Heaven Is Real, but So Is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What Is to Come

Heaven Is Real, but So Is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What Is to Come

by Vassula Ryden
Heaven Is Real, but So Is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What Is to Come

Heaven Is Real, but So Is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What Is to Come

by Vassula Ryden


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In Heaven is Real But So is Hell, internationally reknowned speaker, author and mystic Vassula Ryden takes the reader into the supernatural world where she has experienced the hidden forces that affect every moment of our lives. It features her amazing encounters with both good and evil forces and reveals profoundly important messages for all humanity, largely hidden until now. Sometimes harrowing, but filled with hope, it answers many of the questions that people have been asking for thousands of years and at the same time offers a glimpse into God's love and justice, and of what is soon to come. Ryden, who is based in Greece, has spoken in 79 countries to millions of people. Heaven is Real But So is Hell is her first book release in America.

Have we lost our moral integrity?
Can we recover our connection with God?
Is the world, as we know it, at risk?
Are we entering the End Times?

These are recurring questions that more and more people are asking themselves as they see our world stagger from one crisis to the next. Whether it's the collapse of the world economy, terrorism, climate change or any number of things that are destabilizing their lives, many are feeling confused; and without understanding why, they are beginning to question many of the values that govern our lives.

Vassula Ryden has absolutely no doubt that there is one overriding reason for all of these problems, and it is quite simply that both as individuals, and in society at large, far too many have strayed from the spiritual path and in doing so, have lost the power to distinguish good from evil.

Some twenty-seven years ago, Vassula was living a life of privilege as the wife of a career diplomat. She spent her time painting, playing tennis and going to parties; and she was very contentedd with her life, and the many pleasures that this brought to her.

All of this was to change dramatically one day in November 1985, when, without warning, her world was turned upside down with the appearance of her Guardian Angel and a call to devote her life to the service of God. At that time, Vassula wasn't even remotely religious; but the intervening years, during which she has had constant conversations with God and Jesus, have changed all that. She now brings a message directly from God for the whole of humanity, a call to return to the virtuous path and recognize that we are all children of God; and in this she tells us there are to be no compromises, no hiding places.

Vassula's journey has not been without its challenges. It has brought her into conflict with many individuals, with the Church, and with the Vatican. But she continues her mission tirelessly, taking her message around the world where she has found many hundreds of thousands keen to listen, including many priests, bishops and archbishops from all churches.

HEAVEN IS REAL BUT SO IS HELL tells the story of Vassula's journey and of the urgent message that she brings to the world. It is a book of awakening for all who have strayed, and for those still seeking their way and is sure to resonate with many who in their heart of hearts can see that all is not right with the world.


  • Carries a strong message of hope;
  • Is a book of awakening for all seekers of Truth;
  • Shows how we can recover our moral integrity;
  • Explains how we can rediscover our connection to God;
  • Alerts us to ways in which we continue to put the world at risk;
  • Guides us along the path of unity.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780983009306
Publisher: Alexian
Publication date: 03/16/2013
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Since 1988,Vassula Rydénhas devoted her life to the service of God: she has been invited to speak in over sixty countries from all the continents of the world and has given over eight hundred presentations carrying God’s message to the World. Vassula receives no fees or personal benefits for her efforts. She lives in Rhodes, Greece but travels the world constantly.
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