Heartfelt: Creative Spiritual Guidance for Everyone in Existence

Heartfelt: Creative Spiritual Guidance for Everyone in Existence

by Lisa Love, Elliot Stiller

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We share a spiritual journey with a singular purposethat we feel Loved, unconditionally. Here is a heart-to-heart communication of experience that goes far beyond conception, designed with heart to walk with the reader step-by-step on a destined path. Many religions employ metaphors to communicate more deeply, as does Heartfelt. Here too are a lifetimes epiphanies, simple poetry in the language of the heart, practical experience opportunities to try this moment, and playful, heart-awakening story times for the inner child in everybody. Every word here is a prayer of gratitude to True Source. What is True Source? We may have some name picked out for the one True God, Love, Universe, Allah, or True Sourcebut only a feeling and an attitude can open the connection. The attitude is being Loved, and Heartfelt is a map of many paths to this singular destination. ? ..very beautiful.. Irmansyah Effendi, M Sc., Founder of Reiki Tummo, Open Heart Meditation, Secrets of Natural Walking, and Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study, says of Heartfelt.

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ISBN-13: 9781504383134
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/31/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
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About the Author

Lisa Love is an everywoman. She started her journey as a child with a deep knowing that we are being Loved unconditionally, but an absolute inability to buy into “blind faith.” She has devoted her life to spirituality, first practicing and exploring religious paths of Catholicism, Lutheranism, Agnosticism, Buddhism, and Judaism, and then blossoming further as a practitioner of Master Reiki Tummo in recent years. After pursuing the “a-ha!” moment, tingles, goosebumps, and adrenaline rushes of spiritual realizations, Lisa has found her way back to simply being Loved, but with a conscious awareness and a lifetime of proof, now daily experiencing being Loved as the greatest reward of any lifetime…And now it’s time for her to share with everyone in all of existence.

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Spiritual guidance often sprouts from allegory (universally relatable and applicable symbols), transcending religion, ethnicity, ... and shoe brand.


We are all sparks of Love and Light. Every one of us shines from within ...

... Now we might imagine the sea of little flames completely surrounding the globe and all of existence.

Do you see the beauty of our connection?

In The Artist's Way, God is described as an acronym for Good Orderly Direction. Indeed, there's an order, a rhythm, and a pattern to the Divine, this intrinsic relationship with all that ties into the biggest picture, the Plan of all plans.

From a microscopic view, the sparkle of a flame may seem chaotic. Yet, from a distance, the symphonic order of a sea of flames becomes more apparent ... Can you imagine the intricate arrangement of all these little sparks, our sparks, flickering, from the moon's view?

We are being Divinely guided into the proper expression of our gifts, gifts that are with us already as the spark within. And this very expression alights naturally ever more brilliantly as we are guided from within this inner spark.

Our spark is connected to Source, and so the Good Orderly Direction of our universe expresses as we express.

We light up the world.

We are Made of Stars

Epic Astronomer Carl Sagan told us, "We are a way for the universe to know itself. Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return. And we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We're made of star stuff."

We are made of organic matter, and all organic matter was originally produced by stars. Before stars, the whole Universe was made up of only Hydrogen and Helium. The first explosion of a star's birth resulted in the birth of Carbon. Thusly, if we are Carbon-based (i.e. organic), which we are, then our ingredients originated from the very first stars.

When we look deeply into someone's eyes, and we feel like we are seeing the entire galaxy, we're right.

We mirror the miracle of a star's expansion in our very eyes as we fall in Love within the depth of that eternal recognition.

We are here to help the universe Love itself.

We are One Song

Universe: "Uni-" means one, and "-verse" means song ... We are one song.

Life is a sweet symphony, and it wouldn't be the same without you. We are each an instrument for Divine Love ... May we always remember, we're here to play.

The Heart Copy/Pastes

When we act from our inner heart, anyone in near proximity of our Divinely guided actions deeply sees, knows, and understands ... even if the observer does not seem to notice.

Our deepest essence automatically copies inspired actions and pastes them in all appropriate scenarios. That's just how we are miraculously designed.

... And the cycle of thriving supports this process ...

Inspired actions feel good. It makes sense to every speck of our being to repeat these kinds of actions. One by one, more hearts catch on. We are an ever-evolving spiritual family.

For instance, when we smile to a store clerk, she or he may smile to eighteen more people that day, and those people may each smile to one or two or eighteen more. Every one of these smiles feels good. And every one of these smiles glows through to transcend far beyond the expanse of the original smile.

Color Wheel

Let's imagine the whole spectrum of emotions as the spectrum of colors on a color wheel. In that way, we can view every emotion as equally valuable in painting a picture for our lives, like colors in a painting. Now, let's introduce the new option of white paint.

White paint will represent True Source Love, the root of all positive feelings. All that we have called "love" before may not qualify to be considered this white paint Love. This kind of Pure Love (this white paint) has very, very special features.

When we add white to any color, the original color becomes lighter, and eventually it will become white, too. White is actually a combination of all colors on the color spectrum, like Light.

White is the complete synthesis and harmony of every color, just as Love is the complete synthesis and harmony of every emotion, every thought, and every speck of every everything.

