Heartfelt Tales: Inspirational Stories: Enchanting Tales: Better Relationships: A Happier Life

Heartfelt Tales: Inspirational Stories: Enchanting Tales: Better Relationships: A Happier Life

by Tygo Lee

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Heartfelt Tales: Inspirational Stories: Enchanting Tales: Better Relationships: A Happier Life by Tygo Lee

Open your mind to new experiences and your heart to new feelings with this unique collection of inspirational stories and enchanting tales.

These thoughtful tales touch on many significant aspects of our daily lives and relationships, such as: learning from our experiences, relating to nature, avoiding the negativity of egoism, dealing with changes, sympathizing with other people's life challenges, freeing oneself from harmful memories, valuing true friendship, focusing on calming our minds, respecting long-term commitments, and reducing stress by thinking more simply.

The thought-provoking scenarios in these stories, sprinkled with compassion and insight, will motivate you to reflect on your own life's circumstances so you can live more happily. Heartfelt Tales–find peace in your heart and joy in your relationships.

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Publication date: 03/05/2015
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About the Author

Tygo Tales: Open your mind to new ideas and your heart to new feelings. Tygo Lee is a free spirit who has spent over half his life working in many different countries and regions of the world. He thus clearly understands that our differences should be celebrated rather than criticized or feared, and that peace is always preferable to conflict. Tygo also realizes that our outward appearance as well as our age, race, education level, and much more are quite insignificant in comparison with our inner character and values in getting to know “the real person.” With imagination and insight, his publications range from the serious to the carefree and humorous, expressed through magical fables, fairy tales, inspirational stories, entertaining cat tales, and reflections. Join Tygo in his quest of discovering how our inner magic can help us improve our relationships and live more happily and peacefully.

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Heartfelt Tales: Inspirational Stories: Enchanting Tales: Better Relationships: A Happier Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Rebecca Cooper More than 1 year ago
Absolutely superb!!!
Hank_wheeler 10 months ago
I don’t usually read books like this, but I’ve had some relationship problems so I thought I’d give it a try. This was really different from what I’d expected. Instead of telling me to do this or do that (with the foolproof 5-Steps that never seem to work), it was many different stories—some of them fantasy tales—based on real-life kinds of situations. Will this solve all of my relationship problems? No, of course not. But these stories indirectly gave me a lot of good ideas about how I should be dealing with people in general in the future, and especially being more careful with my up-close relations. That’s going to help me out for sure. Thanks, Tygo, for doing something different in your writing with this aspect of our lives that always seems to be somewhat unstable.
MaryLynn More than 1 year ago
Heartfelt Tales is a book that is distinguished by its subtle psychological impact and surprisingly strong influence on the reader. First of all, I must point out the originality of the interpretation of well-known topics, and sometimes, long-forgotten truths. It is a source of basic information about life in the world of people, but with a twist of magic and mystery. It is an even more attractive book for those who want to make their life better, brighter, more positive, and kind. The powerful language of the narrative compels us to delve deeper into the plot, paying attention to the details. The author offers his readers a diverse selection of stories where each one represents a beautifully written edifying tale, with a dynamic plot and a main idea. But the book appears as a single indivisible whole because all the tales are united by a common thread of how to be kinder, more patient, not indifferent, and thus feel happier. The fact that the heroes of the stories are often animals as well as people significantly increases the attractiveness of Heartfelt Tales and gives it a special charm. Finally, Tygo Lee's tales, at times with life-affirming emotions, evoke a silent sadness from the thought of how wrong human actions can sometimes be. Concluding, behind the apparent simplicity, each tale hides a deep meaning. I loved the Manny the Mechanic story the most, which focuses on our getting healthier mentally by understanding or even cutting the painful or negative ties with certain people and aspects of our own past. I believe the story that will become very special for you awaits you on the pages of Heartfelt Tales.
DanCass More than 1 year ago
Heartfelt Tales is a great collection of stories about friendship, struggles, and just life in general. The author, Tygo Lee, indirectly offers some sound advice through the words and actions of the many different characters in his tales, like Marty and his dog Lucky, or the e-Fairies, as just a couple of examples. And this was all a great surprise, actually, because I didn't expect the book to make me think and reflect on so many things. Still, the best part about it is not even that, but rather how it reminded me to appreciate a lot of the small things in our lives. As humans, we tend to forget about this kind of stuff, and the readings help us remember it in a pleasant way, with its heartwarming tales based on our everyday lives. They are filled with positive thinking and charm, and can lift our spirits up in an instant, all the while teaching us important life lessons. This book includes something for people of all ages, and you'll surely find something new for yourself on these pages. In short, Heartfelt Tales is a pretty incredible book, and I encourage everyone to check it out.
SusanKelly More than 1 year ago
This is a collection of the kind of stories that may be fiction but mean so much more than just that. They're life-changing and inspiring in the truest meaning of those words. These are tales that provide unique takes on important subjects related to a healthy life. The most important aspect of anyone's life has to be the relationships they make. These relationships face various difficulties and this can be a cause for a lot of distress. I personally learned a lot from the tales in this book, not just about relationships and how to form mutual understanding and respect, but also about personal growth and how that plays an extremely important role in any relationship you may form. I would recommend this book to anyone of any age as there is something to be learned for everyone from it. It imparts knowledge while also entertaining thoroughly!
Olga More than 1 year ago
I'm in love with the book! When you read the Heartfelt Tales, you get the feeling as if they become one with the blood flowing through you, transform into thoughts, emotions, impressions, and reach the very bottom of your heart. That's the magic of the author. This book will not leave anyone indifferent. It teaches to love, to pay attention to small things, to sympathize and admire every day of your life! The narrative is charming in its own way, with very thoroughly developed characters and a unique language of the dialogues. You can even find a Limerick here. All of this makes the book impressive all-around, captivating, stirring and calling for changes. This collection of stories is truly inspiring, thought challenging and life altering. In a very special, easily perceived way, the author shows you many possible directions and means of making your life better, with an entirely new attitude to it. Everyone is going to find something for themselves between the lines of this book. You can see very clearly that we have the power and capability to make a positive impact on the lives of people around us and also that the most valuable lessons can sometimes be learned from children. Moreover, every page of the book is filled with a positive attitude. I was deeply touched by the compassionate and kind Vicky the Vibrant, from “The Second Chance,” and the idea of the story, to recognize your errors and feel repentant for what you’ve done appealed to me greatly. Kathy the Kid from “When I Have Time” not only filled me with joy and warm remembrance of childhood but also reminded me how important it is to cherish my inner child. There is also Wendy the Way, who helps those who are lost, clearing their minds of the old grease that has clogged up their thought processes. Well, I can tell you that this book definitely played the role of Wendy for me. Such a fascinating and thought-provoking read!
kevin Wright More than 1 year ago
Beautiful writing, such a wonderful read. I can't wait to see his other books.