Heaven Knows Why: Real Angel Contact Photos and True Past Life Conversations

Heaven Knows Why: Real Angel Contact Photos and True Past Life Conversations

by Christine Snowdon


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In 2012, God told Christine Snowdon to start using her soul name, "Estrellar," for her spiritual work. This was re-affirmed by her spiritual guides in a Life Between Lives session with Paul Williamson, a qualified regressionist and author. The aim of her book and website, both created in 2007 and titled Touched by Angels, has been to raise awareness of angels, archangels, ascended masters and elemental beings by sharing her techniques for communicating with them.

Over the last six years, Estrellar's business has evolved; she serves as a voice for various deities and energies in courses designed to help others raise personal energy vibration as a way of becoming one with the planet's ascension process.

"A simple prayer to God and the angels asking for more love and happiness in your life will be heard. As your life changes so too will the lives of those around you for the good of all." Christine Snowdon

Inside this book, you will find:

• Predictions from Archangel Michael for the future for mankind
• Inspirational true life stories of angelic contact
• Conversations with God
• Photos of real-life angels and elementals
• Poetic soul and spirit guidance
• How to contact your guardian angel
• How to rid yourself of bad spirits
• Past life regression conversations involving lifetimes in 1724 and the time of Jesus
• Angels of Atlantis, unicorns, and elementals

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ISBN-13: 9781452520094
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/17/2014
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

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Heaven Knows Why

Real Angel Contact Photos and True Past Life Conversations

By Christine Snowdon

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Christine Snowdon
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-2009-4


Spirit and Soul Energy

Every experience has been created by us so it is important to not feel guilty if we find ourselves in a bad situation. I had complained for nearly ten years about where I lived while being unable to move to a different area. It also added weight to the concept that sometimes if we want something too badly, we can drive it away from ourselves and continue along a path of not getting what we truly need.

Therefore, we need to look objectively at each situation to pursue our life's purpose at leisure. We do this while checking the signposts along the way and re-evaluating our lifestyle, career, and living accommodations from a soul's point of view. This puts us in a position to have a positive mind-set, which is the best way to move forward. It will set the universal wheels in motion instead of blocking our aspirations.

Does Mental Illness Cause Religious Experiences?

I was asked recently whether spiritual experiences come from mental illness, and I can understand why some people think the answer is yes. Sometimes these experiences can occur after a trauma such as a nervous breakdown, but a spiritualist may describe this as a spiritual awakening. To those who have not developed themselves spiritually, they explain this away by reasoning that people who practise connecting with the spirit world, praying to God, or believing in angels or guides and masters are delusional. Yet Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." When you consider the details of his life as documented in the Bible, Jesus couldn't have given a clearer directive as far as spiritual experiences are concerned. To this day, many people label spiritual or religious experiences as having manifested in the minds of mentally ill people. But it should be commonly accepted that miracles still take place in the lives of people who have not been diagnosed with a mental illness

Three Parts of Spiritual Experiences

Mind: Many spiritualists or mediums see a divine white light when experiencing a connection with the higher dimensions or higher vibrations that exist around us. Some see visions in the third eye. I saw in my third eye a whole herd of unicorns heading towards me. It was a pleasant experience and not at all scary. Some people see manifestations of those who have died and now exist as spirits. Some see coloured orbs. Those standing nearby can witness these things.

Body: Energy centres that resonate with various coloured rays exist within our bodies; angelic beings and ascended masters can use these to connect with us on different levels. Reiki practitioners, for example, can see the coloured rays. Recognizing this and balancing our energy centres will enhance our health and happiness to its optimum state. Our creativity can increase, followed by changes in our lives on a soul level (i.e., our souls can expand, as they advance by learning valuable lessons on their journeys in life).

Spirit: Connecting with the spirit enables us to deal with past mistakes (karma). When we see mistakes as lessons, it gives us the opportunity to forgive the people we have offended and vice versa. All good acts are registered in the spirit world on a soul level, thereby creating good karma. Returning to earth through different lifetimes will, in turn, expand our souls through karmic cleansing until there is no need to return to earth. This is the case if we have learned our soul lessons and our spirits have risen to the highest level possible.

So, if the mind, body, and spirit are balanced, you will likely have spiritual and religious experiences that appear to others who once put you in the delusional category.


Spiritualists believe in practising kindness to others. Although this is a basic human gift from the entity or spirit energy we call God, it is not always easy to carry out because we humans have lower as well as higher selves, so it is a balancing act of sorts. Our higher self lifts our thoughts towards goodness and kindness, while our lower self pulls them down towards greed and selfishness. These human emotions are constantly within us. So, a spiritualist would argue that it is necessary to strive for thoughts that lift us towards God and the universal, or ki, energy. It is good for our minds, bodies, and souls, and it helps us lead happier lives. We are then endeavouring to reach what God wants for us and what we want to achieve for ourselves.

This push and pull is with us throughout our lives on earth. It is important that we seek out and enjoy the natural gifts of our planet by respecting the trees, flowers, animals, insects, rivers, oceans, and our fellow human beings in our work and home environments. As difficult as this can be, the returns could be enormous. If every person brings about conscious changes, the conscious vibrations of earth will rise, and there will be a return to the golden age that existed on earth thousands of years ago, as in the time of Atlantis. Surely this is not mental illness but pureness of heart being manifested.

When you study cause and effect and soul development, it all makes sense, but understanding these things on a human level does not happen overnight.

The dead poet Frank Dickinson made contact with me over thirty years ago and he told me some beautiful poetry. But I do believe the following words of one particular poem still hold a very important message for us all today. It added meaning to my life, so I will share the statement with you: "Love must be born in the universe, or life becomes meaningless, mindless, or worse."

Do You Believe You Have a Soul?

A friend asked me if I believed I had a soul. She then asked me to answer several questions to help her with a course she was doing. My response follows each question.

Q: "Do you believe you have a soul?"

C: "Yes, I believe I have a soul."

Q: "What do you imagine is the purpose of the soul?"

C: "To know itself experientially."

Q: "What are your thoughts about the place of the soul in the conduct of human affairs?"

C: "I believe the place of the soul is to serve as an ultimate higher self that can draw upon the experience of other lives it has incarnated into.

"I also believe the soul's broader reason contributes to its eternal existence – past, present, and future – of feeling, knowing, loving, sharing, and enjoying its individual and collective experience of itself. It can serve as a base for spiritual growth of any given life or lives it experiences. I believe it is possible for the soul to connect with two lives or more at the same time, because time does not exist on a soul level; it is just a continuum. And each soul contributes to the development of humankind on earth as well as on other planets, stars, and universes."

Q: "What is the relationship of your soul to God, as you understand it?"

C: "It is my link with a kind and incredibly intelligent being that knows my thoughts, words, and deeds and communicates with me on a level that I can understand. This being is enlightening and has a sense of humour."

Q: "If you believe we each have a soul, do you think it is possible for your soul to communicate with mine at a level that transcends physicality? Do you believe that our souls have the ability to communicate in the same way as God?"

C: "Yes, I do believe this, as we are all one. But in our physical, linear lives we are not aware of this."

Past-Life Regression

After I facilitated a past-life regression session for someone and accessed a few of my own previous lives, I began wondering about their authenticity. I turned to G for his truth on this subject; his response is set out below:

C: "Do people truly visit one of our own previous incarnations when a therapist takes us through a regression?"

G: "When you undergo regression, you are taken to a natural state of the subconscious mind. This is where your past lives may be accessed. The authenticity of any given life should be accepted if the client trusts the therapist and his or her work. The therapist should have certain qualifications to confirm the truth in what he or she is hears from the client."

C: "Thank you for explaining. It is becoming clearer. May I ask you, then – is it possible that we are connecting with a collective consciousness belonging to that particular soul's life?"

G: "It is possible, yes. You must remember that it is also possible that a client who has been regressed may adopt the persona and reality of another person."

C: "Isn't this rather dangerous then?"

G: "No, because when you trust the therapist who helped you reach that level of the soul through the regression process, you should feel safe. This type of work requires the client to be of sound mind."

C: "Is there any way to prove the authenticity?"

G: "If a fairly recent life is accessed – say, one from fifty to one hundred years ago – the facts could be proven by seeking them out in libraries, newspapers, visits to homes occupied by the person, church and hospital records, and so on.

"I do hope this clarifies the topic."

C: "Yes, thank you. Your replies have helped a great deal."


How to Contact Angels

Darren Linton, chapter author

Why Is There an Increased Interest in Angels?

Most of us are aware of the challenges facing the world. The angels are here in record numbers to help humans during these important times and lead us into a bright and better future. Many believe that 2012 heralded the dawn of a new era of humankind and the planet and that the divine source sends energies and angels to assist in the transformation of the world. These are exciting times! Angels can provide us with wise and loving guidance to improve our own lives, help others, and create a better world for everyone.

Do You Wonder Why You Haven't Connected Fully with Your Angels?

Anyone can learn how to connect with his or her angels and hear them. Then you can receive their endless love, wisdom, answers, and guidance to help you improve your life (and the lives of others). You will feel so loved and blessed by the wisdom and love from angels. It is a wonderful experience.

Many people ask their angels for help. No doubt you have received some signs and answers already; otherwise, you probably wouldn't be reading this book. You may have found feathers or parking spaces or had prayers answered in amazing ways. Perhaps you have received answers from angels via a song, a page in a magazine or book, an unexpected phone call from a friend, or in a thousand other possible ways. It is good to know that they are there, helping us.

Like anything else, learning to talk with your angels takes a time and practice, and you can take a course to help you. If you wanted to learn, for example, Reiki, mediumship, reflexology, other forms of healing, or almost anything, you might similarly expect to attend a weekend course or longer and practise what you learn.

How Do the Angels Help Us?

Angels help us in many ways. They can provide healing, visions, direct guidance, and answers. They can intervene to help events turn out well or provide love and protection. They can send healing and positive energies to help us, and they can perform miracles.

Look for Signs

Over the next few days, look for visions and dreams, helpful strangers, recurring numbers and symbols, or any of the other signs mentioned above. These are signs of angels.

Darren Linton, the author of this chapter, runs courses throughout the year and can be contacted via his website at the end of this book.


Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Souls, and Dimensions

Your Guardian Angel

A guardian angel stays with you for your soul's lifetime, however many incarnations you experience. These are often loved ones who have passed over and then come into your life to guide you, depending upon their evolutionary level and growth. Many of our loved ones do help guide us, but they are not our main guides.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are another name for human energy that has lived many lifetimes. These beings have acquired great knowledge and wisdom, and they agree to assist people in whatever way they can. Spirit guides also offer love and wisdom and help you reach your full potential. They can direct your life, and they will always answer your questions. These beings offer inner knowledge and peace, but they will not make choices for you. You are the creator of your life.

You will have one main guide, often referred to as the doorkeeper. This guide is with you for your entire lifetime, and he or she cannot be a member of the family who you ever knew because the person is appointed at your birth.

Other guides will assist you with different phases of your life, depending on your needs at any particular time—for example, practical, emotional, spiritual, and so forth. If you are drawn to different spiritual interests on your journey, such as Egyptian, Shamanism, crystals, or spiritual healing, you will experience the energies of particular guides with knowledge of that tradition.


Each individual's soul experience and evolution affects the vibration at which each person operates and which vibratory level our guides work at. The more experiences we have, the more we work on becoming the best we can be—who we truly are—the higher our vibration goes. And then the guides who have higher vibrations will be able to work with us.


We live and work in the third dimension, during which time we vibrate at the third dimension. However, when we relax, go into a trance, sleep, or meditate, we vibrate at the fourth dimension, the level where many guides operate and where most peoples' loved ones exist. We can access the higher vibrations, such as the fifth, sixth, seventh, and even eighth dimensions if we are in a deeper trance or if we are more evolved. Within each dimension, there are many levels of vibration. That is why we can sense different types of energies emitted by different guides.

Angel Signs

As I write this book, there is a heatwave in the United Kingdom. It is July and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and the flowers in my garden are blooming. Time for a short break in the countryside, plus it would avoid the inevitable crush on the motorway to the seaside resorts. I hadn't been to Guildford for about twenty years, so booking into the smart new Radisson for the weekend there was a wonderful break. I couldn't help asking when I checked in what the room number would be. I smiled when told it was 343 adding up to 10 which is meaningful for me.

Doreen Virtue has published a pocket-sized book called Angel Numbers that gives the divine meaning to any number that can appear when you start asking the angel realm for guidance (this is like a parallel universe where the angels exist on different levels). Many people around the world have stories of clearly seeing, for example, a clock face with the hands stuck on 6.00 p.m., followed by something significant happening that day at 6.00 p.m. This is often your angel communicating with you. Three is also a very significant number to me, and it repeatedly comes up when the angels want to give me a sign that all is going well. They truly are amazing. These little signs and incidents of repeated numbers contribute to our belief in the angels and their wish to help us and guide us towards the best things in our lives. So, at the hotel, I quietly gave thanks and knew the weekend would be perfect. It was a memorable time of walking round town, visiting Guildford Castle, the river, little coffee shops, and quaint cobbled streets, and the sun shone non-stop.

These are the types of actions that happen when you start working with the angelic realms. And remember to always say thank you to the angels.

The Three Cherry Trees

In 2011, I awoke one morning to see a full-colour vision on my bedroom. The leaves were vibrant green, and they had what looked like red apples scattered all over. I stared in amazement until I grew tired, and the vision disappeared. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I might never have believed it. As time went by, I forgot about my vision, despite wondering what it meant.

The following spring, the same full-colour vision appeared in the same place, but this time I asked what it was and why it appeared to me. A spirit messenger told me that the angels would like me to plant a cherry tree for the birds. "Ah!" I thought, "So they are not red apples. They are cherries." I made enquiries about the cost of a tree and planned where I would plant it. I drew a coloured picture of the cherry tree in my diary and wrote a note beside it to buy one. But before long, the planting season passed, so I vowed to plant one the following autumn.

I soon forgot about the cherry tree, but the angelic realm did not. On 1 September 2013, the same brightly coloured vision appeared in the same place on my ceiling, and I felt a pang of guilt. How could I have failed to plant the tree that the angels wanted for the birds? At this point, my spirit guide told me that a wonderful being had brought me the vision.


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Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
Chapter 1 Spirit and Soul Energy, 1,
Chapter 2 How to Contact Angels, 7,
Chapter 3 Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Souls, and Dimensions, 9,
Chapter 4 God Works in Mysterious Ways, 19,
Chapter 5 Angels, Dimensions, Chakras, and Auras, 26,
Chapter 6 Your Planet Earth, 39,
Chapter 7 White Eagle's Message, 51,
Chapter 8 Angels and Elementals, 55,
Chapter 9 Contact with Guides, 70,
Chapter 10 Life between Lives Session with Paul Williamson, 73,
Chapter 11 Ascended Master Messages, 86,
Chapter 12 Conversations with God, 95,
About the Author, 113,

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