Hearing My Heart

Hearing My Heart

by Doris Hair Jovanelly


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ISBN-13: 9781449043582
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/28/2010
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.15(d)

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Hearing My Heart

By Doris Hair Jovanelly


Copyright © 2010 Doris Hair Jovanelly
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-4358-2

Chapter One

When we start out in life, we never know what path we will follow. There are many turns along the way. When I was young, I thought of a singing career. My cousin Dorothy Ouzts (Mixon-Wofford) and I studied voice together. We worked at Civilian Personnel, Camp Gordon, GA. We formed a singing group with four friends, and we were called The Personnelitys. We entertained at the Service Club and Chapel on Post. Soon, my thoughts of a career ended when I met a soldier, Ernest Jovanelly who had returned from service in World War II where he had been a prisoner of war in Germany-9B Bad Orb. We were married and my singing turned to lullabys when we were blessed with four children-Vicki, Wayne, Frank and Robin. Six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren have been added. I am a very sentimental person and enjoy expressing my feelings through poetry. I hope they will be inspirational to others.

First Date (with future husband)(with future husband)

He asked me For a date And I said, yes

I thought he was Just another guy.

But the evening ended Much too soon.

And I didn't want To say "Goodbye".

To My Love

I love you, darling, And I always will. The thought of you Gives me a thrill.

I think of you constantly When we're apart. The day we met You stole my heart.

I am much happier When you are near. I think you're wonderful. I love you, dear.

To My Love

I Love you, dear, with all my heart That's very plain to see. I'm hoping we won't ever part And you will always love me.

You look at me and my heart stands still The world seems far away. Your touch gives me such a thrill Which I want to last forever.

My future plans and all my dreams Are built, my dear, around you. There could never be another to make my dreams come true.

So if you want me for your own To love the rest of your life, Just say the word 'cause I'm alone And I'd like to be your wife.


I'm lonely for you I miss you so much I want to hear your voice And long to feel your touch.

Days seem so long When you're away. I'm waiting for the time I'll be in you arms to stay.

I never knew it could happen Yet, I'm in love with you. And what makes it so wonderful You say you love me, too.

Life won't be worth living Without you by my side. So, I'll be very happy When you take me for your bride.

Sleep, My Baby

Sleep, my baby, Sleep, my dear. The sandman Will soon be here. Sweet dreams will come to you tonight And when the morning Brings the light Your toys will be waiting For you to play. They'll by waiting to start a new day. But, now, it's time To count the sheep. So sleep, my baby, sleep.

Writing to my first child

Chapter Two

In Memory of My Daughter-Vicki The Things You Never Learned

My dear daughter, you learned so much in your short life, but in your twenty-two years with us there were so many things you never learned. Since you were so kind hearted and helpful, you never learned how to be selfish. Neither did you learn hatred because you loved everybody. Your capacity for loving others made you enjoy their happiness and good fortune with them, so you didn't learn resentfulness or envy. Another thing you never learned was how to complain because you always accepted the unpleasant things quietly. You never learned to hurt others with unkind words or thoughtless remarks. Nor did you learn to strike back when others hurt you. For the things you never learned, I am so grateful. That is why we loved you so much and miss you so very much. The things you did learn leave us with pleasant memories which will never be forgotten. Thank you my sweet Vicki for not learning.

To A Friend Leaving

A mace and a sword Just for you

To remind you of South Carolina And the bridge club, too.

Although you've traveled And lived in many places

We hope as you move again You'll remember all our faces.

With this little gift is a wish That God will bless

Your new home and those you love With health and happiness.

South Carolina In The Spring

South Carolina is so beautiful In the Spring.

It is so uplifting It makes you want to sing.

Dogwood, azaleas, flowers In bloom.

Such a good tonic to chase away the gloom.

From the mountains to the seashore Wherever you may be.

South Carolina Is the place to see.

To Ruth In Memory of Ruth Meech

The warmth and charm of "Honey Hill." The first time I saw it was such a thrill. The thrill was still there each time thereafter When we always share such fun and laughter.

