Heaven (Halo Trilogy #3)

Heaven (Halo Trilogy #3)

by Alexandra Adornetto
4.4 79


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Heaven (Halo Trilogy #3) by Alexandra Adornetto

Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat, and this long-awaited conclusion is certain to be her most popular book yet.

Bethany, an angel sent to Earth, and her mortal boyfriend, Xavier, have been to Hell and back. But now their love will be put to its highest test yet, as they defy Heavenly law and marry. They don't tell Beth's archangel siblings, Gabriel and Ivy, but the angels know soon enough, and punishment comes in a terrifying form: the Sevens, who are rogue angels bent on keeping Beth and Xavier apart, destroying Gabriel and Ivy, and darkening angelic power in the heavens.

The only way Bethany and can elude the Sevens is to hide in the open, and blend in with other mortals their own age. Gabriel and Ivy set them up at college, where they can't reveal their relationship, and where there is still danger around each corner. Will Bethany be called back to Heaven – forever – and face leaving the love of her life?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780312656287
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Publication date: 08/21/2012
Series: Halo Trilogy Series , #3
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 682,159
Product dimensions: 6.08(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.36(d)
Lexile: HL710L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

ALEXANDRA ADORNETTO's first book, Halo, became a New York Times bestseller a week after it was published, and has been translated in over a dozen languages around the world. It's sequel Hades, published August 2011, was also a New York Times bestseller. Born in Australia, Ally is now attending college at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS.

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Heaven 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 79 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Heaven: Halo: AWESOME!!!!! Hades: Ok Heaven: Good! Heaven was good but it did not live up to my hopes for the characters. First off the ending was not so good. It was great that Beth an Xavier get to be together without having to worry about one out living the other but it left too many loose ends. How did Xavier explain to Nicola what happened to her and why the people who took her took Beth? What did Xavier tell people when Beth was taken by the Sevens? How many kids did Beth and Xavier have? Where do Beth and Xavier live? Would have been better with an epiloge. Although, there was so much love in this book. Every page you get examples of how much the characters care for each other. The sacrifices they make for each other are amazing. Over all Heaven was a great addition to the Halo trilogy.
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
It pains me to know that Heaven is the last book in the Halo series. I’ve been with this story for about two years and I remember begging to go to the bookstore to pick up Hades on opening day. Pushing those memories aside, I know that Alexandra Adornetto’s series has captivated tons of readers around the world. With that note that Hades left us on, I have been literally dying of excitement to see just how the epic love story between the angel and her human boyfriend concludes. Considering that I had no idea what to expect, I got more than I believed I could in this novel. In fact, I believe that I got more gasp-worthy moments and turns and teary eyes moments in Heaven than in the other two novels combined. Heaven takes place exactly where Hades concludes, Bethany and Xavier are now fiancés and immediately go to the church to get married. That summons the wrath of Heaven and of the Seven which is a scary group of elite angels who keep order and lay forth retribution. Since the Seven’s plan to tear Bethany and Xavier apart for good—the two characters, Ivy and Gabriel are on the run in an attempt to keep the newlyweds safe from the angels hunting them. I have to admit, that if this was any other story I would have slammed the book down on the table and shook my head. Seriously? Teenagers getting married. No, no, no silly teenagers. You have no idea what love is yet. I’m younger than you and I know this. However, since Bethany is an angel and Xavier did go literally to hell and back to save her, I think it’s safe to say that they are allowed to be in love and get married and have babies and whatever it is they want to do in the future. Did I expect that the moment they get married the story would gather a quick pace and never stop? Of course not, but it happened nonetheless. Every single chapter of Heaven had my jaw dropping or had me gasping and eager to read the next chapter. It honestly never missed a beat. I would be reading, just about to finish the chapter and go to do something else when—CABLAMO! The chapter ends with awesome-sauce gushing from the pages and I was compelled to read more and more until *gasp* the series was over. There is a lot more going on in Heaven than in the novels before it. The romance between Beth and Xavier matures. They have to worry about the Seven. And Lucifer is back and wants revenge on Beth for killing Jake. In Heaven there are a lot more obstacles that Xavier and Beth’s love has to overcome and is eventually pushed to the limits. I honestly think that this is everything a final novel should be. It does everything to prove that the romance in the past two books was worthwhile and now unbreakable. Not to mention that the ending is one that had me all ready to cry… and not just because the series is now over. I would recommend Heaven to the fans of the past novels (which means that you are hopefully as eager as I was for Heaven. Fans of those angel genre novels will love the Halo series as well as readers who want an epic romance that is three novels long. Heaven is definitely the conclusion that this story deserved and because of that I can let the Halo series rest on my bookshelf happily.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ending was disappointing... So much left unsaid with characters you fell in love with. The middle had so many ups and downs. The whole book led up to believe He had bigger plans for their joined power and then......nothing! She gives up her wings for love. Dont get me wrong it was good but I just had higher hopes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All good
ChristinaNy More than 1 year ago
I love the Halo Trilogy, but Heaven left me with more questions than answers. Examples: What is going on with Gabriel and Molly? Why/Where did Ivy disappear to? How did Xavier explain to his sister what was going on? Bethany seemed a little whiny (or more human) then I remember her to be in the the other two books. Over all I enjoyed the third book, it the characters for the most part stayed true to themselves as it message of doing the right thing. I just wish we could have known the answers to those loose end questions. If you want to read this book please read Halo and Hades first.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I fell in love with Halo and Hades but what an UTTER DISSAPOINTMENT! Was the author tryimg to leave us outraged?! The ending was inconclusive, the storyline was all over the place and it shows nothimg into Bethany's future! The only reason I'm willing to give this mess of a book two stars is because of the first two books and they end up together. That is it! You'd be better off not buying the book and writing your own ending... it will be far more conclusive than the one alexandra ardenetto gives you! Good luck choking down this dissapointment! I love the series, minus the third one. I have never been put out by a book like this before...it is infuriating to think she could be this inconclusive! What a wasre of my time, money, and anticipation! I had higher hopes for this book, it breaks my heart.
RomanticTeen More than 1 year ago
This was a good book, but I was just a little disappointed with two things. One was with the sex scene. I couldn't of been the only one who was waiting for Xavier and Beth to have sex. The first one was descriptive only to the point of kissing. No detail to them actually having sex. But, I wouldn't think the publishers would allow it anyway since it's a TEEN book. Yet, I'm 13 and I would of loved to have that in there! The other thing I was disappointed with was the ending. I thought it ended well, but there was a lot of questions I was wondering that could of been explained and answered in an epilogue. Overall this book was very good. This wasn't my favorite from out of the three it probably would be the first one, Halo. Just kind of sad that this was the last to the series. :(
Livlovesbooks More than 1 year ago
Heaven was a fitting end to this sweet and airy series. Bethany and Xavier get married but have to pose as siblings when they run off to college to hide in plain sight from the Sevens. The Sevens are angels that want to punish them for breaking the rules. Again, this is a very PG-13 style novel. So when Bethany and Xavier finally consummate their marriage, there's a lot left to the imagination. I remember reading one review where that was one of the biggest complaints. However, I was okay with that and actually found their time pretending to be siblings amusing. Eventually things get complicated and Bethany goes back to Heaven. Surprisingly, I enjoyed Bethany's time in Heaven and her struggle to get back down to earth to be with Xavier. The author's take on angels was original and began my love affair with books about fallen angels and demons featured in other great paranormal series by authors Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzpatrick, Thomas E. Sniegoski, Wendy Higgins, Trinity Faegen and Jessica Shirvington.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think this is another great book from Mrs. Adornetto. The moment I started reading it I couldn't put it down. I finished it in a little over a week, which is quiet quickly for me, so it proves its a good read. After reading the first book, Halo, and the second book, Hades, I was dieing for the third and final book to come out. Now that it has, I insist for those who haven't read it go to their local Barnes & Nobles to get the trilogy!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very boring, it was dragged out, not enough excitement,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This could have ended a lot better. There were questions that needed to be answered. I think its great that Xavier and Beth got back together but its like they were a long distance couple getting back together not an ending of a divine love story.
Ashley_Adkins More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this novel out of the series. It by far was the most action packed of the series with unexpected turns. Ties up a lot of loose ends and ties things together. However, the ending could have been spelled out a little better seeing that it is the last one and I wanted to see more details. But even without it it is very good!
Cupcakegirly More than 1 year ago
I have mixed feeling about this book. On one hand, I enjoyed the cover and the overall positive message of God's love, mercy and forgiveness but I also struggled to finish it. There were parts that seemed overly dramatic and the ending was a bit predictable. I also felt like there were unanswered questions that an epilogue could've helped with. Overall this final chapter in Bethany Church's story fell flat for me but I've no doubt die-hard fans of the series will enjoy it.
Artemis2014 More than 1 year ago
anastasiaoa More than 1 year ago
Here it is,Heaven has arrived.The final saga of the Halo series is a must read for fans of Alexandra Adornetto!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have enjoyed this series. I wish there had have been a fourth book to the series. I am glad it ended the way it did, but it should have been more elaborate.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this book is great for any young aldult that is having doubts absout who they are and waht they can acomplish. and the strength that love and family poses
Pagangoddess77 More than 1 year ago
Sorry to say it was just a alright book. First book was Awesome, second book was a little more intense with more sexual stuff. I dont know how to put this... I like the scenes with Jake and Bethany. He wanted in my perspective to be GOOD but he couldnt. Well, she tried being nice but then he would say something to her then she would just get pissed and flame him which made him go back to being a bad dude. Now with this book, there wasnt too much sex, no romantic scenes. I wanted Molly and Gabe to be together, I wanted GABE to be Human. I wanted to know what happened at the end! How many kids did Bath and Xavier have? What did Bethany do when she went to college? Where did the live? What happened with Weasley? How did Xaviers parents react when he stayed in Venus Cove? Did he tell his parents the truth about Gabe, Ivy and Beth? Sorry i hated the ending. I am more of a person who needs more detail in a book. I hate just wondering, its just how i am and how i want books to be. The book didnt have any action, no intense moments. there was too much talking about what she thought (BETH)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alo_m More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When i started reading this book i thought it was going to be just another predictable love story but its not its a very good story and leads you through sad and happy emotions i was so sad when it ended because i wanted to hear more of bethany and xaviers story i really hope this auther writes another book about these charaters because i didnt want it to end if you read this book you will not regret it!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago