Heart of Light

Heart of Light

by T.K. Leigh


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Twelve years ago, Jolene’s adoptive mother died. Twelve years ago, a man showed up at Jolene’s door and promised to take care of her. Twelve years ago, Jolene was happy. Then it all changed…

Jolene Bergio has spent the last twelve years of her life asking one question… Why? Why was she left in the custody of a man who would sell her each and every night to the highest bidder? After a few years, she shut off, giving up hope that anyone would ever find her. Until her luck changed one night and she escaped.

Twelve years later, she finally feels something she hasn’t felt in a long time… Free.


Scared her past will find her unexpectedly, she hides away in a rented beach house, trying to distance herself from everyone… Until Dr. Cameron Bowen enters her world and slowly tears down the walls she has built up over the past twelve years of her captivity. Jolene begins to learn to love again.

And trust again.

But when a man from Jolene’s past emerges, will she be able to keep her identity hidden? When lies are told and hearts are broken, will the truth surface in time to bring Jolene back from the shadows that threaten to expose who she really is?

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ISBN-13: 9780998659671
Publisher: Tracy Kellam
Publication date: 08/24/2014
Pages: 434
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.97(d)

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Heart Of Light 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There is no one word to describe Heart of Light. Phenomenally awesome and heartbreaking at the same time, T.K. brings to light the horrid truths of human trafficking and the strength and support it takes to survive and carry  on if you're lucky enough to escape. A must read, but make sure you have at least one box of tissues, because you will not make it through Heart of Light with dry eyes, no matter how strong you think you may be. I actually had to put the book down and walk away from the amount of emotions running through me and then come back because i had to know the rest of the story. Well done T.K. I'm so happy I pre-ordered this. Congrats on a workof art and the courage to face it head on.
dlsully75 More than 1 year ago
Great book by T.K. Leigh!  Although writing a story about human trafficking and then a happily ever after had to be difficult, this author definitely pulled it off.  I couldn't put it down.  Some parts were difficult to read because I hate to think of anyone in that situation, but the whole story was very well written and kept me intrigued the whole time.  I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a good suspense novel. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm probably going to be the only person to admit this but I fell in love with Cam in A Tragic Wreck. If you haven't read The Beautiful Mess series, #1 you don't know what you're missing and #2 it's not necessary to have read that series in order to follow Heart of Light. Two years after having his heart broken by Olivia Adler, Cameron Bowen is still a broken man. Jolene Bergio has just escaped from a nightmare life and finds herself renting Cam's beach house. She slowly allows him to break down the walls that she kept up to protect herself. He allows himself to fall for Jolene, harder than he's ever fallen for someone before. Their relationship is tested again and again but will their love for each other be enough? T.K. Leigh has hit another homerun, look - baseball reference since you love the Red Sox, with this book. Even though the book deals with human trafficking, a tough subject, she writes the words on the pages with a sensitive touch. There were so many emotions running through me from the first page of Cam and Jolene's book. I was in tears by the end of the one chapter and then I was laughing during the next. Seriously, I just want to read this book over and over again. There were a few times that I was scared to turn the page because I wasn't sure what to expect. Leigh's books are always tearjerkers and this one is no different. She had me sitting up all day reading this book because I needed to know what happened. This is definitely a book that everyone should read and I feel like T.K. Leigh did such an amazing job with it. I'm definitely leaning a little more towards Team Cam now but I'm sure that will change when Vanquished is released.
chrissycf30 More than 1 year ago
T.k. Leigh's best work yet! We met Cam in the beautiful mess series and most of us didn't like him so much, but then we see him in this tragic and beautiful story and fall in love with him. This book is not for the faint of heart, it deals with some very heavy subject matter and is pretty dark in some places, but Jolene's story (even if fictional) is one that needed to be told. This book had me ugly crying, yelling, and falling in love. You will be all over the place with your emotions and not be able to put this book down! This story is gripping, beautiful, horrific and tragic all at the same time. You will question things, people, and you will be guessing all the way to the end. Yes this is a romance, but more than that this is a story of surviving the most horrific things anyone should endure and finding your light! If you haven't read t.ks books yet, start with Heart of Light! I didn't think she could top the beautiful mess series, but oh my god she did! I absolutely 10000% loved this book!