Like adding white paint to a palette, adding Love to any emotional setting will move feelings in the direction of Love ... the flow toward Light.

There is no other mathematical possibility for a transformation from any color when combined with white than to become lighter. And so it goes with Love. We add Love to any situation, and everyone and everything involved becomes more like Love.

As for black paint, black is not a color; it's a shade! Black is simply the absence of color. It's not so scary ... Black is a space for white to go. Black paint is like fear: when we happen upon it, we can simply hand it over to the mixing table with Love and Light. When we add some white paint, we might find ourselves in gray for a little while, which may seem like an area of uncertainty. Inevitably, though, we'll shine right up to white. And that's more than just alright!

When we accept the gray areas, we open to the natural process of color diffusion. We don't stand in anyone's way dwelling on which color is which. Our only job is adding more white paint. And so, all the proper processes can carry on naturally with the addition of lots of Love.

The opposite of white is not black. There is no opposite. All the colors are simply interacting and behaving in relatively predictable ways. Black actually adds depth because of its potential to accept white, just like darkness in life has all the more potential to inspire Love. No matter where we apply black paint, white paint will always affect it equally as well. In the same way, black, shadow, or lack of feeling is simply a space for Light.

To take a step back and shed some light on the bigger picture, we may note that color is perceived when our eyes are met with different wavelengths of light. Indeed, all color is light, and it is merely perspective and reflection that applies labels of white, black, not so good, or very good.

In Truth, it is all Light ... and space for Light to go.


Surrender is not just giving up. Here, surrender refers to accepting the help of a unifying power much deeper and greater than that of any one person.

This is a benevolent universe. We are being Loved.

We are being taken care of like little babies every waking and sleeping moment by a Loving and Helping Parent, our True Source. We don't have to think of that "Parent" as a thing or a concept.

What I am trying to convey of True Source is our feeling of being Loved so completely ... and our two-way Loving relationship, like that of parent and child. Every moment that we feel gratitude and love for all these gifts, we are able to experience the miracles of this unconditional Love more and more. And in fact, every living being is experiencing this Loving relationship this very moment.

How else could we breathe and laugh? How else could we walk and dance? Some energetic force is moving all these beautiful processes to progress through this incredible evolution that we observe every moment with every step we take through an infinitely Loving universe.

We surrender to and for True Source, and in this simple act of non- doing, miracles suddenly free up to express in the world we perceive. Suddenly, all of our subsequent actions become divinely guided, and the world becomes ever more exquisite.

... We notice more synchronicities. Our lives tie together in integrity with the Love.

Surrender becomes living more fully in Truth and authenticity, not by doing, but by being Loved as the foundation, and one might say Source, of any doing.

Our Mind and Body are Like a Hand

We are a hand. What is the rest of that hand's body? All of life: the greater intelligence, whether we call It Flow, God, True Source, Universal Consciousness, or anything. We are all connected, and more is always going on than the eye can see or the mind can ever dream to comprehend.

Does the hand not trust the body? The hand surrenders completely and is naturally led to act on behalf of the whole ... That's all there is for us to do ... so sweetly simple. When we are in harmony with the whole, and we act in a state of unity with True Source, we become the perfectly functioning hand of the universe.

How do we flow like the hand? ... We open up the two-way loving communication pathways with the whole; we listen, relax, feel sweet joyful gratitude, and remember to act while in that Love.

In our free time, at work, or with our family, we always have the delightful opportunity to set goals while we are feeling joyfully Loved, and we may, too, accomplish those tasks while we are in the Love, with a smile, feeling grateful and purposeful, blossoming as we are destined to blossom ...

... Because we are certainly here to align our actions with our True Purpose in being Loved, not only to meditate on it.

Every action can be a prayer.

Open Windows

When we pray, we are open windows. We become open to let True Source shine through the pure clarity of our being. Then the light shimmers through in brilliant golden beams.

There is no prettier sight for an onlooker to behold, than that of God pouring out through the open windows of our sweetest expression: being Loved.

Treasure Chest

Each person is a treasure trove. Unique gifts fill us like a bounteous treasure chest brimming with earthen diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

Every treasure chest is unique and sometimes hidden by the sands of a lifetime's trials or the misperceptions of the beholder.

As we become curious to gently and joyously explore each being's undersea world, we might serendipitously happen upon a way to open the treasure chest and reveal limitless beauty ... or the chest may simply open for us, perhaps even to reveal the exact treasure for which we had been looking elsewhere.

Truth is the emerald glow that shines from a treasure chest when it has opened. Amid sapphires and rubies, clarity awaits.

An Oyster and Her Pearl

Extraordinary gifts wait within each of us ... to be discovered only by one with eyes to see and a heart with the capacity to feel our infinite worth, which builds like a heart-pearl in the oyster of our chest ...

And yet, our worth grows ever more when we surrender any attempt to contain it within our shell. In fact, in order to allow the pearl of our worth to build beyond its highest faculty, we eventually learn to shed the oyster shell of egoic holding and the karmic crust of life's trials ...

Suddenly, when we let go of the shell, we glow, because we were only ever the invaluable pearl within all along.

