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Hear My Voice

Hear My Voice

by Dana English-Nelson
Hear My Voice is an inspirational book that focuses on life's daily issues, situations, and struggles in the form of poetry. This book is true to its title and opens an avenue for the thoughts and emotions that people are normally reluctant to express. As you turn the pages of Hear My Voice, you will realize that the things that we try to hide are the things that hurt


Hear My Voice is an inspirational book that focuses on life's daily issues, situations, and struggles in the form of poetry. This book is true to its title and opens an avenue for the thoughts and emotions that people are normally reluctant to express. As you turn the pages of Hear My Voice, you will realize that the things that we try to hide are the things that hurt inside. But through our silence, our growth can be stunted and our joy can be deprived. Dana takes you on a mission of experiencing growing pains, love, hate, and other feelings that one may go through. She is the voice that speaks out. She demonstrates how going through the motions can lead to captioning a personal relationship with God in the end. Beginning with common childhood experiences, transitioning to adulthood, and traveling through life journeys of circumstantial growth, her poetry can be understood and appreciated by readers throughout the world.

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Hear My Voice

Speaking Life Through Poetry
By Dana English-Nelson


Copyright © 2009 Dana Nelson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-2952-4

Chapter One


Thoughts of vivid expressions and obsessions That leads to fatal state of depression Depression of circumstantial evidence yet to be known Pain of life's incidents are embedded instead of being shown Substantial increase of blockage within the mind Release of pressure and facts I seek to find Attraction of hatred and rebellion penetrating for years When there's nothing left but catastrophe of death to fear The elevation of anger through trampled arteries and veins That plunges the heart with syringes in excruciating pain

Growing Pains ...

"Growing Pains leave stains Stains that cannot be wiped away from rain"

But Jesus turning to them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, stop weeping for me,but weep for yourselves and for your children Luke 23:28

A Child's Cry Mama wait don't leave me here Can't you see it's them that I fear They do things to me when you're not near They push me around and have me in tears I hate it when you go to work When you leave me they treat me like dirt I hate these folks and that is no lie All they do is pick on me and make me cry I have so much fire burning inside And you wonder why I never smile Mama open your eyes Can't you see This is not the place I want to be I kick and scream begging you not to leave I've held onto your legs I've even promised and pleaded I know your job is important You've said it many times But please love me first Look inside this little heart of mine

Innocent Souls

Children are little innocent souls They follow while you take control Pay attention to them Don't let them slip away Put them first and save everything else for another day Everything you do they are attentive to They watch what you say and what you do

What you allow determines their outcome Be aware of their surroundings especially when their young Don't be blinded Know when there's something wrong Make sure their reactions are of the norm Always know what's going on They won't understand the reasons why All they know is that they're hurting inside Hear your little ones cry

Let Me Be When my head is down My legs are straddled and my back is up against the wall My ears are covered to block you out and I don't want to talk at all It is best to let me be When my hands are sweaty and formed into a fist I have to sit on them in order for me to resist It is best to let me be When my eyes are shut tight and I don't want to see you I'm rationalizing the situation and hoping that it's not true It is best to let me be It is best to let me be..... IT IS BEST TO LET ME BE


I know what he did to you I'm sorry for what he did

Do you have to constantly remind me of it I'm just a little kid

The degrading words and the hits They're really making it difficult for me

I'm your child I'm not him I have my own personality

Hopefully You'll see that one day When you stop beating him into me


Little girl tie your shoe I'm not going to do it for you I'm tired of explaining I'm not telling you twice The next time you forget It won't be anything nice Now pick up your pace Move right along I can't wait for your ride to come So you can go home


Why do I have to babysit You act like I'm the one that made it Why do I have to stay in You won't even allow me to hang out with friends Why do you punish me when they mess up They do wrong but you whip my butt Is it wrong or is it fair That I'm always feeling like the dark cloud here When things aren't done right I'm always the one you blame Yet you continue to say that you love us the same

Little Church Boy

Little church boy why are you here Is it because it's the other boys that momma has grown to fear Little church boy why are you faking You pretend to be the nicest guy, but everyone is mistaken

Little church boy why does momma think I'm safe with you Is it because your father is the pastor and you sit on the front pew Little church boy they don't even have a clue You push up on me more than other boys do

Little church boy they don't even know You're worst than those other boys but you don't let it show

Little church boy you're as scandalous as they come You sin more than unbelievers do and then some

Little church boy I never chose you You may have had others blinded But I can see clearly through you

If These Walls ... ...Could Talk

If these walls could talk What would they say Would they tell of all the secrets that you've had hidden away If these walls could talk What would you do Would you try to tear them down to prevent them from exposing you If these walls could talk Would you confess Would you admit to the truth and put all those lies to rest If these walls could talk How would you feel Ashamed Embarrassed Maybe relieved Because of all the things that they have seen Would you stand tall above it all Or would you recognize that the shadows of your doubts are your biggest downfall


I hate you because of what you did to me Instead of loving you You're my worst enemy One day my soul would rest and I would finally be free ... Once you're burning in hell where you need to be! If I've never seen Satan before I've seen him in you Because a child of God would have never done the things you do

Let anger decrease Let love increase Learn to control your emotions Don't let your emotions control you Have strength within yourself To love all the way through

Broken Promises

Where are you Why did you leave Was I less of what you need rags I didn't say anything Because she wouldn't have understood That her boyfriend molested me Every chance that he could Instead I just walked away I didn't dare drop a tear I was on the road at eleven years old A kid distressed in fear ...


Crooked line Straight line Take vital signs Give injection There's an infection We're running out of time Call his mother Call his father We need a matching type Sorry doctor His mother is not here And his father doesn't know what he looks like


You can't erase the trace beneath my eyes And the darkness therein which leads me to despise You can't erase the trace upon my lips That speaks of you even though you dipped You can't erase the trace of the same blood dream that I'm accepted for being a part of you When that day comes You will see that I'm a younger image of what you used to be When that day comes You'll regret that you didn't know me before You'll see that I made it without you and maybe love me even more When that day comes It could be bitter or sweet It will be the very first time that we meet When that day comes We may laugh or we may cry I may even look for answers to understand why When that day comes Some things may be at risks But I'll be happy to know that I'm no longer just one of your secrets

No matter what the circumstances are A child is no mistake by far God already had it in His remarkable plans Love your child and be a positive role model if you can


Excerpted from Hear My Voice by Dana English-Nelson Copyright © 2009 by Dana Nelson. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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