Heart of Gold: Poetic Treasures

Heart of Gold: Poetic Treasures

by Ricky Jones Jr.


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Heart of Gold is a book about forgiveness and freedom. Releasing the bitterness and sorrow from the past and embracing the treasures of God's kingdom. My soul is baptized in the bluest ocean and I have found my greatest treasure. A heart of gold.

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ISBN-13: 9781468596533
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/21/2012
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Heart of Gold

Poetic Treasures
By Ricky Jones Jr.


Copyright © 2012 Ricky Jones Jr.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-9653-3

Chapter One


    From my heart to yours,
    We are blooming together,
    Under the golden sun of heaven,
    I am a tearful angel,
    Trying to connect in a world that is so lost in my heart,
    I have my days of sorrow and pity,
    But I have always fought through bitter storms,
    My heart is lost at sea,
    Feeling like a complete stranger sometimes,
    Not knowing who or what is real,
    Life is not always fair,
    Going through seasons of sadness that are sometimes hard to understand,
    Wanting to know my purpose for being here on this earth,
    God's rainbow will show me the way,
    Pieces of my heart die into the ocean,
    I am changed forever,
    No longer a lost angel,
    Connecting with the loved ones that I lost years ago,
    Dear Mother,
    I hope that you understand my sacred words,
    The sun will rise again,
    God will lead me forward,
    My soul will always connect with you,
    Love always.

    Beauty of Nature

    Elegant blue skies bring me into a dream,
    A dream that reveals so much beauty,
    Calm waters that sparkle in the daylight,
    Clouds that are so puffy and soft,
    Wishing that I could sit on those clouds and look at the entire world,
    Green leaves that change color every season,
    I feel a change in my soul every time,
    Moments that so many people take for granted,
    A radiant sun has beamed into my heart,
    Melting the coldness of one season,
    Then warming my spirit in another,
    I absorb the natural beauty of the world,
    Seeing things that freeze in my mind like a photograph,
    Always to remember,
    Always to love,
    Always to cherish,
    I have seen the beauty of nature.

    A Heart Covered In Snow

    Waking up on this cold winter morning,
    Emotions soar across the sky,
    Bringing bright and dark colors into the world,
    My heart is covered with a blanket of snow,
    Hiding out from the world and the bitter people that live in it,
    My heart will one day come back to life,
    The love and spirit will always remain the same,
    I hope that some people will let go of their hate and bring love into their
    A love has blossomed into my heart and will forever shine into the sun,
    My heart has faded away for a season to grow and bloom into a
    spectacular treasure,
    Changing Seasons,
    Changing People,
    I sometimes wish that all things could stay the same,
    A good love,
    A good friend,
    A perfect moment,
    My heart is frozen in the snow on this winter morning,
    Absorbing love from the past and present,
    Digesting the good and bad memories of life,
    Revealing it's beauty in the aftermath,
    I am a lover with a genuine soul,
    Slowly flowing into God's heaven,
    My soul will shatter into golden pieces,
    Reaching the beautiful stars above,
    My spirit will live on forever,
    I am on my highest level with God,
    With a beautiful heart that has always remained the same.

    The Sacrifice

    I give my heart to those who are lonely,
    My love,
    My passion,
    My devotion,
    A true gift to anyone in need,
    I would sacrifice my own life in order for someone else to live,
    My spirit,
    My soul,
    My existence,
    Golden flakes of my heart fall from the sky,
    Touching the bitter souls of so many people,
    Letting go of the hate,
    Letting go of the shame,
    Embracing the acceptance of love and life,
    I am the loner with a heart of gold,
    A treasure that I will always cherish,
    Never to be broken,
    Never to be forgotten,
    I have made the sacrifice.

    Sad Eyes- (The Tears that I Carry)

    Love dies,
    Hearts break,
    Souls shatter,
    The tears that I carry,
    Friends that are now strangers,
    The reality,
    The pain,
    The past,
    Tears that I carry,
    Slowing fading into the hands of God,
    A broken memory,
    A broken love,
    A broken heart,
    Each piece is dying as the days go by,
    God touches my heart with a beautiful star,
    A star that mends my soul,
    Each tear tells a story,
    My life story,
    Each day gets better,
    All pain will soon disappear.

