Heart Art Mandala'verse: Original Art and Poetry for the Heart

Heart Art Mandala'verse: Original Art and Poetry for the Heart

by Saraswati Shakti


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ISBN-13: 9781452594781
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/01/2014
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.28(d)

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Heart Art mandala'verse

Original Art and Poetry for the Heart

By SaraSwati Shakti

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 SaraSwati Shakti / Marie Bonney
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9478-1


Central Rosetta

I see a Rose
That is You
I see your Kingdom
Within Clear View
Just over the verge
Of that last hill
Your Treasure waits
To reward Thy Will

Hearts Emerging

Among the lines that have been drawn
Some special places now adorn

Peeking through the angled spaces
Suggesting softer curvy traces

Balancing the tracks so bold
Some soft sweet hearts within the mould

Many colours pushing through
Emerging clearly into view

See Deep

Entwined within the seaweed
Upon the ocean floor
Float a few small special heartlings
All ready to explode
Up from within the deepness
Flowing, swaying, swift
Releasing to the surface
Joyful, happy, gift

Clearly Heart

Within the busy structure
A single heart stands clear
Making an appearance
An obvious endearance

Having quite an impact
Among the others stacked
Standing softly, proudly
Alone yet gently, loadly

Heart Rhythm

Music outside playing
Rhythm starts to creep
Into the body's wisdom
Poetic beats do seep

Within the untapped atoms
Of sleepy weary cells
Bringing lively friction
To waken crevices

Your being starts to sway
And dance a little groove
Gliding, sifting, shifting
Energetically renewed


Free to feel, Free to love
Flaming passion of my heart

New sensations in my chest
Heating warmth at my breast

Oh this is super, the very best
A wonderful freedom, yes, yes, yes

So elated

Centre Blooming

Going to the centre
Of the flaming bloom
Finding all the answers
Within the sacred room

Many petal'd pathways
To safely travel, choose
Always from the middle
Heart-based solid muse

Ocean Swirling

Swirling, curling heart waves
Each a shape unique
Giving many feelings
Flowing softly sleek

Around and in and up, down
Moving with such ease
A natural progression
Shapes designed to please


Purple heart on Golden ball
intuition bright and bold

dangling ready with truth news
joyful central loving muse

Heart Capturing

There are so many pleasures
And hearty options too
To select, it makes me dizzy
Which one of them to choose

I'll spread my heart a plenty
To capture bits of all
My heart now many heartlings
Ensnaring, spoilt for more

Revolving, Evolving,

Swirling, whirling, dervish
Emotions in a spin
Involving and Revolving
Spreading wide and thin

A kaleidescopic epic
That needs to settle down
A crazy making cryptic
Mind heart spinning round

Meditative Mindful Practice
Starts to intervene
Evolving now to calmness
And back to sweet serene


A community connected
around a loving theme
Surrounded hearts projected
Pursuing the great dream

United by joint efforts
Using each heart's skill and grit
Fulfilling the group purpose
A success in every bit

Early Bird

Just a little fledgling
But a heart so big and bright
Spreading out new wings
Ready to take flight
Courageously exposing
Precious brand new plumes
Winged heart poised and ready
Young early bird well groomed

Heart Heads

I have to start with my heart
And then the head to use
In this new way I know that I
Refrain from being confused

I first tune in to what I feel
And then I use my think
To put in place the goodly deeds
That inspirations bring

Or maybe like the tulip
I could try a better way
And put my heart right in my head
Eliminating grey

The true self now connected
with ease, simplicity
using head and heart together
bright idea, felicity

Heart Family

Vibrating Passionately
Pulsating Pleasingly
Shimmering Sensationally
Beating Unstintingly

Natural instincts
Moving living sparks
Rich red precious blood flow
Within and between our hearts

Flowering Within

Lily standing tall, true
Elegant and divine
Innocent and pure
Birthing a new heart

Divine Centre

Spotted in the centre, A team of chatting hearts
Standing all a'gather, Spinning many yarns

Elaborating on the wonders, Of the dwellings they reside
And all surrounding features, Languishing happily with pride

They like to stick together, A core cohesive crew
Sharing many stories, And family gatherings too

They have their creature comforts, And happy fun times spent
Checking in together, Ritualised events

Barbeques and sport days, Children's winning ways
Women's many talents, and Men's successes made

Suggesting ways to make things, fix things and share plans
For holidays and leisure, and Grandads and Great Grans

This selective group together, Forms a central theme
Of sticking close together, A family friendship scene

Centre Surround Sound

A circular spectrum
Of vibrant coloured hearts
Huddling together
Strong whispers spreading out

Into surround sound hearty murmurs
Delightfully robust
Spreading ever louder
Deeper open and with trust

Kaleidoscope Hearts

The circle sacred space
Of universe and more
Geometrically speaking
Of Cosmos and of Core

Completeness all encompassed
A Unity and A Whole
Unmistakably Expressed
Description of One Soul

And when many meet together
They mix in all their hues
Intercepting, intersecting,
Overlapping Selfhood views

Occasionally you encounter among the many Selves
A unique outstanding dyad
An attraction really great
Finding, and encountering
A new soulicious mate


Use the words
That you can find
To describe what's in your heart

Mix them up together
And write them on a chart

Reminding you to daily
Explore the many ways
To bring into the moment
Mostly heartfelt fun-filled craze

Flowering Garden

Hearts seeding garden
With pleasure and beauty
Specially spread to soften
Offering calm tranquility

Mixed vibrant colours
Of many variety
Bringing out uniqueness
Featured vibrancy

Lofty Heart

This flowing, fluttering creature
Of many coloured hue
Provides a keynote feature
Beyond the standard view

A lovely lofty presence
Rising with a great big heart
Transforming into essence
Of beauty set apart

A presence keenly showing
A way that's clearly smart
A new world that is going
With the wisdom of the heart

Diamond Lovers

They are two separate people
With separate hearts and minds
Yet linked as one together
Adjoining in the centre

Surrounded by their outputs
That they jointly followed through
Each giving their own talents
Total beauty from the two


Richly in the centre
Hearts in group combine
Bringing out the best
Of each and every one

They pulse in singularity
Yet as a group they do
Spread a commonality
And deep passion too

To work along together
On their heart desires
One and all forever
Gaining greater miles


Unlock the gifted heart with the golden key
And bring it out with love
Preparing it to see
The beauty now evolving
From in the wonderous core
Enjoying, flowering, floating
Open forever more

Lover Birds

Two birds all a'twitter about their loving plans
Spending time together and having many strands
Of blending lively pleasure among their purposed chores
Making loving memories and regular amours

The magic of creating, their many happy trysts
Spontaneous mating, and leaving dishes in the sink
They do strategic planning of a range of soulful tasks
Finding new and old and original
Pleasured Brilliance unsurpassed

Whole & Complete

Hearts are Whole
Hearts are Complete
And sometimes circumstances can make them deplete

A group of support
Can clear deep wounding
And offer wholesome loving healing

A connected team
Of unconditional regard
Valuing individuals
Making things much less hard

Creating solid foundation
And sweetly held cohesion
Finding new meaning
And renewed hearts, gleaming

Healthy Hearts
Surround Around

A team at work on making
Their world a healthy place
Planning, giving, taking
Options, swirling pace

Hearty views surround
A central focussed theme
Ideas circle round
Creating active steam

Organising, considering
Just what they need to do
Exploring what needs fixing
And what is OK too

The meeting now is over
Solutions newly found
Solving the conundrum
Their world now safe and sound

Seeking Pleasure

Seeking pleasure, hearty spots
In a garden, blooming bright

Sampling, sensing, feeling fully
Delicious spread and sight

Taking in all the aroma
Sensual splendour, light delight


Longing for a lucky clover
Of the four leaf kind
Yearning for the yummy lover
That fits with my design