esgute More than 1 year ago
I was very lucky to have won an ARC of Heart of Light by the talented T.K. Leigh. I was excited to read Cam's story. I have had a little crush on Cam since I spent some time with Alexander and Olivia in T.K. Leigh's Beautiful Mess Series. I knew Cam was sweet and compassionate and attractive, but who knew he could be soft and so damn sexy at the same time?! Suffice it to say, my crush exploded when I read this book!! Heart of Light is a heavy story. It is a suspenseful story. It is a dark story. Most importantly, it is a great story!! T.K. Leigh bravely chose to write a story about Human Trafficking, which is a very real problem around the world. T.K. depicted *that* world so vividly without indulging in too many horrifying specifics. Mostly T.K. focused on the hearts of the characters she loved. Jolene was stuck in a life she was terrified to live in, day in and day out. Early in the book, as she made her way out into reality and met some good people, she saw relief in her future. Jolene's quick wit is awesome! Cam was living in a funk thinking things would never look up for him when he crossed paths with Jolene. When these two came together, everything changed for both of them, and for the first time in a long time, both of them wanted to see the positive, the hope, the light! The adventures, good times, bad times and sexy times that these two endured had me glued to the book. Their friends, Benny and Elsie provided immense comic relief. The bad guys were horrible and I wanted to throttle them!! Mentions of family and history colored the story, but most of all, Dr. Cameron Bowen showed Jolene what love could be through nicknames, heart, soul, tenderness and humor! I absolutely LOVED this book! It is 100% worth the read!!! Bravo, T.K. Leigh
TNagle More than 1 year ago
5 starts is a far cry from what this book deserves. Falling head over heals for Cam was never a hardship for me. Knowing the pain he endured in the past couple years tore at my heartstrings. He is the epitomy of what every woman dreams their man to be. And as I was able to relate to him, I could see my own husband through Cam so many times throughout this story. He has the heart of gold and the loving attention that you would never tire from. He also knows when and how to turn it on in the bedroom. Jolene has lived a life of hell. Plain and simple. Knowing who to trust is definitely not in her realm. She has good reason for this. Being lied to since her teenage years and having her life abruptly changed when she turned 18 will do that to anyone. Finding her way to Florida was the best and worst thing that could have happened to her. Growing up her teenage years thinking that every person who should have been there to protect her and care for her, was not something Jolene had. Being forced into a life no one deserves taught her that trust and love was not in her cards. I fell in love with T.K. Leigh's first book series where we first met Cam. This book about Cam and his need to keep his heart guarded so that he doesn't risk losing it again and also dealing with Human Trafficking will play at every emotion possible to feel. But it will be worth every minute you spend reading it. It is a lesson to us as well that the underlying problem this book revolves around is truly out there and in our own neighborhoods, back yards, cities and towns. Please, I urge you, as a reader to take the time and read this book. It has definitely touched me in a way I wasn't expecting. And just knowing that this problem is out there, definitely will have you being more attentive to what is around you.
JennRG More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book! There are so many things I want to say…I felt tormented, heartbroken and hopeful. Let’s not forget happy! This is a story like no other I've read, it has changed my outlook, my way of seeing things. This is a must read, you have to experience this journey. I read this book by the edge of my seat, my emotions all over the place I laughed and I cried then I cried some more. I will absolutely read this book again, it was brilliant.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THIS BOOK!!! This is my first book by T. K. LEIGH and I have to say WOW!!! I Want more! This story had me enthralled from the first page. I kept trying and trying to figure out how this was all gonna work out. How it was all gonna come together. But no way did I even come close. The suspense was so intense I almost peed my pants. Lol. I felt such a plethora of emotions while reading this book my chest was aching. On more than one occasion I caught myself holding my breath. Jolene has suffered her whole life in one way or another. The twists and turns will keep you guessing and when secrets do start to be revealed it will leave you gasping trying to catch your breath. At times I was screaming at my Nook. Then the next I was screaming crying the ugly cry.lol. Cam is a deam come true. Watching him fall in love with Jolene touched my heart deeply. At the end when the author puts a twist on things. I was absolutely bawling. This book was almost like watching a movie. I felt like I could feel the characters emotions coming off the pages. I EXTREMELY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO EVERYONE!!!
