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Healthy Habit Formation: How To Build Good Habits And Make Them Stick

Healthy Habit Formation: How To Build Good Habits And Make Them Stick

by Andrew Philips


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How to Master The Art of Building Exceptional Habits And Sticking To Them...

By Using Healthy Habit Formation To Achieve Excellence Personally, Professionally And Socially.

Unfortunately it's just human nature...

Most people find it difficult to get control of bad habits, as well as maintaining good habits at the same time.

Our decision-making skills often let us down, and once we've realized this it's often too late.

Many of us find it hard to resist damaging temptations, and even harder to stick with good habits that we know we should be doing.

Because whether you want to lose weight, become healthier, or get a promotion at work, it can be quite challenging to follow through and make your goals happen.

And whatever it is that's holding you back, this book will enable you to smash through any obstacles in your way... and achieve the life of your dreams.

Because once you've mastered how to stick with good habits and eliminate bad ones... the sky is the limit.

You'll be able to consistently function in peak condition and become an expert at self-mastery.

Not only that, but once you start to incorporate good habits into your life it will eventually become contagious.

You'll no longer have to use willpower to control your decision-making as your self-programming will automatically encourage you to keep developing more good habits.

Yes, it will become natural.

So with this in mind, here's what you'll discover inside this book...

  • How the brain makes decisions, and how it develops and establishes habits that stick (including the 3 steps that help a person regularize their habits)
  • How to create an inventory of your current good and bad habits and break down the entire process into several manageable steps (with specific detailed suggestions to help analyze and sort your habits)
  • Why it's best to hold onto old (good) habits and improve on them, compared to developing brand new ones from scratch (hint: an old habit can be tweaked and it assists in forming new habits)
  • Why the common belief that older people are unable to develop new habits is a misleading myth (and how adults CAN create new habits and make them stick)
  • The difference between the words "willpower" and "motivation", and the cause-and-effect type of relationship they have (including how they affect the development of your habits)
  • The 11 super important healthcare habits that you need to bear in mind in order to maintain a fit and healthy body (underestimate these and you'll never be able to reach your peak potential)
  • The 9 powerful habits that you can adopt to become more socially adept and popular amongst your group of friends (these priceless life skills will make you feel more confident)
  • The 8 mandatory habits you must possess to advance your career and become a professional success (just imagine how much money you're missing out on by not doing these)
  • The 4 proven things you can do when you've realized you've failed at creating a new habit (sure you can't expect a habit to stick every single time... but these methods will help you to effectively deal with it and eventually turn it around)
  • Plus much, much, more
  • So, if you've ever felt frustrated you weren't able to stick with a new habit you've tried to implement, or if you've wondered if it's even possible to change your decision-making process...

    The pieces of the puzzle will become clear once you've gone through this information.

    You'll know exactly what you have to do (and not do) to start seeing visible results in a short period of time that will last indefinitely.

    And it will motivate you to start working on your habits immediately. You can start this journey today too.

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