The Heath Anthology of American Literature: Volume C / Edition 7

The Heath Anthology of American Literature: Volume C / Edition 7

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Cengage Learning
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The Heath Anthology of American Literature: Volume C / Edition 7

In presenting a more inclusive canon of American literature, THE HEATH ANTHOLOGY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE: VOLUME C: LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY, 1865-1910, 7th Edition, continues to balance the traditional, leading names in American literature with lesser-known writers. Available in five volumes for greater flexibility, the 7th Edition offers thematic groupings, called "In Focus," to stimulate classroom discussions and showcase the treatment of important topics across the genres.

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ISBN-13: 9781133310242
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 01/01/2013
Series: Heath Anthology of American Literature Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 1344
Sales rank: 373,401
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

VOLUME INTRODUCTION. VARIETIES OF POST-WAR REALISM: PROSE & POETRY. Julia A. J. Foote. From A Brand Plucked from the Fire. Chapter XVII-My Call to Preach the Gospel. Chapter XIX-Public Effort-Excommunication. Chapter XX-Women in the Gospel. Louisa May Alcott. My Contraband. Harriet Prescott Spofford. Circumstance. Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain). Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog. From Roughing It: Chapter LXVIII-Buck Fanshawe's Funeral. A True Story. The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg. From The Autobiography of Mark Twain: Chapter IV, As Regards Patriotism. The War Prayer. Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt. Hearing the Battle--July 21, 1861. Giving Back the Flower. Shapes of a Soul. The Funeral of a Doll. The Palace-Burner. Her Blindness in Grief. We Two. The Witch in the Glass. William Dean Howells. From The Editor's Study. Letters to the Editor of the New York Tribune. Mary E. Wilkins's Short Stories. From Criticism and Fiction, Introduction. Paul Laurence Dunbar. Mr. Charles W. Chesnutt's Stories. Editha. Constance Fennimore Woolson. Miss Grief. Henry James. Daisy Miller: A Study. The Art of Fiction. The Figure in the Carpet. NATION WITHIN A NATION: THE LAKOTAS/THE DAKOTAS. Palaneapope (Yankton Sioux). From How the Indians are Victimized by Government Agents and Soldiers. Two Moons (Cheyenne). The Battle of the Little Big Horn, Narrated by an Indian Who Fought in It, June 26, 1876. John Grass (Blackfoot Sioux). Indian Conditions for Treaty Renewal, October 11, 1876. Sitting Bull (Hunkpapa Sioux). Keeping Treaties. Red Cloud (Oglala Sioux). Reasons for the Trouble between the Indians and the Government During the Ghost Dance Excitement of 1890. Turning Hawk, Captain Sword, Spotted Horse, and American Horse (Sioux). The Massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on December 29, 1890. Ghost Dance Songs. Charles Alexander Eastman (Sioux). From The Soul of the Indian: Chapter I-The Great Mystery. From the Deep Woods to Civilization: Chapter VII-The Ghost Dance War. Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Bonnin) (Sioux). From Impressions of an Indian Childhood. The School Days of an Indian Girl. Why I am a Pagan. WRITING AND PLACE. Sarah Orne Jewett. A White Heron. The Foreigner. Martha's Lady. Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. A New England Nun. The Revolt of Mother. Old Woman Magoun. Rowland Evans Robinson. A Rainy Day. A Side Track of the UGRR. Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins. Talma Gordon. From Contending Forces. Chapter VIII-The Sewing Circle. Chapter XIV-Luke Sawyer Speaks to the League. James Whitcomb Riley. Scraps. Down on Wriggle Crick. To Robert Burns. The Old Swimmin' Hole. A Hobo Voluntary. Upton Sinclair. From The Jungle. From Chapter I. From Chapter II. From Chapter IX. From Chapter XI. From Chapter XII. From Chapter XIV. Hamlin Garland. Up the Coulee. Standing Bear (Ponca). What I Am Going to Tell You Here Will Take Me until Dark. Sarah Winnemucca (Thocmetony). From Life Among the Piute: Chapter I-First Meeting of Piutes and Whites. Corridos. Kiansis I (in Spanish). Kansas I (in English). Gregorio Cortez (in Spanish). Gregorio Cortez (in English). Jacinto Trevino (in Spanish). Jacinto Trevino (in English). Hijo Desobediente (in Spanish). The Disobedient Son (in English). Recordiando al Presidente (in Spanish). Remembering the President (in English). Corrido de Cesar Cháve (in Spanish). Ballad of Cesar Chávez (in English). IN FOCUS: THE DAWES ACT. U. S Congress, 1887. Alexander Lawrence Posey (Creek). Ode to Sequoyah. Hotgun on the Death of Yadeka Harjo. Fus Fixico's Letter 44. Fus Fixico's Letter 45. Fus Fixico's Letter 46. John Milton Oskison (Cherokee). The Problem of Old Harjo. Maria Ruiz de Burton. From The Squatter and the Don: Chapter V-The Don in His Broad Acres. Mary Austin. From Earth Horizon: Chapter III. Frank Norris. Phantasie Printaniere. RE-DEFINING THE SOUTH. IN FOCUS: BLACK AND WHITE AFTER SLAVERY. Henry W. Grady. From The New South. Albion Tourgee. From The South as a Field for Fiction. Ida B. Wells. From A Red Record. US Supreme Court. From Plessy v. Ferguson ( + John Marshall Harlan, Dissent). Kelly Miller. From As to the Leopard's Spots: An Open letter to Thomas Dixon. Ambrose Bierce. Chickamauga. George Washington Cable. 'Tite Poulette. From The Silent South. Alice Dunbar-Nelson. Sister Josepha. The Praline Woman. Mr. Baptiste. Grace King. The Little Convent Girl. African-American Folktales. Animal Tales. Memories of Slavery. Conjure Stories. John and Old Marster. Joel Chandler Harris. From Uncle Remus. His Songs and His Sayings. Chapter II-The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story. Chapter IV-How Mr. Rabbit Was Too Sharp for Mr. Fox. From Free Joe, and Other Georgian Sketches. Thomas Nelson Page. Marse Chan. Charles Waddell Chesnutt. What is a White Man? The Goophered Grapevine. Po' Sandy. The Passing of Grandison. The Wife of His Youth. The Doll. Frances Ellen Watkins Harper. Aunt Chloe's Politics. Learning to Read. The Martyr of Alabama. A Double Standard. Songs for the People. Woman's Political Future. Anna Julia Cooper. From A Voice from the South: Our Raison D'Etre. Woman Versus the Indian. OUTSIDE/INSIDE USA: EXPANSION AND IMMIGRATION. IN FOCUS: THE U.S. IN THE WORLD/ THE WORLD IN THE U.S. William McKinley. An Interview with President McKinley. Rudyard Kipling. The White Man's Burden. Anonymous in the New York World. We've Taken Up the White Man's Burden. Anna Manning Comfort. Home Burdens of Uncle Sam. From The Voice of the Negro. The Women's Auxiliary of the Anti-Imperialist League. In Behalf of the Foundation Principles of the Republic. Mark Twain. From To The Person Sitting in Darkness. United States Congress. From The Page Act. United States Congress. From The Chinese Exclusion Act. Thomas Nast. E Pluribus Unum (Except the Chinese). Emma Lazarus. The New Colossus. Thomas Bailey Aldrich. Unguarded Gates. Finley Peter Dunne. The Wanderers. The Popularity of Firemen. The Piano in the Parlor. Immigration. Edith Maud Eaton (Sui-Sin Far). Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian. From Mrs. Spring Fragrance: In the Land of the Free. The Wisdom of the New. Yone Noguci. I Hail Myself as I Do Homer. O Hana San. The Lotus Worshippers. Japanese Hokkus: #12, #16, #36, #71. From The American Diary of a Japanese Girl. Abraham Cahan. The Imported Bridegroom. Mary Antin. From The Promised Land: from Chapter IX. A LATINO CHORUS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE. Raphael Serra. From Nuestro Periodico (Our Newspaper). From Sin justicia no hay union (Without justice there is no unity). Luisa Capetillo, From Anarchismo y espiritismo (Anarchy and Spiritualism). From Situacion del trabajador puertorriqueno (The Situation of the Puerto Rican Worker). Sara Estella Ramirez. 