Healthy Mom Healthy Me: Helping Kids When Mom's Sick

Healthy Mom Healthy Me: Helping Kids When Mom's Sick

by Gwen Ratermann


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Healthy Mom Healthy Me: Helping Kids When Mom's Sick by Gwen Ratermann

Healthy Mom Healthy Me is an easy-to-use workbook to help children whose moms are experiencing a serious illness. Children will learn to:

• Recognize and reflect on their feelings.

• Express those feelings constructively.

• Visualize a good outcome for their mom's health.

• Create a journal that can be a safe place to describe what is important to them.

• Understand the value of being grateful every day.

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ISBN-13: 9781452590332
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/15/2014
Pages: 44
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.09(d)

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Healthy Mom Healthy Me

Helping Kids When Mom's Sick

By Gwen Ratermann

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Gwen Ratermann
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9033-2


An Introduction for You and Your Mom

My dear friend, Joan, messaged me on Facebook a few months ago and said a good friend of hers was recently told she had a brain tumor. This young woman is in the prime of her life with a successful career as a healthcare CEO and two small children.

Joan remembered that I drew a simple picture of my husband, Marty, when he was ill with stage VI cancer that helped me, our girls, family and friends to focus on his good health. It was a large stick figure filled with yellow crayon, outlined in blue, a big red heart on the chest and a huge smile beaming on his face.

I had written a blog about how I started drawing the figures, one after another, to help me to rise above my sheer panic and sadness. I drew the figures with crayon, one right after another, and taped them up all over my work office. I used up the bright yellow crayon in one box and had to raid other crayon boxes for that particular color --- yellow, the color of light and health.

In the blog I described how my co-workers started posting my drawings in their offices, our family and friends started posting them on their refrigerators at home or at their desk at work. I started calling the picture "Healthy Marty".

Working for a printer at the time, our daughter, Beth, had 50 copies made of the picture and sent to our home so we could display them everywhere. One Sunday our oldest daughter Sarah and I posted them on Marty's workshop, on his bike, on the clothes line, even on the back of the shorts he was wearing – trying to celebrate our belief in his health.

Marty has survived and I shared this blog and the picture with many others. I drew a healthy girl picture when a female family member was diagnosed with colon cancer. I sent her the "Healthy Marty" story and months later she shared that the simple picture and visualization of health helped her.

So the sharing continues. Joan asked me to write the story for her friend's children, and I did. I asked a friend if her eight-year-old would edit the story for me and Elsa did not change a word. Afterwards, her mother encouraged me to write a book, and here we are.

I am including not only the "Healthy Marty" story and visualization – which I have now changed to "Healthy Mom", but a few other simple tools children and adults can use to help them to navigate the incredibly stressful and emotionally ravaging throes of dealing with a parent with a serious illness.

The other sections of this book describe how developing an attitude of gratitude can lift our spirits, keeping a journal can be a very special personal counselor and expressing our anger or other feelings is a very important thing to do.

These simple tools have helped me and my family. I hope they can help you too.

Healthy Mom

Your mom is one of the very most important people in your world. When she gets sick, you feel really sorry for her and you want to do something to help her to feel better. Sometimes, if she is really feeling bad, you feel scared too. You want her to feel better so she can be back to her very special self and your family can be happy and back to normal again.

This is a simple picture that you can use to help you to keep your mom's good health and happiness in your minds and hearts. Looking at it can remind you that she will be back to her normal self before long, and this is a constant reminder of her being happy and healthy again.

This picture is simple so it can be for any mom, and it is yellow because yellow is the color of light and reminds many people of goodness and health. This yellow woman has a big red heart because every mom has the biggest heart we can imagine.

You can make copies of this picture and put them where ever you are – on the kitchen refrigerator, in your bedroom, stuck in a book you have at school – anywhere you are where you need to be reminded to think happy thoughts about your mom getting better. And the pictures can help you to remember to say a little prayer for her, for you and for your family as you help each other to be strong.

You can also make your own picture of your mom being happy and healthy – and put copies of it everywhere you look. You can make your picture look like her, because you know better than anyone how beautiful she is. Share these pictures with your family and friends so they can help in thinking about your mom's health and happiness.

Healthy Mom pictures for you

1. How does this Healthy Mom picture make you feel?

I am feeling

2. If it doesn't help you to feel a little bit better, make your own picture. Maybe you want it to look more like your mom, or more like how you want your mom to look and feel. Take your time and then draw it for her and for you. Choose a special time to share the picture with your mom.


Excerpted from Healthy Mom Healthy Me by Gwen Ratermann. Copyright © 2014 Gwen Ratermann. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


An Introduction for You and Your Mom, 7,
Healthy Mom, 10,
Attitude of Gratitude, 18,
A Book of Your Own, 24,
It's Okay to Be Angry, 31,
This is a Beginning, 38,

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