Solid Sentiment

Solid Sentiment
Hearts and Flowers
Love sent Present

Staring Starring Clarity

The ferris wheel keeps turning
And I can plainly see
You across the scaffold
Looking back at me

I flirt in your direction
You look right on back
Starry eyed staring
A clearly eyed attract

Hearty Strength

Hearty strength
And hearty bod
Hearty heart
And hearty love

Lovey dovey
Oh so yummy
In my very joyful tummy

Banner of Truth

Displayed in royal Glory
A Banner of the Truth
A Shield of Great Honour
Of cloth to show all proof

The deeply held peerage
Heralding past and present
The values of this lineage
Of long historically held content

That love and hearts and nature
Form our great history
And will dominate our future
Our rich protective shield


A stained glass window
Letting light shine through
Painting pretty patterns
Injecting shapes anew

As sun and light move outside
The light reflects within
Spreading round the image
Living joyful nature brings

Ringing Bells

Clanging merrily
Swinging speedily
Heartily announcing
Ringing bells

Star of the Show

Jade coloured heart
Star of the Show
Compassionate and Giving
Pulsing out a'glow


A wedded knot
Our hearts now entwined
Reflected together
Yet separate butterflies

We each have transformed
Into individual display
And together and alone
Create a joint new way

Colourful Beauty

Colourful, colourful beauty
Surrounding sole soul heart

Attracting many others to its energetic core
Many, many colours, then many, many more

Heart of Life

With heart of life

Revealing Hearts

Fanned out revealing
A plethora of heart
All joined together
Spreading loving charm

Oh so very pretty
This outward fine display
Changing any weather
Into breezy heartfelt day

On Target

Pick a range of targets
Anyone will do
As long as your heart's in it
A win it will imbue

Use your bow and arrow
Focus right on in
And shoot with clear intention
Your passion it will win

Opening, Spreading

From the centre to the tips
Outstretched, and Openly
Blooming, Spreading, Stretching
Displaying Reverie

Clear and expanding
Fingered, petal zest
Commanding appreciation
Brilliant, pollinated best


Joyful, Joyful Blossoming
Spreading far and wide
Purely grateful languishing
A ripening beauteous pride

Golden Rings

Golden rings surround tranquil gentle hearts
Signifying value for their unstinting path
In holding a tradition of love and gratitude
And spreading compassion in joyous plenitude

Honouring the virtue and the part they play
Keeping in position the sign that shows the way
Reminding us to focus on the important place
Providing all humanity a sacred heartfelt space

Fulsome Flame

A flame of hearts fulsome
Instinctually lifting tall
Pointing, focussed, awesome
Up to the Heaven's door

United in Ascendance
Toward the great Divine
Accepting God's abundance
Blessing one and all combined


A blossom in the centre
Of an outstretched sea star
Nested by the tendons
Protected wide and far

Opening supremely outward
And safely riding high
Along the shifting sand dunes
Looking up, to face the sky

Heart Fruit

Growing from the earth
Fruity fresh and pure
Nourishing and Delicious
Filling to the core

Eat it and absorb it
Into your own deep store
Filling with a delicacy
Vital, enduring and secure

Me & We

Hearts are multiplying
A movement meant to share
The greatest shift in consciousness
Beyond all compare

Spreading special love bombs
To cast the message through
To all the ailing head dudes
Who have forgotten to

Reference at the centre
Of their actually pulsing being
To make the world much better
Than what we now are seeing

The key is to help them
Find their heartfelt mind
And feel with all their feelings
And develop and be kind

The world will be much better
As more hearts join this shift
Raising all of our vibrations
Giving humanity a lift


A crown of hearts
Splendid jewels

Our treasures
Going Upward

Moving toward Heaven


Excerpted from Heart Art mandala'verse by SaraSwati Shakti. Copyright © 2014 SaraSwati Shakti / Marie Bonney. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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