Heart Recaptured

Heart Recaptured

by Tillie Cole

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BN ID: 2940161839041
Publisher: Tillie Cole
Publication date: 11/26/2018
Series: Hades Hangmen Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 116,356
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About the Author

Tillie Cole hails from a small town in the North-East of England. She grew up on a farm with her English mother, Scottish father and older sister and a multitude of rescue animals. As soon as she could, Tillie left her rural roots for the bright lights of the big city. After graduating from Newcastle University, Tillie followed her Professional Rugby player husband around the world for a decade, becoming a teacher in between and thoroughly enjoyed teaching High School students Social Studies for seven years. Tillie has now settled in Calgary, Canada, where she is finally able to sit down, write (without the threat of her husband being transferred), throwing herself into fantasy worlds and the fabulous minds of her characters. Tillie writes both Romantic comedy and New Adult novels and happily shares her love of alpha-male leading men (mostly with muscles and tattoos) and strong female characters with her readers. When she is not writing, Tillie enjoys nothing more than strutting her sparkly stuff on a dance floor (preferably to Lady Gaga), watching films (preferably anything with Tom Hardy or Will Ferrell—for very different reasons!), listening to music or spending time with friends and family.

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Heart Recaptured (Hades Hangmen, #2) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Damn, I thought Mae had it bad, but Lilah...WOW! Brainwashed to the max! This book was just as good as the first one. First off, Ky was hilarious if not arrogant and vain with all of his comments about his 'beauty', 'perfect chiseled body' and 'big cock'! He was just too freaking funny and knew exactly when to break the ice and tension with his ridiculous comments. (Even though he totally believed all that crap he spouted about himself) At times its very hard to like Lilah's character because she's so dead set on the stupid beliefs that she grew up with, she's weird and her shyness is frustrating. The thing is, that life is all she ever knew. Just like Mae, she had to learn how to live, it was just harder for her as her punishments were harsher than her sisters only because she actually believed she was Cursed, right up to the very end. That's a very sad existence, but understandable. She deserved to be happy, like her sister Mae. So much going on in this book, I can't believe that after living as a Hangman for five years, Rider/Cain allowed Lilah to be punished the way she was, all in the name of what? A bunch of horny men who enjoy raping and beating on women and children, so they hide behind a false God to give credence to their hideous misdeeds. Its scary because I think Cain actually does believe he is a prophet, which does not bode well for Mae, his obsession, nor the rest of the supposed Cursed. He's riding a fine line of crazy if he tries taking Maddie, because Flame will scorch the entire universe before he allows anyone to take 'his Maddie' away from him. This series is turning out to be something scarily fabulous and I'm glad to be here for this incredible journey with these sexy as sin bikers! SR
csingh More than 1 year ago
I should know by now Tillie Cole is going to take what I know about her characters and their stories, and make them even better when it comes time for them to shine.  Having met and fallen for Ky and Lilah in the emotionally captivating and devastating It Ain't Me Babe, I should have known Heart Recaptured was going to be the same if not more.   The story gripped me from the first page.  It was as dark and emotional as I was expecting, but I didn't think I would love Ky even more than I did previously.  I loved seeing him fall in lust and then slowly in love.  My heart broke for Lilah and and all that had happened to her.  It felt like I was watching a butterfly blossom as she adjusted to her new life and reality.  I really wanted to coax her along so she could be her best self and not what she'd been told she was.  I've got to say it was really hard watching her deal with everything she'd been through, especially when she was a child.  This book was dark.  Really dark.  Sometimes it was hard for me to read.  I felt so much pain and anger.  At times it felt overwhelming. However, there were moments of hope that shone through as well.  Even when I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest, I couldn't stop reading.  I had to see what was going to become of Lilah and Ky.  Lilah is the one who shone the brightest in this book.  The journey she went on from being rescued from the cult in It Ain't Me Babe and Heart Recaptured is so, so painful.  But it's powerful as well and compelling. I had high hopes for Rider/Cain, but my hopes were dashed.  I'm still hoping he'll somehow redeem himself, even though it seems he goes farther and farther away from redemption.  I was enthralled by how amazing this book was.  You wouldn't think two different entities like a cult and motorcycle club could work together, but Tillie Cole somehow makes them do it in a way that fascinates and spell binds you. Each page in this book brought something new and increased the myth and legend of the Hangmen,  I can't wait to see what's in store next for them.  
Mom2Smithboys More than 1 year ago
I loved book 1 It Ain't Me Babe...and this one did not disappoint. It is a stand alone book but read book 1 to understand the history on how their accidental meeting happened. I loved reading actual MC life and how Ky was able to find love with someone so unexpected. Looking forward to reading book 3.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE this Author!!!!!   Love this series! Can't wait for the 3rd book. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If i could give this author 10 stars i would. Awesome
TSRBR More than 1 year ago