21 de marzo (March 21). Anonymous. From Las Dos Republicas: Colaboracion (Collaboration). Anonymous. From Plan de San Diego. Onoto Watanna (Winnifred Eaton). A Half Caste. EMPIRE, INDEPENDENCE, AND SELF-DEFINITION: VOICES FROM THE PHILIPPINES. Sixto Lopez. The Philippine Problem: A Proposition for a Solution. Maria Guadalupe Gutierrez. Quintero de Joseph. American and Filipino Women. The Filipino Students' Magazine. Who were the Original Dog-Eaters? Manuel L. Quezon. The Philippines--What They Are and What They Would Be. Maximo L Kalaw. From The Case for the Filipinos, from Self Government in the Philippines. Emma Serepta Yule. "The Woman Question in the Philippines." M. P. De Veyra. The Filipino Woman. CONFRONTING FRONTIER AND INDUSTRIAL VIOLENCE: LATINO NARRATIVES. Carlos F. Galán. Recuerdos de California, 11 June 1881 (in Spanish). Memories of California, 11 June 1881 (in English). N. Bolet Peraza. Historia de un guante, Recuerdos de la mocedad (in Spanish). The Tale of a Glove, Or, a Youth Remembers (in English). Jose Marti. Nuestra America. ON THE CUSP OF A NEW CENTURY. IN FOCUS: LITERATURE AND AESTHETICS. Henry James. Review of Waiting for the Verdict. William Dean Howells. From Criticism and Fiction. Victoria Earle Mathews. From The Value of Race Literature. Jack London. From The Terrible and the Tragic in Fiction. Sarah Orne Jewett. From Letter to Annie Field, Oct. 12, 1890. Charles Waddell Chesnutt. From Journal. Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins. Preface To Contending Forces. George Santayana. From The Sense of Beauty. Henry Adams. From Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres: Chapter VI-The Virgin of Chartres. From The Education of Henry Adams: Chapter XXV-The Dynamo and the Virgin. Kate Chopin. Desiree's' Baby. The Storm: A Sequel to "At the 'Cadian Ball." The Story of an Hour. The Awakening. Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The Yellow Wall-Paper. Turned. Why I Wrote "The Yellow Wallpaper." Sadakichi Hartmann. Cathedral Sacrilege. Drifting Flowers of the Sea. Immaculate Conception.To the "Flat Iron.Tanka VIII. Haikai I. Stephen Crane. The Open Boat: A Tale Intended to Be after the Fact Being the Experience of Four Men from the Sunk Steamer Commodore. The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky.From The Black Riders and Other Lines: God Lay Dead in Heaven. From War Is Kind: Do Not Weep, Maiden, For War Is Kind. The Impact of a Dollar upon the Heart. A Man Said to the Universe. A Newspaper Is a Collection of Half-Injustices. There Was A Man with Tongue of Wood. From Uncollected Poems: Chant You Loud of Punishments. A SELECTION OF POETRY BY LATE-NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICAN WOMEN. Adah Menken. Judith. Celia Thaxter. In Kittery Churchyard. Wherefore. Two Sonnets. Louise Chandler Moulton. A Girl's Funeral in Milan. Laus Veneris. Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Illusion. Goddess of Liberty, Answer. Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. Love and the Witches. Edith Thomas. The Torches of Dawn. The Deep-Sea Pearl. "Frost To-night." To Walk Invisible. Lizette Woodworth Reese. Early September. Telling the Bees (A Colonial Custom). Drought. White Flags. Emily. Spring Ecstasy. Crows. Sophie Jewett. Entre Nous. Armistice. I Speak Your Name. E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake).The Camper. The Corn Husker. The Indian Corn Planter. Louise Imogen Guiney. Hylas. Monochrome. Charista Musing. Elaine Goodale Eastman. The Wood-Chopper to His Ax. The Cross and the Pagan. Alice Dunbar-Nelson. I Sit and Sew. You! Inez! The Proletariat Speaks. Paul Laurence Dunbar. From Lyrics of Lowly Life: Frederick Douglass. We Wear the Mask. When Malindy Sings. From Lyrics of the Hearthside: Sympathy. Prometheus. The Lynching of Jube Benson. An Ante-bellum Sermon. Jack London. South of the Slot. Koolou the Leper.

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