TSRBR More than 1 year ago
Overall Rating: 5 Rockin’ ★★★★★ What happens when destiny decides to come calling? Do you run away or do you follow your heart? In T.K. Leigh's book Heart of Light, the author has an awe-inspiring way of provoking heart felt emotions filled with beautifully scripted characters, all with an exquisitely crafted storyline. T.K. Leigh has unmasked a veil of truth about love, freedom and passion in this remarkable book. Jolene Bergio has been trying to escape from a tyrant, who came into her life when she was a twelve years old. Captured and imprisoned by a man who enslaves women and uses them, abuses them and then sells them to the highest builder. So, when she finally gets the opportunity to escape, she takes it. Not knowing where she's going, Jolene ends up across the country in a small coastal town in Florida. Then the strangest thing happens...she meets a man that stops her heart and drives her crazy all at the same time. As Jolene struggles to find herself again, after being suppressed for so long, she begins to long for the one man that can take away all of her pain and help her step back into the light. Cameron Bowen has lived heartache. Losing his twin sister, Marley, to abuse, Cam sought a life of serving and helping others. As a counselor and having lived a life under the influence of his sister's pain, Cam recognizes the signs of an abuse victim. He has helped men, women and children through pain and suffering. Cameron meets a young woman, who reminds him so much of someone he lost, and he can't seem to walk away from her. He's captured by the beautiful lady that gives him a hard time, every time he speaks to her. But Cam has seen the signs and as he gets to know Jolene, he wants to help her, wants to fix her, and ultimately wants to make her his! As with everything that T.K. Leigh creates, it is a beautifully designed masterpiece, filled with feeling. This author has a way of eliciting many different emotions from her readers, and those feelings range from erotic passion, to forever love, and the endurance it takes to achieve salvation. The issues she brings to light are visceral and surreal. I applaud T.K. for her exquisite artistry. Thank you for sharing this enlightening story with your readers. Hero: 5 stars Heroine: 5 stars Steam: 5 stars Plot: 5 stars Cliffhanger: No
Booker13 More than 1 year ago
After reading the reviews BUT THEN WHO HAS TO POST ANONYMOUS - IF YOU ARE NOT WITH THE AUTHOR OR ARE FOR REAL, USE A SCREEN NAME, AND NOT THIS ANONYMOUS.  NEVER SEEN SO MANY ANONYMOUS POSTS EXCEPT FOR THIS SITE There were good parts to this book and I was very into it BUT the author then became so cliche with Cam and how he reacted first time obstacle was thrown...SAW IT COMING BEFORE I TURNED THE PAGE The sex was ridiculous and out of place.  Gratuitous doesn't even do it justice it was RANK and sorry for someone so "traumatized" it was totally unbelievable and frankly ruined an almost good story line.  For the author to say this brings up any discussion of human trafficking is ridiculous because she basically just glorified some of it and there was nothing to find that was new or intriguing or enlightening.  THE RICH ALWAYS GET WHAT THEY WANT AND THE REST OF US BE DAMNED.  THERE WILL ALWAYS BE PEOPLE CATERING TO THE RICH AND IF THAT MEANS KILLING A MOTHER TO GIVE A RICH COUPLE A CHILD, SO BE IT.  IF IT MEANS KIDNAPPING YOUNG CHILDREN FOR RICH ENTITLED PEDOPHILES SO BE IT AND BECAUSE OF THEIR WEALTH AND POWER AND POLITICAL CLOUT, OUR GOVERNMENT WILL ALWAYS TURN THE OTHER CHEEK.  TK LEIGH STATED NOTHING NEW AND REALLY STATED NOTHING.  I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED, BUT FINISHED THE BOOK BECAUSE I PAID FOR IT.  WON'T READ ANY MORE
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A heartfelt look into the dark side of America. We are supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave. But in the end, we are free and brave. Any person that still believes in hope must read this love story. Jolene endured the worst that even I could not image. T.K. Leigh makes you want to scream, cry and laugh...all in 1 book! A definite must read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this book after reading many glowing reviews. After reading it, I can only think that either I read a different book, or this author has a lot of loyal friends who wrote the reviews. The writing was awful. Poor grammar, awkward sentence structure, yawn-inducing repetitions, juvenile vocabulary. My high school students could write better. The author tried to tackle a difficult subject, human trafficking, and started out OK with Jolene's escape. The rest was not convincing. Warning: spoilers here. Why would a young woman who had just escaped a decade of imprisonment and abuse (to make absolutely sure we readers understand how long, she repeats this fact ad nauseam) move into a house rented by a stranger in a remote location? Why would she so readily