Hearts on Pilgrimage: Poems & Prayers

Hearts on Pilgrimage: Poems & Prayers

by Jody L. Collins
Hearts on Pilgrimage: Poems & Prayers

Hearts on Pilgrimage: Poems & Prayers

by Jody L. Collins


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"I've no chisel but this pen chipping at paper like stone" begins Hearts on Pilgrimage, but what a chisel author Jody L. Collins wields in this exquisitely sculpted collection of quiet poems that bring comfort, contemplation, and gratitude in difficult times. Her poetry echoes the seasons, from winter's dormancy and spring's new life to summer's exuberant growth and the fall harvest, looking through the lens of a physical world that also mirrors our interior lives. Whether it's picking autumn raspberries, listening to a violent thunderstorm, witnessing the first flight of a chickadee, or contemplating the memory of an absent father, Collins invites us to slow down and notice the extraordinary everyday moments in our journeys with nature, Christianity, spirituality, and family.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781736277416
Publisher: Newport Press
Publication date: 01/01/2021
Pages: 106
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.25(d)

About the Author

Jody Collins is a poet and author of Living the Season Well: Reclaiming Christmas. Her essays and poetry have been featured in numerous places in print and online. She and her husband call the Seattle area home where she enjoys gardening and spending time with her six grandchildren. Jody's been penning words since Smith-Corona typewriters graced the desks of her middle school, but nowadays you can find more of her work at jodyleecollins.com.

Table of Contents

xiii Preface

xvii Pilgrimage

Opening Act: Setting the Stage

3 Contemplate

4 Grammar

5 How to Write a Poem

6 Morning Percussion

7 Listening Between the Lines

8 Parts of Speech

9 Prayers on Paper

10 The First Lesson

11 Viewfinder

12 Write Here

13 Writer's Break

Act I: Winter-Waiting & Still

17 After Clarice

18 Doing Dishes in the Dark

19 Isaiah 1:18

20 January Bird

21 Lighthouse

22 Slow

23 Thresh Hold

24 Traveling

25 Work. Out.

26 Sabbath on the Page, Winter

Act II: Spring-Sowing & Hope

29 Conditioned Air

30 First Things-An Inventory

31 Leafworks

32 Five Small Poems

34 Maker, Make Me (Four Prayers)

36 Matins

37 Looking Glass

38 Physical Science

39 Rain Sonnet

40 Real Time

41 Recipe for Awakening

42 Revelation

43 To the Tune of Lilies

44 True Wood

45 Up

46 Wholly Spirit

Act III: Summer-Move & Grow

49 A Capella

50 Alchemy

51 Breath Prayer

52 Contrast: Second Peter Two

53 Conversation

54 Flight Plan

55 Gossamer Faith

56 Garden Ledger

58 Grandson, Summer

59 Sky Psalm, Toddler

60 Jewel Box

61 On the Wind

62 Pressed into Joy

63 Refining

64 Ultrasound

Act IV: Fall-Harvest & Future

67 Steps to Picking Raspberries

68 A Gift

69 Age Is Just a Number

70 Begin Again

71 Celestial Bodies

72 Homing Orb

73 How to Be a Poem

74 I Choose

75 Night. Time.

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