Hebrew Mantras Iii

Hebrew Mantras Iii

by John Henry Morel


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Hebrew Mantras Iii by John Henry Morel

Although this volume is not the final volume of mantras in this series of books by John Henry Morel, it certainly concludes that this author is a formidable master of the fine art of meditation and reaching enlightenment. It cannot be said that this author has not trespassed on areas untouched by other authors and gurus on the subject. In fact, the field of meditation, as far as this book is concerned, is completely defunct by comparison to this author's prolific contribution to the study of enlightenment and the paths available to us to get there.
This third volume of mantras is in no way conclusive, but having read this volume prior to publishing, I can honestly say that if you make it through this volume there will be no need for further study on the subject. And even though Hebrew Mantras IV completely redefines the subject, it cannot be said that meditation as a practice is no longer as simple and mundane as it once was. In fact, the subject of meditation is up for question, since due to this author's contributions in this series and its complementary series, Hebrew Geometries, Vol. 1-3, it can no longer be deduced that there is any reason to remain in embodiment nor is there justification for it. Between the author and the reader there is a fine line of understanding; one which attest to the fact that beyond the grave there is nothing but the purest intention towards the liberation of mankind from his imprisonment in physical matter and his ultimate ascent into the divine as beings of light and majesty. In Hebrew Mantras III, there is a paramount expression of divine might present in these words of power descended from on high to guide the aspirant and individual to grace in a very short period of time and with mighty aplomb in the process. The reader cannot deny the fact that in the palm of their hands are infinite keys to grace and absolution, not to mention divine ascent to the heavens.

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Publisher: Rodaian Press
Publication date: 12/01/2008
Pages: 192
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