Overall Rating:  4.25 Rockin’ Stars When is beauty a curse?  How can love overcome hatred and bigotry?  Is there more to life than suffering, pain and betrayal?  In the second book of the Hades Hangmen series by author Tillie Cole these question are repeatedly asked! The story told in this book is about one of the cursed and her savior a bad boy MC member.  Welcome to Hades where salvation can be found within its gates! Delilah has been conditioned all her life to believe that she was born of the devil.  She is an evil temptress that can destroy men’s soul with one glance at her beautiful face. Her mother was tried and put to death for sleeping with Satan.  Why would she believe anything else when she has been repeatedly raped, beaten and abused?  She has been betrayed by her father, forsaken by her family and handed over to the elders of the cult to do with as they please.  All Delilah has ever wanted is to be saved and released from her curse, to find salvation.  Will she find it with her sisters at the Hades Hangmen MC? Is she being tempted by the devil with her attraction to Ky?    Ky had never wanted for female attention.  He had that perfect bad boy biker look that melted any woman he smiled at.  That is until the day he helped rescue a beautiful woman from the clutches of a religious cult.  From that moment on, Ky’s life would never be the same.  Ky is assigned to help Delilah find a way to fit into the world she is now living in.  But all Ky gets from her is her desire to return to her people.  Can he find a way to lead her into the real world?  Will she learn to trust him?  Or will she give in to the brainwashing from her past? Will Ky be the one that can save Lilah from herself and the belief that she is Satan’s spawn?  There is a war coming, the club is preparing but will they be able to survive what is on the horizon?   Hero: Kyler ‘Ky’ Willis 4.25 stars Heroine: Delilah ‘Lilah’ 4.25 stars Plot:  4.25 stars Steam Level:  4 stars Cliffhanger:  No Would I recommend this book: Yes! While this book is filled with steamy sexual scenes, including some dirty uninhibited sex, it is also a heart wrenching story of unbelievable circumstances. Circumstances involving a young unprotected child that lived at the mercy of a psychotic, religious cult while growing into adulthood. It is also a story of true love that survives! Would I recommend this author: Yes! Words cannot begin to describe this author’s work!  Tillie Cole has created a world that is so true to life that it burns the heart and soul of those that read her books. Amazing, incredible writing but not for the faint of heart! ***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is awesome and fear inspiring. Who would have thought. Doomsday cults, biker gangs, and the kkk. What the f? This had a realistic feel, the ring of truth, and characters that made you love or hate them. Maddie and flame my two twisted souls getting together in the next book! More evil people meeting the boatman with no coins on their eyes. Rock on Tillie Cole you are a genius. I haven't gotten this caught up in a fictional world since the blackdagger brotherhood. If i could give this book more stars i would.
avidezliteraria More than 1 year ago
Continuing the series, this time we have the story of Ky and Delilah. He, vice president of the Hangmen and she one of the girls rescued at the end of the first book, friend of Mae, one of the Cursed. Because of the events in the other book, the club has become the target of the Cult, which wants revenge for the death of the elders and the return of the Cursed. But the club will not give up the girls, who are under their protection, and want revenge against Rider for treason. The war is then declared. Ky from the first book is an interesting character. His loyalty and friendship with Styx is true, his relationship with his sister bordering on the normal, very different from the dark life he lives, and the moment he puts his eyes on Lilah something changes inside him. He wants her madly and will do anything to protect her. Lilah irritated me. Her story is sad, pitiful, what she has faced since childhood is monstrous, but her religious fanatic attacks annoyed me. It's easy to see that a repeated lie often turns out to be true, but she thinks the Hangmen who saved her are the real evil, and that she wanted to go home is disturbing to the extreme. All the time she spent at the club, reciting scriptures whenever one of them approached, criticizing and upsetting everything, made me angry at her. Impossible for a person to live in hell so long and not realize that anything is better than life before. When she was finally captured, I could not be sorry. It took a lot of suffering for her to finally realize that she was being lied to all this time. I was sad for Ky, who did not deserve to go through this, to see the woman who loves being brutalized. The end, where she ends up freaking out and "undoing her beauty" was shocking, but again she did not touch me. I found her trajectory very well written, this ending was particularly important for the release of the character, but in the end I found her more psychotic than a tragic girl. Ky deserved a better mate. Lilah was the female protagonist that I least enjoyed in the series. Her anger at Mae because she ran away and managed to find some happiness in the midst of everything that passed, was what I needed to hate her. Once again the book is well written, the reader will focus on more of the story and yearned for the next.
Karenls1956 More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
At first I wanted to hate ky, he was such a douche! Then I thought ugh I bet lilah is going to be one of those whiny characters I can't stand.... boy was I ever wrong! OH MY GOD!!!!!! Loved it, like I keep saying this series is an emotional roller coaster & I'm loving the ride
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the first one... Not the one. The characters, especially her didn't capture me. I was left hoping he'd find a new lady and just put her in an asylum somewhere. Plus the story line is getting old.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MMRNY More than 1 year ago
Great Read!! Tillie Cole has done it again. Heart Recaptured, the second book in the Hades Hangmen series, was just as good as the one that started this series off with a bang, It Ain't Me, Babe!! This book was one heckva roller coaster of a ride, and I did not want to get off the ride. This was Ky and Li's story. I absolutely love Kyler "Ky" Willis, the VP of the Hades Hangmen. His filthy mouth and the thoughts roaming around in that head were absolutely hilarious and, oh, so delicious. Yeah, they could be frightening at times, too!! Although, I must admit that I am not a fan of Li's. I tried. I really tried to be. I understood all that Delilah had been through, having been brought up as a Cursed Woman of Eve, would have an enormous affect on her, but in the end her character just left me feeling...upset and annoyed. I just felt like...REALLY??!! However, this is the absolute beauty of this series...the feelings that it wrings out of you. And let me tell you, just when you think you know where things are going, Tillie Cole sends you spinning into a tailspin, but you will love every second of it. Tillie Cole did an excellent job with this one as well. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. I am dying to know what happens with next in this awesome series. I honestly want it RIGHT NOW!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! I loved the first book but this one just out did that one. It is a great read. This series is turning out to be great....Can't wait for Flame's book !!! This is a must read series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago