Heinrich Schütz: Psalmen Davids 1619

Heinrich Schütz: Psalmen Davids 1619

by Windsbacher Knabenchor


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Heinrich Schütz: Psalmen Davids 1619

Several of Germany's leading boys' choirs have recorded the big choral works of Heinrich Schütz. Members of Windsbacher Knabenchor, creators of a recent group with conductor Karl-Friedrich Beringer, are not the best-known or most sonically flawless among them, but their talents are peculiarly well suited to the music of the seventeenth century master. Schütz had a way of entering into sacred texts musically, producing not personal responses but emotional fervor that seems universal, that was matched in the history of German music only by Johann Sebastian Bach. Several of the psalms among the "Psalmen David" heard here are familiar from Bach's settings, but the Schütz versions have their own profundity. The Windsbacher youths sound like they understand what they're singing about; they articulate the words beautifully and expressively. The result is that a psalm like the final "An den Wassern zu Babel sassen wir und weineten" (By the waters of Babylon we sat and wept) has a strong emotional impact even if you can get more chillingly perfect soprano lines from the likes of the Regensburger Domspatzen. This is the disc to buy if you want just one of the Windsbachers' releases; the more Olympian discourse of the "Geistliche Chormusik" of Schütz's late life is less suited to their direct approach although still well worth hearing. The booklet, explaining the issues of Schütz's early career in terms anybody can understand, is a good fit with the music, and the engineering passes one of the sound recordist's toughest tests -- working with children -- beautifully. Texts are only in German, but any Bible, dusty as it may be, will furnish English translations.

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Release Date: 05/29/2007
Label: Rondeau
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  1. Wohl dem, der nicht wandelt (Psalm 1), for double chorus & continuo, SWV 28 (Op. 2/7)
  2. Ach Herr, straf mich nicht (Psalm 6), for double chorus & continuo, SWV 24 (Op. 2/3)
  3. Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnunge (Psalm 84), for double chorus & continuo, SWV 29 (Op. 2/8)
  4. Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied (Psalm 98), for double chorus & continuo, SWV 35 (Op. 2/14)
  5. Jauchzet dem Herren, alle Welt (Psalm 100) for double chorus & continuo, SWV 36 (Op. 2/15) (2 versions)
  6. Lobe den Herren, meine Seele (Psalm 103), concert for double chorus & continuo, SWV 39 (Op. 2/18)
  7. Ich hebe meine Augen auf zu den Bergen (Psalm 121), for double chorus & continuo, SWV 31 (Op. 2/10)
  8. Wohl dem, der den Herren fürchtet (Psalm 128), for double chorus & continuo, SWV 30 (Op. 2/9)
  9. Aus der Tiefe (Psalm 130), for double chorus & continuo SWV 25 (Op. 2/4)
  10. An den Wassern zu Babel (Psalm 137), for double chorus & continuo, SWV 37 (Op. 2/16)

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