    The Blue Sea

    No longer in love,
    My heart has died in the blue sea,
    A precious love,
    A beautiful love,
    A dying love,
    Forever in the blue sea,
    Drowning for all eternity,
    Not knowing if I will ever have that same feeling again,
    Days go by,
    Nights grow longer,
    My heart is lost at sea,
    Maybe one day someone will find my lost treasure,
    A new love,
    A new life,
    A new song,
    The dying blue sea.

    White Dove

    White Dove,
    So pure,
    So beautiful,
    A true gift from heaven,
    Flying to the lonely souls of the world,
    Bringing peace to many broken hearts,
    I hold on to my precious dove,
    Loving her forever and ever,
    My heart,
    My soul,
    My beautiful dove.

    Sad Eyes- (Emotions)

    A rainbow blooms across the sky,
    My heart is full of emotion,
    Emotions of love,
    Emotions of peace,
    Emotions of freedom,
    Beautiful angels circle around me,
    They hold my hand and show me a wonderful treasure,
    A golden rainbow that leads to heaven,
    The emotions of the world are so cold and bitter,
    So much hate and selfishness,
    Unkind people destroying each other for no reason,
    I want to leave this world behind,
    I follow the angels into the clouds,
    My body sheds completely,
    The sadness,
    The broken memories,
    The tears,
    All fading into the wind,
    I feel the love in my heart growing,
    A new soul is blossoming,
    God's treasure,
    The beauty of life and death.

    Hidden Valley

    My great escape,
    Leaving the tears and sorrow behind,
    The hidden valley,
    A place of peace and tranquility,
    A place of worship,
    Crystal waters going downstream,
    Animals walking around with pure freedom,
    No evil,
    No sickness,
    No crying,
    My great escape,
    The hidden valley of God,
    My temple,
    My love,
    My heaven,
    The hidden valley.

    Visions of You

    Visions of you,
    The memory of our love still lingers in my mind,
    A part of me wants to forget about you,
    A part of me wants to hold on,
    My heart made the right decision to leave,
    Our temple of love was slowly breaking down into pieces,
    I had to leave in order to be happy and whole again,
    Time has passed on,
    Years have gone by,
    Peace and forgiveness enters my heart,
    We will always share a connection,
    Even though we are not in each others lives anymore,
    Having a true love is a great treasure,
    But losing that treasure is so painful,
    We both shared a love,
    Now we share a memory,
    Never to be forgotten.

    Midnight Beauty

    Staring into your eyes,
    Deeply in love,
    A beautiful emotion created from my heart,
    My beauty,
    My love,
    My partner,
    I hold you tightly in my arms,
    Protecting you from the evil beings of the world,
    Our precious rainbow will never be broken,
    We built this love,
    We share this love,
    We are in love,
    Two souls connecting into one beautiful heart,
    This feeling is so pure and real,
    Never could imagine a love like this ever existed,
    We are alone on this lovely night,
    Staring up into the sky,
    Holding hands as we hear the angels sing in heaven,
    The power of love,
    The power of faith,
    The power of God,
    Our rainbow continues to spread out to the heavenly skies,
    Loving you forever,
    Midnight Beauty.

    The Burning Candle

    Dear God,
    My heart feels so close to you now,
    Surviving the frozen tears of earth,
    A candle continues to burn,
    The faith,
    The emotions,
    The destiny,
    My hands are reaching out for your true blessing,
    I no longer walk on the broken road,
    My wisdom and faith has guided me into peaceful waters,
    No longer poisoned by the wickedness and hatred of others,
    I am born to live,
    I am born to die,
    Living a life in which sometimes I feel like I have no control over,
    The candle continues to burn,
    Melting the frozen heart that I carried for so long,
    You are next to me,
    Showing me the beauty of a dark world,
    A new creation shall begin,
    A new star is born,
    I have finally become an angel.

    Precious Heart

    My precious heart,
    A golden star has wrapped around you,
    I will protect you from the evil beings of the world,
    We are survivors,
    Going through the rough storms but still reaching the beautiful rainbow,
    You will always be a part of me,
    Holding you in my hands forever,
    Even after my life ends,
    You will still be with me,
    Creating an emotion for me that I have never felt in my life,
    Creating love,
    Creating tears,
    Making me see and feel the reality of this world,
    My precious heart,
    A true gift from God.

    Black Sky

    Dark skies,
    Beautiful stars,
    The clouds are closing in,
    Death has confronted me,
    I close my eyes,
    God's face now appears,
    No fear,
    No regrets,
    No tears,
    God welcomes me into heaven,
    Never looking back,
    A new life,
    Anew love,
    My family welcomes me with open arms.

    Fountain of Sorrows

    Tomorrow is another day,
    But the emotional scars of the past still linger on,
    A beautiful day will be created once again,
    Having to wait out a wave of intense storms,
    I live a life of isolation and silence,
    Wanting to be heard but no one really listens,
    Real friends are nowhere to be found,
    Changing from time to time,
    Hour by Hour,
    The love that I carry in my heart will always remain beautiful and strong,
    No matter how painful life can be,
    My eyes are sharp,
    My soul is even stronger than before,
    God has never let me down,
    The rainbow in my heart will never be broken,
    A loner I will always be,
    Walking the long road to God and his angels,
    Going through the sorrows of life to appreciate the true reward,
    The rain continues to pour but I have not lost,
    No one could ever change the person that I am today,
    No amount of money could ever bring me the real happiness that my
    heart wants inside,
    I will always be true to the lord and true to myself,
    Fountain of sorrows continue to pour,
    Tears are coming down.
    Faith is being tested to it's limit,
    I see God,
    I feel God,
    I hear God,
    Negative spirits of earth have left my temple of love,
    Good will always overcome evil,
    Sadly we have to sacrifice our lives in order for other people to see the truth,
    My lonely heart will one day find it's mate,
    True love comes at a price sometimes,
    A price that so many are willing to pay in order to be happy,
    Words of a loner,
    Words of an angel,
    My sad eyes have spoken nothing but the truth.

    Rainbow of Love

    God is touching my heart with every emotion,
    I feel like an angel that is ready to fly away into heaven,
    Beautiful snowflakes cover my warm heart,
    Waking up to a lovely winter morning,
    Tears of the sun are touching my face so gently,
    My heart
    My soul,
    My existence,
    God is leading me to the golden rainbow,
    A rainbow that will change my heart forever,
    Finally showing a real smile on my face,
    I stare into the eyes of God and my tears disappear into the wind,
    I feel safe,
    I feel loved,
    I feel like I belong,
    A beautiful angel rising above the dark sorrows of earth,
    A golden rainbow has finally appeared,
    My heart has found a home.

    Sandrea's Journey

    Brown eyes awakening,
    A beautiful face appears,
    A mother holding her child,
    Sandrea is ready to go on her journey,
    Her eyes are looking all around,
    Seeing different colors and shapes,
    She is amazed at the different visions of light,
    Sandrea is a baby angel,
    Exploring the hidden secrets of the earth,
    The expressions of a baby angel,
    Sandrea's Journey,
    A journey of fun and laughter,
    A journey of love and beauty,
    A journey of an angel.

    Over the Rainbow

    Over the rainbow,
    I see my grandmother's face,
    The emotions in my heart start to soar,
    Her beautiful spirit has guided me on this long journey,
    Over the rainbow,
    I see angels spreading love all over the world,
    Erasing the pain,
    Erasing the hate,
    Love has conquered this bitter storm of tears and sadness,
    I am looking for my one and only treasure,
    Over the rainbow,
    The rain has ended and I can finally smile,
    My spirit is drifting,
    My soul has shattered into pieces,
    Glowing all over the midnight sky,
    My story ends here,
    But my beautiful soul lives on forever,
    In my dreams,
    In my heart,
    I am over the rainbow.

    Beyond the Stars- (Dedicated to Betty Guest)

    Dear Grandmother,
    My heart continues to blossom during this stormy season,
    Everyday I think about you and the memory that you leave in my heart,
    The days are colder,
    The nights are longer,
    Nothing is like what it used to be,
    Some of my happiest moments were when you were alive,
    Spending time in Pennsylvania with you and the family,
    I felt like I was at home,
    Peaceful and beautiful,
    Quiet and breathtaking,
    Precious moments never to be forgotten,
    Beyond the stars,
    Beyond the heavens,
    You will always remain in my heart,
    Until we meet again grandma,
    I love you.


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