trust said stranger? She fears being touched, and yet falls in love with and hops into bed with her new boyfriend within weeks of gaining her independence. The cutesy conversations between Cam and Jolene were difficult to read, overdone. Cam, who repeatedly says he trusts Jolene and will keep her safe, who is a psychiatrist and therefore should be able to read people well, ditches her when one of the villains lies to him about her, believing him and not Jolene. Her girlfriend finds Jolene with obvious signs of physical abuse, and yet does not seek help for her. Jolene's father is a police detective, and yet is not suspicious when his fellow officers fail to help him look for her. I was able to identify the culprit in her disappearance first time he was introduced. The maid who works at the Chicago hotel where Jolene and the other girls are kept - I read this a few weeks ago, so have forgotten some names - and the maid's husband spend years freeing one woman at a time, yet in all that time they do not think to contact an investigator or federal agents? Then there are the amazing coincidences. Jolene looks exactly like the woman who broke Cam's heart. Cam is providing counseling for a woman who just happens to have escaped from the same place as Jolene, and even mentions Jolene's name. Characterizations were weak. Did I read the same book as the other reviewers? Overall a highly disappointing read. I hope her other books are better than this one, but I won't be reading them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. It kept my attention from the very beginning. The plot is so well developed. It has romance, suspense, and mystery all wrapped up in one book. I highly recommend it! You will not be disappointed. It deals with so much.
TamalaJo More than 1 year ago
The premise of the story would have been a good one if the execution wasn't so poor.  One of the things that separates a good story from what this is...the writing.  I want to feel what the characters are feeling - not just be told they are feeling it.  It lacks the vital parts that would have made it worth buying, enjoying even.  If a story goes dark - it should go dark - not just tease the outlines.  If you are going to stay safe - pick a safer subject matter. I've archived this title for a reason.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yep, emotions were stirred. Do not read just before bedtime...some issues not dealt with, left a missing piece in my mind.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I will say that T K Leigh wrote on a hard subject that many of us dont want to even consider real. Human traficking is a very real thing that happens in the United States and every other country. She gave depth to each of her characters, giving us as the reader a clue on past and present life circumstances. At points its sickening but real it makes the story what it is. Giving the ugly and the bad makes you open your heart to her characters. The ending was heart wrenching for the herion but heartwarming to see the strength and courange come through.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am one of T.K. Leighs biggest fans I love her books all of them.............her writing will make you giggle laugh out loud cry bawl like a baby and pulls at your heart strings!!!!! The characters in this book are so amazing If you are looking for a sweet sad/happy story this is the book for you
Book_worms77 More than 1 year ago
Heart of Light  TK Leigh 5 solid stars Reviewed by Melissa a Book Worms Reviewer.  Jolene was happy once. Jolene is not happy now. For 12 years Jolene has been  abused by someone who claimed to want to take care of her but has only taken  care of his own pocket. She finally gets to the point where she justs wants it  all to end one way or another. When Jolene finds a way out one night, she can't  believe her luck and she just wants to get as far asway as possible. When Jolene finds herself on the beach and the new friend of Dr. Cameron Bowen,  she feels like she has finally come home. But when her past starts to creep up  on her, will she allow the good Dr. to help her as he has been or will the lies  and heartache be to much? Oh my... Where do I even begin with this book. It was phenomenal. I adored this book and  I will give it a solid 5 stars. The heartache and abuse that Jolene goes threw  for years was unbelievably awful. That was definitly a hard part to read because  as unfortunate as this tale was, it happens all too often in this world. The  strength and character that Jolene showed when a lot of people would have broke  and not been able to go with life like she does. I have a new hero in life and  it's the women that can survive these things.  Probably the only issue I had was that the "love" happened as quickly as it did,  but it was a fantastic. Be prepared because this book has darkness but it is  filled with light as well. The writing and editing were great. READ THIS BOOK!
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
Well written - easy to read despite the intense topic Favorite Quotes: “He made a mental note to stop giving Elsie so much crap for saying that he only went for the troubled girls.  She was spot on, and it took him running on the beach past midnight after a girl wearing wet underwear to make him fully realize what she had been saying for years.”  “I’d rather suffer from blue balls because of you than be with anyone else.  I have a feeling you’ll be worth the wait.” My Review: This is my virgin voyage with T.K. Leigh, although I have been hearing about her books and beloved characters since she started spinning her tales over a year ago.  I am relieved to say – I get it now.  I was actually a bit hesitant and afraid to start this book, as it sounded heavy and intense.  And while the subject matter is a weighty and scary one, Ms. Leigh’s writing made it palatable and human.  Her narrative flows well, and is easy to follow – an amazing feat for a lawyer – smirk…  Maybe it is finally time for me to check out her earlier works so I can enter into those fierce Facebook debates with other bloggers and devotees, and decide whether I am Team Cam or Team Alex, although I suspect I would be a bit biased having started with this one.  I have a feeling I cannot lose with either team, and look forward to reading her backlist as well as any future works she cares to scribble.
Marianna-ALustForReading More than 1 year ago
Jolene has finally escaped. After 10 years in that monster's captivity, she has gotten away. She no longer has to lay there while him and his clients use and abuse her body. Now she just has to make sure they never find her because she absolutely cannot go back there. This beach front cottage on a small Florida island seems like a good place to start over. For the last few years, Cameron hasn't been in a good place. He is still hurting over the one that got away and just hasn't been his usual self. When he finds out that his best friend rented out his beach house he is livid. And he is a ginormous jerk to Jolene this first time they meet. He softens, however, once he gets a good look into her eyes. She is beautiful for sure, but it is more than that that draws him in He sees some of the pain and fear that she is trying to hide and if nothing else, he wants to help her. It's not too long before part of Jolene's past finds her. She is torn between the feelings that she is developing for Cam and trying to protect him from the horror that is her life. What will happen when Cam finds out everything? First and foremost, this is a stand alone novel. Yes, Cam did first appear in T.K.'s Beautiful Mess trilogy, however you do not need to read those first. Now if I am being completely honest. I did not like Cam at all back in those books. No, in fact I damn near well hated him for getting in the way. So I wasn't sure if I could warm up to him in Heart of Light. But I did. Cam is a giver. He wants to help people, to take care of them. I love that he has such a huge heart and here we get to see what a sweet guy he really is. He isn't without faults or making mistakes, and he makes some monumental ones, but he truly is one of the good guys. He is so patient with Jolene and gives her the small baby steps that she needs to feel more comfortable with him. And poor Jolene. My heart broke for her and everything that she has endured. She may have gotten out of her physical prison, however she is anything but free. Understandably, fear rules her mind and in turn her life. The only thing that will help her overcome it is time. Thankfully she has Cam to help and support her. For now. This romantic suspense novel isn't a "who done it" story since you pretty much know who all the evils people are. This is more of a "what the hell is going to happen next" suspense. Will they find Jolene? If they do, what will they do to her? Will Cam's involvement with her get him hurt? Those types of questions will constantly be playing in the back of your mind while she tries to move on with her life and heal. It is definitely a heart wrenching and emotional journey. I am glad that I gave Cam's story a chance, despite my initial feelings towards him, because I enjoyed it.
