Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to be Your Business Partner

Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to be Your Business Partner

by Jacquie Jordan


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"The skills Jacquie taught me in her book, course, and coaching have given me the keys to successfully communicate to a broad audience in a language

that catches attention but never compromises the core of the meaning of my work and mission in life. This is the alchemy of heart-based marketing;

turning your invisible passionate emotions about your work, topic, or product, and turning it into a sound-track that will grab attention and invite a wide

audience into your mission."

- Christine Stevens, UpBeat Drum Circles

"Jacquie Jordan sends a heartfelt message that we can be strong in business and still come from the Heart. This book represents where business is going

- from being a one-track money model to an expression of who we are and one that can help humanity as well."

- Ali Brown, Ali International LLC, millionaire entrepreneur coach

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781897404270
Publisher: BurmanBooks
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Pages: 95
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.06(h) x 0.31(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xi

Introduction xiii

Author's Note xv

Chapter 1 The World Out of Balance 1

Chapter 2 The Beginning of Balance 5

Releasing and Allowing 5

Every Village has a Marketplace 6

Success Is Not Its Own Solution 7

Part I The Five Pitfalls 11

Chapter 3 Sabotage, Money Terror, and the Dead Zone 13

Those Old Grooves 13

Pitfall 1 The Quicksand 14

Pitfall 2 The Dead Zone 18

Pitfall 3 The Black Hole 19

Pitfall 4 Down the Rabbit Hole 21

Pitfall 5 The Abyss 25

Ignorance is not Bliss 27

Part II Allowing the Universe to Become your Business Partner 31

Chapter 4 Coming from our Heart, not from our Head 33

Heartfelt Marketing - From On Top to Moving On 33

When Your Inner Money Terrorist Rears Its Head 35

Faith over Fear 35

Two American Myths 36

We Are Not Slaves to "The Man" 37

Caution: The Money Terrorist Wants Rescued 39

Chapter 5 The Great Money Snag 41

Money is a Relationship 41

The Language of Money 43

So Many Benefits 44

Love and Money 44

Chapter 6 Money Insecurity 47

Money Tells a Story 47

Money Security Issues 49

Lack Consciousness 50

Chapter 7 Energetic Tackiness 55

"What's in it for Me?" 55

Tacky on the Receiving End 56

Attaching a Story 57

Exposure Does Not Equal Embarrassment 59

Tension 61

Deadlines vs. Allowance Lines 61

Chapter 8 Your Roadmap 63

Integrating Your Streets, Boulevards and Freeways 63

Roadmap it Out - Inches gain Miles 64

Goals Are Assets 65

Finding the Destination 65

The Big Little Choice 67

Staff and Snake 68

The Forward Trajectory 69

Environmental Crusader 70

It's in Your Hands 71

Wounding and Motivational Clarity 72

That Wonderful Gnawing Feeling 74

Daily, Weekly, Monthly 75

Compassion Money 76

Chapter 9 The Good, the Bad and the Ego 81

The Ego has Landed 81

The Bad - An Icarus Impersonator 82

Healing the Wound 83

The Good - Walking between the Worlds 84

Yes! Go for it! 85

The Mother of Invention 87

Chapter 10 Rebooting Your Drive 91

Heartfelt Marketing Table 95

Afterword 97

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