Hegel's Phenomenology: The Evolution of Ethical and Religious Consciousness to the Absolute Standpoint

Hegel's Phenomenology: The Evolution of Ethical and Religious Consciousness to the Absolute Standpoint

by Howard P. Kainz



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Hegel's Phenomenology: The Evolution of Ethical and Religious Consciousness to the Absolute Standpoint by Howard P. Kainz

The publication in 1807 of Georg Wilhelm Frederich Hegel's Phanomenologie des Geistes (translated alternately as “Phenomenology of Mind” or “Phenomenology of Spirit”) marked the beginning of the modern era in philosophy. Hegel's remarkable insights formed the basis for what eventually became the Existentialist movement. Yet the Phenomenology remains one of the most difficult and forbidding works in the canon of philosophical literature.

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ISBN-13: 9780821406779
Publisher: Ohio University Press
Publication date: 06/01/1983
Edition description: 1
Pages: 223
Product dimensions: (w) x (h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Analysis of Part II of Hegel's Phenomenology1
Analysis of Part II9
Introductory Remarks11
A.Spirit as "True." Objective Ethicality. [Ethical and Legal Consciousness]13
a.The Ethical World. Human and Divine Law. Man and Woman [Ethical Consciousness]14
b.Ethical Action. Human and Divine Knowledge. Guilt and Destiny23
c.The Condition of Right or Legal Status [Legal Consciousness]30
Introductory Remarks30
B.Self-Alienated Spirit. Culture. [Cultural Consciousness]35
Introductory Remarks35
I.The World of Self-Alienated Spirit38
a.Culture and its Realm of Activity [Economic vs. Political Consciousness]38
Introductory Remarks39
1.The heroism of flattery47
2.Base flattery49
3.The language of distraughtness50
Introductory Remarks50
4.The confrontation of the distraught consciousness and the honest consciousness52
b.Faith and Pure Insight [Catholic vs. Secular Consciousness]54
Introductory Remarks54
1. (a)Faith considered in itself59
1. (b)Faith in relation to the actual world of culture60
1. (c)Faith in relation to the attitude of Insight61
2. (a)Insight in itself61
II.Enlightenment [The Pyrrhic Victory of Insight over Faith]62
Introductory Remarks62
2. (b)Insight in relation to the world63
a.The Struggle of Englightenment with Superstition64
2. (c)Insight in relation to Faith64
2. (c)-1.Insight as inherently one with Faith65
2. (c)-2.Insight as the antithesis of the world of Faith66
b.The Truth of Englightenment [Utilitarianism]78
III.Absolute Freedom and Terror [Revolutionary Conciousness]83
Introductory Remarks83
C.Spirit That is Certain of Itself. Morality. [Moral Consciousness]92
Introductory Remarks92
a.The Moral View of the World95
b.Dissemblance or Duplicity101
c.Conscience. The "Beautiful Soul." Evil and its Forgiveness107
Introductory Remarks107
VII.Religion [Spirit as Self-Conscious or Transcendent]125
Introductory Remarks125
A.Nature-Religion [Intersubjective Self-Consciousness through Nature]131
Introductory Remarks132
a.The Religion of Light [Lichtwesen]134
b.Plant and Animal Deification135
c.The Religious Artisan136
B.Religion in the Form of Art [Intersubjective Self-Consciousness through Art]138
Introductory Remarks138
a.The Abstract Work of Art140
b.The Living Work of Art145
c.The Spiritual Work of Art147
C.Revealed Religion [Intersubjective Self-Consciousness through Christianity]154
Introductory Remarks154
a.The Trinity Conceived in its Interiority161
b.The Relations of the Triune Absolute ad extra162
c.Synthesis of the Divine and the Human in a Religious Community after the Protestant Pattern164
Introductory Remarks164
VIII.Absolute Knowledge [The Dialectical Comprehension of the Content of Religion]172
Introductory Remarks172
A.Spirit's Reconciliation of Consciousness and Self-Consciousness in Conscience178
B.Religion's Reconciliation of Self-Consciousness and Consciousness in the Christian Community180
C.Unification of the Two Reconciliations in Absolute Knowledge181
AppendixSome Literary Works Used by Hegel187

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