MqC More than 1 year ago
This book was such an exceptional book that I was totally blown away!  T K Leigh wrote a great story about a horrible topic and I recommend this book to,anyone! I am anxiously awaiting Marley's story!
froggy29532DC More than 1 year ago
This was an amazing book, it held my interest from the very first page, and took my emotions on a roller-coaster ride. Jolene, has been a victim of human trafficking all of her adult life, not really living, just existing. She has lived through unspeakable, disgusting, and horrible circumstances, never quite understanding why. That is, until a sweet lady decides to try and help Jolene escape. Her freedom leads her to Jacksonville, Florida, where she meets Dr. Cameron Bowen. (As a side note, I met and fell in love with Cam, in The Beautiful Mess Series, and although you do not have to read the series prior to reading this book, it will help you to understand Cam's initial reaction to Jolene). Cam is a psychiatrist, who immediately recognizes that Jolene has some serious issues, that she is trying to hide from. This book is loaded with twists and turns, suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a raw and emotional page turner. I wanted to strangle Cam, when he first met Jolene, but then again I think he wanted to strangle himself. Another time in the book, I wanted to pop him upside his head and yell at him, to just open his eyes and see the truth. Then again, toward the end of chapter 39 and the beginning of chapter 40, I wanted to strangle the author, T.K. Leigh, but I must say she pulled it off, and turned around my way of thinking. This is a great book, that anyone who loves romance and suspense should read, it is not all sad, there are some funny and happy moments, and great friends too. Kudos, to T.K. for handling such a horrible subject as human trafficking in such an amazing way.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just don't know what to say. A distant cousin recommended a book by a new author.always game I read A Beautiful Mess. I instantly became a fan of T.K. Leigh. In this book she took a subject that is hard, and brought it to light. She had me hating what was happening, but embracing this character, Jolene. By far he best book I have read. T.K. Leigh you have such a talent with words and bringing awareness of this troubling subject to the lime light. You will need a box of tissues for this book. Enjoy. I did.  
APB524 More than 1 year ago
I have become a huge fan of TK Leigh in the past year! I fell in love with Cam when I first met him in “A Tragic Wreck” and was so excited when I found out he was going to get a book of his own! When I read the sneak peak at the end of “Gorgeous Chaos”, I was  intrigued for sure about Jolene and what seemed to be the horror from which she escapes. Follow this with the teasers that have  ensued from TK as she prepared to release this book, and well this book was more than I even thought it was sure to be. It was a story about love, loss, the horrors of life and the beauty of learning to trust when there seems that there is no good left in the world.  Cam and Jolene are both hurting in different ways but recognize something in the other that they each need.  Their story and their  coming together were an emotional ride for certain, but one I want to happily experience again! The undercurrent of this story is the horrors of human trafficking and the far-reaching impact it has on both the victims and society.   I admit this is not the easiest of topics, nor is it something that most people (myself included) think about happening around us. However, the way that TK is able to tell this beautiful love story while at the same time keep the reader on edge that the bad guys will  find Jolene once again, is nothing short of brilliant in my opinion. The twists and turns that happen as the story progresses kept me  turning the page until the wee hours. I was laughing at times, cringing at others and still others crying ugly tears. I think I had more emotions reading this story than I was maybe prepared for – and I simply loved every second!! Plus we get a visit from Mr. Alexander  Burnham himself (really if you haven’t read A Beautiful Mess or any of her other books, go 1-click them NOW!)!! Despite the difficult  theme this story takes at times, the happy ending is one that was more than earned for Jolene and Cam. I hope you give it a chance  and enjoy it just as much!
Kimberly_Kaye More than 1 year ago
This amazing author has done it again. She's written another awesome suspense story with romance wrapped all around it.  Cam is a fantastically sweet surfer man (not boy) who loves with his whole being. Which is why I loved him so much in the Beautiful Mess series. I love his character. #GirlBoner. Does that say it all or what!  Jolene. Wow. Where do I even start. To think what has happened to her in this book actually goes on in this world of ours in unreal and will draw you in and keep you there. Right next to Jolene.  I loved this story. Human trafficking isn't something you read a lot about and TK Leigh wrote about in a way that sticks you right in the middle of what it could be like from many angles. From the victim, and the people who love them, to the creeps behind it all. This book gutted me but in the most awesome way. Get your tissues stocked and ready. Sometimes in your darkest moments ya just need a little light. This book reminded me that no matter what your "dark" is always look for the "light" and you will find it.