Heartfelt Stories About Beanie Babies and Those Who Collect Them

Heartfelt Stories About Beanie Babies and Those Who Collect Them



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Heartfelt Stories About Beanie Babies and Those Who Collect Them by Pam Knapp

Everyone knows you can make money with Beanie Babies®. Now the true stories in Heartfelt Stories About Beanie Babies® and Those Who Collect Them show what makes them priceless. This inspiring anthology celebrates the remarkable ways Beanies have changed people's lives. Readers of all ages will be amazed at how Beanie Babies® have functioned as motivating coaches, teachers, therapists and emotional healers, benefactors, trouble-shooters, nurses, matchmakers, companions, and family counselors. They'll read about:

  • the mother who found a way to face the trauma of chemotherapy
  • the nine-year-old boy who started a mission to help the homeless
  • the dying father who discovered a reason to smile
  • the long-standing friendship that magically turned to love and marriage

and many more heartfelt stories. Featuring stories from collectors ages nine to seventy-nine, this heartwarming book is the first to document the everlasting legacy of Beanie Babies®. Foreword by Mary Beth Sobolewski, editor-in-chief of Mary Beth's Bean Bag World Monthly.

About the Author:

Pam Knapp was drawn into collecting Beanie Babies® by chance. Almost immediately she noticed a change in her life: a sense of greater well-being, balance, and happiness. In her search to document this wonderful "side effect" of collecting, Pam discovered that hundreds of other collectors wanted to share the changes that had come into their lives as well as the lives of others. A freelance feature writer and former newspaper reporter, Pam knew she had to chronicle this new Beanie Baby phenomenon. Now a collector of both Beanie Babies® and the true stories of rewards they bring, Pam created this book to show the world the everlasting legacy of Fuzz, Iggy, Mooch, Tiptoe, and all their furry friends.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780966992397
Publisher: Beckett Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/01/1999
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.42(w) x 8.35(h) x 0.56(d)

What People are Saying About This

Becky Phillips

This book will touch your heart and move your spirit..It will be difficult to hold back your emotions as you read about how Beanie Babies® have changed people's lives. Take the time to share these stories for all generations with family and friends.
— (Becky Phillips, co-author of Beanie Mania II: The Complete Collector's Guide, and publisher and editor of Beanie Mania magazine)

Janie E. Daniels

The first book of its kind that really touches the soul and captures the true meaning of Beanies. I highly recommend adding Heartfelt Stories.to your home library.
— (Janie E. Daniels, commonly known as Ms. Janie, author of The Beanie Invasion)

Angela M.S. Nelson

Ms. Knapp's book is.significant because she allows Beanie Baby collectors to tell their stories in their own words..It strengthens the study of popular culture by providing important data about an important phenomenon in people's lives.
— (Angela M. S. Nelson, Ph.D., Director, Center for Popular Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University)

Mary Beth Sobolewski

A precious compilation of all the joys and goodness that have come from giving, receiving, and collecting Beanie Babies® .You will love this reading experience.
— (Mary Beth Sobolewski, Editor-in-Chief, Mary Beth's Bean Bag World Monthly)

Suzy Haghighi

What a wonderful, inspiring book! It is full of insight into why and how we collect..It's funny at times and is always touching. Heartfelt Stories About Beanie Babies®.captures the true essence of the collector..
— (Suzy Haghighi, creator and Webmaster of "BeaniePhiles" Web site)

Sara Nelson

A wonderful anthology of truly special stories from collectors both young and old..Beanie Babies® have proven to be truly magical. These stories remind me of why I love them so and will continue to collect them for years to come.
— (Sara Nelson, "BeanieMom," creator and Webmaster of "BeanieMom" Web site)

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Heartfelt Stories About Beanie Babies and Those Who Collect Them 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Heartfelt Stories About Beanie Babies and Those Who Collect Them Heartfelt Stories warms the hearts and souls of its readers. It's a 'collection' of stories from 'collectors' of beanie babies, people young and old from all walks of life, who help remind us through their tales that it is the small things that come in little packages that have a biggest impact on peoples' quality of life. Some stories are sad, some are funny, some are nail biting, some are hip, some are quirky, all are inspirational. It's a true page-turner, one to enjoy during the comfort of your own private time or to share with your children as bedtime stories. What I really loved about this book too is that it illustrates how beanie babies became the phenomenon that they are today and will be for years to come. It amazed me when I'd be driving past a store that was expecting a shipment of beanie babies and there'd be a line a mile long of people waiting to be the first inside. I don't have children of my own so I never had the occasion to purchase a beanie baby. Or so I thought. After read ing Heartfelt Stories, I came to understand why people love them so much. The good news is I may not have beanie babies, but I have Heartfelt Stories, so in some way, I feel connected to the phenomenon and to the magic. I hope Pamela Knapp writes a second edition. I'd ask to be a contributor this time. I'd tell her about the time I was coming home from a business trip and my flight was delayed for three hours. I sat in the gate next to these two little sisters who filled their world for three hours playing with their beanie babies. That was two years before Heartfelt Stories came out. But I remember at that time wishing I was young again and being so creative. See, beanie babies do that to you. They pull at your heartstrings and make you reflect why it's so great to be alive.