Golden Braid

Here is a way to feel our life's path ...

Here is a way for us to feel our Divine Purpose.

... Ready?

Here it is:

We continuously notice connections between everything we experience. We notice, and we integrate into our awareness the everyday miraculous guidance of synchronicity.

Any analysis of the seemingly indiscernible "cause" of surprisingly related events always leads us back to the same place: we are all deeply connected through the very same True Source energy.

The presence of more synchronicities confirms that our thoughts, actions, and feelings align more and more completely with our True Purpose. Synchronicities are like breadcrumbs on the trail back Home.

Example: I decide it feels good to my heart to book a trip to Peru in the summer. That day, I find that a good friend is moving there, and the following day I discover another friend planned a trip to Peru the same month as me. I'm at the library later that week, and I pass by a book on the sacred sites of Peru. In this case, all signs point to Peru. I'm on the right track.

Through alignment and synchronicity, everything comes together like a glimmering golden braid being interwoven by the hands of God.

Stone Fruit

Sometimes just before a HUGE evolutionary shift, we may come upon a patch of something that seems like resistance, but, in effect, really cues us in to being the very best versions of ourselves. Resistance is not just an obstacle, but a well-timed exercise in being Loved.

Oodles of resistance can actually mean we are close to our greatest Purpose! Any challenges that pop up are opportunities for beautiful transformation in all the ways that will best foster our growth. Most importantly, any resistance that we encounter is not just something to "fix" but a reminder to let ourselves relax and continue taking steps in the Direction of Being Loved.

It's like a stone fruit, such as a peach. These tasty fruitsies have a seed with the potential for a bounteous tree in the center, yes. However, the thing that we may mistakenly bite into in the center is not just a seed ... it is a seed encased by a hard shell called a stone.

Our Life's Purpose can be seen as the seed; once we enjoy the fruit, we may have thought we would reach the seed, our Purpose, but then all of a sudden it gets harder!

Well ... that's just the stone! It's an important part of nature that keeps the seed safe until conditions are right for the seed to sprout and really be supported in a loving environment for optimal development.

When we reach the stone, we are actually very close to the seed, even though it seems harder ... When we simply relax and stay in integrity with heart lessons we have learned, the seed sprouts through the stone to meet us! In fact, that's exactly how nature works (calmly, comfortably, and harmoniously).

The inherent ingenuity of miraculous life transcends far-beyond anything we could ever "do"; and so, when we encounter resistance, we can simply do what our hearts know (relax, smile, and continue being Loved) as everything comes to fruition naturally.

It turns out the stone is not an obstacle! The stone is a way to make sure that the environment the seed sprouts into is gently, beautifully, lovingly supportive.

When we stay in the Love, we actually nurture the seed through the stone, so that the sprout can grow through the protective outer-core organically.

Consider how sweetly and gently the process transpires ... and how splendid the results!

A seed sprouts into a miraculous, life-giving tree.

Life begets life. And Love facilitates the whole process from start to finish to start again, and again ...

... And then again, we might simply pause to bite into the soft fruit of the peach in hand and enjoy the sweet flavor, the smooth texture, and the bounty of nutrients flowing through our bodies as we enjoy the invaluable gift of this fruitful present.


We are each a world. And transformation from within evolves our planet while affecting the orbit of all of the little worlds around us. When we shine, our glow warms nearby luminous bodies, like the shine of the sun on Mars, Earth, and Venus.

When our world rotates, the moon follows course. All the beings on our world's surface plan their days and nights accordingly. The evolution of every being depends on the revolution of our own thriving world.

We all evolve together. We are interwoven into the fabric of life. Our evolution evolves the universe, and the evolution of the universe evolves our world.

Yes, yes! We are each absolutely an integral part of a cosmic ecosystem.

Wind in Our Sails

When we work toward our True Purpose as our highest and only priority, True Source always puts wind in our sails. Like little sail boats on a vast ocean of Love, we flow beyond any perceived horizons with the illimitably flowing energy of True Source behind our sails, propelling us toward destiny.

We're not racing all the boats. We are all simply enjoying the feeling of the wind and the sea. If our sails start to fall, then we know to redirect back to True Source. When we are directed properly, our sails fill and our vessels are powered beyond any conception to a destination even sweeter than our wildest dreams ...

Estuary of Love

We may be ever so gently carried in the loving current of the river of Love whenever we let go of whatever materialities we clutch in our hands like pebbles. The current's sweet pull brings us out and out, through the estuary of Love, and all the way into the sea of Love, where we are completely immersed, surrounded, and permeated by the Love.

Before we can flow in the river's current, we simply let go of whatever pebbles we are holding, like old habits, thoughts, and emotions; we surrender anything outside of the pure lucid waters of True Source Love.

The pebbles, shells and logs that we may be holding actually stand in the way of our alignment ... our gift!

If we let go of our attachment to anything, we are only then open to receive the very best.


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heart direction,
Chapter 1 Metaphors,
Chapter 2 Epiphanies,
Chapter 3 Experience Opportunities,
heart connection,
Chapter 4 Storytime,
Chapter 5 Rhythm,
Our Author, 261,
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