Heaven Came to Me: God Revealed Through Compelling and Convincing True Stores

Heaven Came to Me: God Revealed Through Compelling and Convincing True Stores

by Marlene Sommer


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When Marlene Sommer was an innocent five-year-old, she suffered devastating abuse at the hands of a minister. As a consequence, her entire childhood was haunted by nightmares of this traumatic event. But God came to the rescue that fateful day by comforting her with His loving presence, the first of many astonishing physical contacts with God throughout her life.
This remarkable collection of events will inspire readers with the many miraculous moments Marlene has experienced. Whether she was suffering through a personal loss or comforting a friend, truly improbable circumstances converging at just the right moments will convince you that God does interact with our lives through tangible signs from above. God revealed His presence and love in her most challenging times. These true and astounding life experiences will reaffirm your faith in God, who shows His presence in quiet and reticent manners or in gallant, glorious ways. The numerous miraculous events Marlene has encountered were definitely more providential than circumstantial.
Heaven Came to Me is a book about an ordinary person who has been touched by the extraordinary. Marlene’s amazing lessons taught her how to endure many daunting struggles and heartbreaking adversities that ultimately brought her to a cherished personal relationship with God. These riveting accounts will give you chills, bring you to tears, make you smile, offer you comfort, and leave you awestruck. Ultimately, Marlene’s stories affirm that our true purpose in life is to help and to comfort others through their own hardships and sorrows in life. In the process, perhaps, Heaven Came to Me may persuade those who doubt the existence of God and delight those who already believe.

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ISBN-13: 9781630475659
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 11/10/2015
Pages: 125
Sales rank: 1,131,319
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Marlene Sommer has worked in the healthcare field as a certified paraoptometric, and she has served as president and a board member of the Cancer Association of Mercer County. Her passion has always been writing, and now, after many speaking engagements, radio appearances, and online publications (www.Godrevealed.com), the public’s interest in her astonishing true life experiences with God has led to her first book, Heaven Came to Me.

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When long-time patient Tania Barnhart’s eyes welled with tears, I knew it would not be a typical office visit. I had known her for years as a patient in my career as an optometric assistant. Almost immediately she said she had some shattering news to share. Her mother and four other relatives were killed in a horrific van accident in Michigan. Not only did she lose her mother, but she also lost two aunts, and two teen cousins. Five family members perished. What an overwhelming tragedy! She told me that her cousin was suffering even more because she had lost both of her children, her mother, and her sister.
How could I even begin to convey my sympathy at a loss of this magnitude? I had developed a special friendship with this wonderful woman over the years and was deeply saddened to hear such a devastating story.
I had known and greatly admired her mother. Because Tania and her mother were extremely close, she did not know how she was going to be able to go on without her mother. The pain in her eyes left an indelible mark on my heart. Holding her hands, I talked to her for quite some time, trying to reassure her that the love and the bond between a mother and daughter is so strong that her mother would surely be with her now and forever.
Several months later, before the holidays, I was at work, sitting at my desk when I felt this extremely strong urge to send Tania a little note before Christmas. My friend was a very faithful Christian, and I just wanted to let her know that I was thinking of her, especially at this time of year, when I was certain she was desperately missing her mother.
Accordingly, I rose from my desk and walked into the lounge, where we keep some drawers of cards and stationery that have been stored there for over twenty years! Randomly, I opened a drawer and pulled out a card from among the menagerie of small note cards decorated with a variety of wintry scenes. I then went back to my desk and penned a little handwritten note of sympathy so she would know my thoughts were with her this first Christmas without her mother.
As I closed the card to slip it into the envelope, I felt a chill. The name of the train station on this wintry Christmas scene was nothing other than …HER mother’s name! FLORA! Her mother’s name was Flora, a unique name. Not the usual name of a small town from a Norman Rockwell style print. Not Nelsonville, or even Hooterville, or some other small town name. There on the sign at the top of the train station was FLORA, certainly not something one would ordinarily see as the name of a train station!
This was most definitely a coincidence too unusual not to be a sign from above. I believe that the bond between a parent and child are eternally linked by God and that often He provides signs to give us comfort and peace while we are here on earth, until we come home to Him and our loved ones in heaven.
As I have mentioned earlier, there have been numerous instances in my life like the Christmas card episode just described. Each time, God’s unique “signs” touched my heart and soul and gave me the strength to go on when I most needed His intervention. These signs came at moments when I was in despair over the precious child that I miscarried or when I was dealing with the illnesses and deaths of loved ones.
One thing I know is that these “kisses from heaven,” as I sometimes call them, occur at a precise moment to convey a positive message of comfort to all of us at a much-needed time. They are truly messages from God. God does not need to send the Angel Gabriel as His messenger to everyone in today's world! In the case of the Christmas card from heaven, He decided to use me as a vehicle to deliver a mother’s love to her grieving daughter.

Table of Contents

Preface vii
Chapter 1 Jesus Came from Heaven 1
Chapter 2 The Ascension into Heaven 20
Chapter 3 The Hug from Heaven 28
Chapter 4 The Christmas Card from Heaven 40
Chapter 5 A Poem from Heaven 44
Chapter 6 Not Ready for Heaven 48
Chapter 7 Christ Came from Heaven 65
Chapter 8 The Cell Phone Call from Heaven 74
Chapter 9 A Quiet Passage to Heaven 81
Acknowledgments 107
About the Author 109

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