Heaven on Earth: Within Your Heart the Truth Remains

Heaven on Earth: Within Your Heart the Truth Remains

by F. T. Keeton Jr., F. T. Keeton Jr.


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The true purpose of this book is for readers to expand their knowledge of the world we live in. My hope is that through reading about how religion and science have shaped both the earth and civilization as a whole, one might find their true purpose. I have used four major religions which have stood the test of time from their beginnings as well as using science and archeological discoveries to discern between fact and fiction in a common sense approach. The world is comprised of many religions and personal beliefs but the reality is that there is a God so I have pursued a new dream which explores Buddhism, Judaism, Chistianity, and Islam as they so influence the world. Since the first civilization to walk on the planet we have been left with artifacts to dazzle the imagination but one cannot agree with science as the truth without denying all religious beliefs.

I have researched the evidence behind these religions as well as place their origins in a format that allows the reader to get an overall view of this world. Please open your mind to understanding your own purpose in this life on our planet earth and discover for yourself that all things exist in a pre-designed realitry. The world is reaching a point in time that is like never before which makes understanding and believing the truth the most important discovery you can make. This world will soon come to an end as recorded in the word of God and your life will continue in the afterlife.

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ISBN-13: 9781438931234
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/28/2009
Pages: 128
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