800
Product dimensions: 6.88(w) x 9.50(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Part IHealth Policy Foundations: Basic Values and Orientations
1.'Social Responsibility for Personal Health Services: An Examination of Basic Values', Inquiry, VIII (2), June, 3-19 (1971)3
2.'Protecting the Medical Commons: Who is Responsible?', New England Journal of Medicine, 293, July-December, 235-41 (1975)20
3.'Health Care Policy Today: Making Way for the Libertarians', Effective Health Care, 1 (1), 35-42 (1983)27
4.'Health Insurance Values and Implementation in the Netherlands and the Federal Republic of Germany: An Alternative Path to Universal Coverage', Journal of the American Medical Association, 265 (19), 2496-502 (1991)35
Part IIContext of Health Policy: Socio-Economic and Political Factors
5.'The Political Ingredient of Public Health Services: A Neglected Area of Research', Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, XLIV (4) Part 2, October, 13-34 (1966)45
6.'The Social Nature of the Definition Problem in Health', International Journal of Health Services, 5 (4), 625-42 (1975)67
7.'Doing Better and Feeling Worse: The Political Pathology of Health Policy', Daedalus, 106 (1), Winter, 105-23 (1977)85
8.'Producing Health, Consuming Health Care', Social Science and Medicine, 31 (12), 1347-63 (1990)104
Part IIIThe American Experience: Pillars and Players
9.'The Political Economy of Health Care: Dynamics without Change', Politics and Society, 12, Winter, 127-64 (1972)123
10.'The American Hospital System in Historical Perspective', in In Sickness and in Wealth: American Hospitals in the Twentieth Century, Chapter 13, New York: Basic Books, 351-65, 417-8 (1989)161
11.'The Social Origins of Professional Sovereignty', in The Social Transformation of American Medicine, Introduction, New York: Basic Books, 3-29, 450-51 (1982)177
12.'Politicizing Medicine and Medicalizing Politics: Physician Power in the United States', in Giorgio Freddi and James Warner Bjorkman (eds), Controlling Medical Professionals: The Comparative Politics of Health Governance, Chapter 2, London: Sage Publications, 28-73 and references (1989)206
13.'It's the Institutions, Stupid! Why Comprehensive National Health Insurance Always Fails in America', Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 20 (2), Summer, 329-72 (1995)255
Part IVComparative Health Policy: Cross-National Variations
14.'Planning and Implementation: A Comparative Perspective on Health Policy', International Political Science Review, 2 (1), 11-42 (1981)301
15.'Health Policy', in Comparative Public Policy: The Politics of Social Choice in America, Europe, and Japan, Third Edition, Chapter 3, New York: St Martin's Press, 57-96, 378-81 (1990)333
16.'Policy Networks, Opportunity Structures and Neo-Conservative Reform Strategies in Health Policy', in Bernd Marin and Renate Mayntz (eds), Policy Networks: Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Considerations, Chapter 8, Frankfurt am Main: Campus Verlag and Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 235-96 (1991)377
17.'Institutions of Representation and National Health Insurance Politics' and 'The Limits of Institutions', Health Politics: Interests and Institutions in Western Europe, Chapters 1 and 6, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1-32, 226-52, 295-6 (1992)439
18.'States Facing Interests: Struggles over Health Care Policy in Advanced, Industrial Democracies', Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 20 (3), Fall, 571-613 (1995)499
Part VPolicy Learning: Aspirations and Limitations
19.'The Non-Health Services' Determinants of Health Levels: Conceptualization and Public Policy Recommendations', Medical Care, XV (5), Supplement, May, 74-83 (1977)545
20.'Introduction to a Decade of Transition', Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 11 (4), Tenth Anniversary Issue, 569-83 (1986)555
21.'Comparing Health Care Systems: What Nations can Learn from One Another', Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 17 (4), Winter, 613-36 (1992)570
22.'Universal Health Insurance that Really Works: Foreign Lessons for the United States', Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 18 (3), Fall, 695-722 (1993)594
23.'Learning from Others: Shall the Last be the First Markets', in Conference Report of the Four Country Conference on Health Care Reforms and Health Care Policies in the United States, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, Amsterdam/Rotterdam, February 23-25, 95-102; published in Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 1997, 22 (5), October (1995)622
Part VIHealth Policy Analysis: Methodological Issues
24.'Measuring Prevention and its Worth: The Benefits of Health-Making Policy', in Promoting Health Through Public Policy, Chapter 10, Philadelphia: F.A. Davis, 215-40 (1981)633
25.'Measuring Elusive Benefits: On the Value of Health', Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 8 (3), Fall, 554-80 (1983)659
26.'Health Systems--A Critical Analysis of Existing and Suggested Models', in Analysing Health Systems: A Modular Approach, Chapter 2, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 16-42 (1992)686
27.'The Policy Window, and Joining the Streams', in Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies, Chapter 8, Second Edition, HarperCollins College Publishers, 165-95 (1995)713
28.'Three Faces of the Health Care State', Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 20 (3), Fall, 767-81 (1995)744
Name Index759

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