Healthy Living Everyday

Healthy Living Everyday

by Nancy A. Guberti


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Healthy Living Everyday is your wellness blueprint offering an array of alternative healing and preventive therapies, with more than 365 pages of reflective questions, empowering truth, and simple steps covering many alternative factors to wellness.Many of us have a hard time figuring everything out. Just conquering one's mindset is integral in healthy living, and that's why mindset is intertwined throughout the wellness blueprint. One may wonder what to eat, how to stay fit, and improve overall well-being. The wellness blueprint covers guidelines that can help fight off brain fog, dementia, depression, anxiety, weight gain, degenerative diseases, and much more. With natural healing insights, fascinating science, tried-and-true remedies to treat a variety of common ailments, this book is a straightforward guide to achieving optimal wellness, health, and weight. Don't wait for a devastating diagnosis to force you into living healthy.Proper nutrition is the basis of living a healthy lifestyle. Your food choices can direct your total wellbeing from how you feel now and in the future. The goal is awareness, mindfulness with truth avoiding deception, false advertising, and quick fixes. It's just healthy living facts to help you reflect, be empowered, and take action by owning your life. To overcome overwhelm, take it one day at a time, baby steps are better than no steps. Each day, you will have the power to work on your mind and body. Follow the step-by-step healthy living blueprints and answer the reflective questions to achieve more awareness and self-growth. The more you know what you want in life for your health, then you will be able to set attainable goals. Your mindset is everything. You must remember that your health is worth it because YOU are worth it. The book explores the many factors for optimizing health and well-being. Boost your energy, balance your gut, support your immune system, eat healthily, get restorative sleep, get fit, and be happy and healthy. The goal is for you to reach and stay in optimal wellness.

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ISBN-13: 9781078755917
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 11/11/2019
Pages: 372
Sales rank: 1,096,184
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.77(d)

About the Author

Nancy Guberti is a Functional Medicine Specialist, Nutritionist, Motivational Speaker, and passionate to empower others to become their health advocate. She is the founder of Total Wellness Empowerment Monthly Membership, Total Wellness Empowerment Podcast, Look and Feel Amazing Method: 9 Steps to a Healthier You. Recognized as a thought leader, Nancy shares her expertise on numerous media outlets, through her corporate wellness programs for financial institutions, her private practice and teaching practitioners for Deseret Biologicals, a leader in the field of Integrative Medicine.

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