Heart of Eternity: An Eternal Novel Book 3

Heart of Eternity: An Eternal Novel Book 3

by K.G. Inglis

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For more than eight hundred years, Saladin avoided forming an attachment to a woman. Sure, there has been a few in his life. In fact, the hinges on his revolving door are ready to self-combust. He’s definitely no saint. Once the formidable leader of a great nation, he’s feared and admired in the supernatural world. But not by Teagan, the one woman whose strength and defiance struck him with an instant attraction he can’t deny. Two years has passed since he last saw Teagan, and his feelings for her haven’t changed. Not that he expected otherwise. After all, she is his mate. Well, she would’ve been if circumstances had been different. Now cut off from her, his life has begun to spiral out of control. He can’t feed, can’t sleep, can barely function; even his sanity is questionable. Though determined to avoid Saladin, Teagan can’t help the desire the infuriatingly sexy vampire stirs in her, plaguing her thoughts and dreams nightly. That doesn’t mean she’ll give into her contemptuous hormones. Saladin is dangerous, and a complication she doesn’t need. Next in line to carry her family’s curse, a relationship with the surly vamp would end in disappointment and death, specifically hers. Nope. She wants nothing to do with Saladin. That is, until her grandfather dies. Teagan not only gains her family’s ancient power, but also she’s now number 1 on Morganna’s hit list. The evil sorceress is as determined to kill her as Saladin is to keep her safe. Staying alive long enough to free herself of her family’s curse, save her sisters from the same fate, defeat Morganna, and find a way to be with Saladin is a juggle of responsibilities and temptations. With life, death, and eternity on the line, which way will the hammer of destiny fall?

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ISBN-13: 9781984500915
Publisher: Xlibris AU
Publication date: 08/13/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 372
File size: 1 MB

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