Sipping hot "toddys" as we watched the fire glow, Never letting any unhappiness show. Our walks around the mountain Seeing leaves of red and gold, Enjoying every wonderful story you told.

The years we were there To see the snowflakes fall. The years that were sunny, I remember them all. Kind words of wisdom so timely said

Little bits of poetry you sometimes read. Beautiful memories, dear Ruth, now that you are gone But the love that you gave us will linger on.

To The Catalanos

From babies all I've watched you grow All the family has been A pleasure to know.

We've shared good times and bad times In all kinds of weather But in our hearts We shared them together.

Photographs captured over the years, Looking them over brings laughter and tears. Locked in our hearts are memories to stay Memories can never be taken away.


What does the word "Adopted," mean anyway Only that God sent babies To get to your heart and stay.

From the moment you see that tiny face You know they were sent to the right place Angels come from Heaven above With beautiful babies for us to love.

So the word "Adopted" Is quick to go Because they're our Grandchildren That's all we know.

The Beach Getaway

Sue, Eddie, Mary, Bud, Betty, Sonny Jeanette, Ernie, and Me Off to Cherry Grove To the cottage by the sea.

We shared good times For so many years. Now its so hard To fight back the tears.

Since Jeanette, Sue, Betty, Mary and Bud have gone to another place Oh, how I miss Each friendly face.

So may God keep Each one in his care. And let them greet the rest of us When we get there.

Cross Country Trip

Going cross country riding along Telling a story and singing a song. Beautiful scenery, wide open spaces Getting to see so many places.

Mountains, lakes, fields of corn All of this on a bright, sunny morn. Talking with people we're getting to know. Waiting to see another good show

Making memories along the way. Always in our hearts to stay. So, we'll just keep rolling along

Vacation at Deer Creek

Thinking back to years gone by My, oh my how the years do fly. The Grandchildren were small, playing outside Waiting for Pop Pop in the golf cart To give them a ride. Across to the pond with a pole to go fishing. Standing so still-waiting and wishing A fish finally caught was such a thrill. Excitement on their faces, I see it still. Jumping in the pool, learning to swim. With my camera in hand, always watching them. Down to the beach to build castles in the sand. Sitting down to give them a hand. These small children are now all grown. Beginning to start families of their own. I pray God will grant me more time to stay So I can watch my Great-Grandchildren at play. And when they all look out With memories, they'll see Wonderful things, and think of me.

The "Nifty-Fifties

Our condo at the beach was number "50" And we all thought that was pretty "nifty". That number then fit our ages. If only we could turn back the pages.

We played bridge and shanghai and liked to shop Seeing something interesting, we'd always stop. Eating out was such a treat. Good times, short and sweet.

Every year in May and November Our condo days, we'll always remember. Virginia, Leona, Mary, Marie, Elynor, Sue, Jeanette, and me-Doris

O' Happy Day

Jeanette's beach house Was called "O' happy Day," Where we "girls" would Sometimes go to stay.

We'd take a few days Out of the week To let out "hair down" So to speak

We played cards, relaxed, And walked on the beach And even a dance We tried to teach.

So much laughter and so much fun Was always enjoyed by everyone. We have wonderful memories From "O' Happy Day." Memories can never by taken away.

Our 60th Wedding Anniversary

Sixty years of marriage we've had Some years were good and some were bad. We held on through all kinds of weather Because our love kept us together.

Our lives were blessed with children. Two girls and two boys Always bringing us many joys God chose to take one child away

The other children, he let stay. Then, Grandchildren came to enrich our lives. Now, they're taking husbands and wives. And Great-Grandchildren coming for us to see. In sixty ears- how blessed are we.

Deal Or No Deal

Deal or no deal That's the question to ask. Getting the answer Can be quite a task.

The girls come in With all the silver cases Look at them And study the faces.

Trying to decide Which case to choose Pick the wrong one And you'll surely lose.

Hoping to win A large sum of cash To give some away And save a little stash


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