Heart of the Dragon: The Oracle

Heart of the Dragon: The Oracle

by Peter Man


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ISBN-13: 9781999401900
Publisher: Peter Man
Publication date: 09/14/2018
Series: Saga of Shangala , #1
Pages: 366
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

Brought up in Hong Kong, at the Kowloon peninsula, the Land of Nine Dragons, and educated by a prestigious all-boys Catholic school (La Salle), the author muddled through university in Canada (McMaster), and inadvertently stumbled into the television business. He became a pioneer of Chinese language television in Canada, which means that he gave up living like a normal human being for over a decade. Circumstances took him to China during Chinese New Year of 1981, at a time when China was still pristine and penurious, but full of innocence. Return visits in 1983 and 1985 to diiferent parts of China gave the author deeper understanding of the mysterious Kingdom of the Orient. The author was in Hong Kong during 1997 around the time of the handover of the British colony back to the government of the People's Republic of China. That historic day spelled the end of the British Empire. The author decided to stay and witness first hand the Rise of the Dragon. https://heart-of-the-dragon.weebly.com

Table of Contents

Authors’s Note

Chapter 1 Everything is a Lie

Chapter 2 The Accident

Chapter 3 The Unbreakable China Doll

Chapter 4 Riddle me This

Chapter 5 Sub Rosa

Chapter 6 The Weird Sisters

Chapter 7 Room 929

Chapter 8 Sign of the Scorpion

Chapter 9 Dragon Heart

Chapter 10 Flight of Fancy

Chapter 11 Freefall

Chapter 12 Running on Empty

Chapter 13 The Warrior Queen

Chapter 14 The Dialectic

Chapter 15 Dante’s Gate

Chapter 16 Paradise of Shangala

Chapter 17 Golden Lies

Chapter 18 Tevye’s Conundrum

Chapter 19 The Watchers Cometh

Chapter 20 #1 Corn Gas

Chapter 21 The Unicorn Rings

Chapter 22 The Oracle

Chapter 23 The One-eyed Monster

Chapter 24 Apocrypha of Didymas

Chapter 25 The Odyssey

Chapter 26 Blessed are the Meek

Chapter 27 The Oblique Order

Chapter 28 Twilight of the Gotts

Chapter 29 Children of the Flower

Chapter 30 Book of Secrets

Chapter 31 Story of the Stone

Chapter 32 The One-eyed Slave

Chapter 33 Gathering Clouds

Chapter 34 Year of the Dragon

Chapter 35 Rare Treasures

Chapter 36 Stone Man with One Eye

Chapter 37 Blowback

Chapter 38 The Pledge

Chapter 39 Revelation

Chapter 40 The Quest

Chapter 41 War of the Twins

Chapter 42 Belly of the Dragon

Chapter 43 Genesis

Chapter 44 Rise of the Nephilim

Chapter 45 Brobdingnagian China

Chapter 46 Doing a Hudsucker

Chapter 47 Next Stop, Tianzifang

Chapter 48 Paradise Lost

Chapter 49 Dangal with Tiger

Chapter 50 The Pianist from Gamma Crucis

Chapter 51 The Awakening

Chapter 52 The One-Eyed Fable-Monger

Chapter 53 The Dragon’s Dream

Chapter 54 The Long March

Chapter 55 Invictus

Chapter 56 Quantum Leap

Chapter 57 The Name of the Flower

Chapter 58 Grand Unification

Chapter 59 Jack in the Box

Chapter 60 Apocalypse

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