Heir of Nostalgia- A Gathering Darkness

Heir of Nostalgia- A Gathering Darkness

by S.M. Muse

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Two years ago Phillip came to New York to find his father. Since then he's been living on the streets, surviving hand to mouth and constantly looking over his shoulder, for danger exists everywhere, around every street corner, lurking down every dark alley. Why? Because he's not the only one looking.

This is what happens when you are exiled. This is what happens when everything you've ever loved or known is taken from you, and all that is left is vengeance. In Phillip's words- "This is me trying to find my father, bring him home, reclaim our throne and hunt down the person responsible- a man with 'silver-singing spurs' known as the Black Magister."

A Gathering Darkness,Book One of the Valerian Cycle, is a Contemporary Urban Fantasy set in today's world about a kingdom that once was, and still struggles to be. About a young man coming of age, and a place where every day magic still exists while all-too evil stalks the streets.

'A new talent!' E. Finlayson

An Excerpt from Heir of Nostalgia:

"A dark mastiff," whispered Maggie, keeping the beast in sight the entire time. "In packs they are unstoppable. By themselves, however... We used to hunt them for sport," she said.

At this point Phillip jumped in, "Surely you can do something. Look what you did with Feathers."

"Mastiff and corbie, Phillip, two completely different creatures. Mastiffs are drawn from shadow and shade, sharp corners and angles. Corbie on the other hand." She was about to say something more when the wolf lunged.With one arm Maggie swept Theo and Phillip to one side, while striking out with her 'stick.' As soon as the 'tree branch' struck the great wolf it snapped in two and burst into flame and cinders. Steaming blood the color of night, the beast snapped wildly at them and withdrew.

Fresh scarlet ran like a tear down Maggie's right cheek. She'd been quick, but the wolf had been quicker.

"Maggie!" Phillip cried, seeing the ragged gash across her forearm.


A new talent, states E. Finlayson of Staffordshire, UK. This book can be considered equally as a young adult book or an adult book. The plot is out of the usual and the writer builds both tension and atmosphere skillfully. Like other reviewers I could hardly put it down until it was finished, and I hope very much for a Book 2.

AMAZING! Says Ron You feel like your right there beside the characters throughout their whole journey. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone ready for an adventure. There were times while reading this book that my heart would be beating faster. Can't wait for the next book in the series! HIGHLY recommend this book!

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BN ID: 2940013210028
Publisher: Steve Muse
Publication date: 10/27/2011
Series: Heir Of Nostalgia , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 402
File size: 424 KB

About the Author

After meeting Frank Herbert, author of the acclaimed Dune Series, I decided the life of writing was for me. That was about 30 years ago, I've been writing ever since. Heir of Nostalgia is my first published novel, and thanks to the encouragement of my loving wife Janet, is the first in a series chronicling the trials and tribulations of young man in search of his family, his country as well as his place in the world. I am pleased to present it here, for your reading pleasure. I truly believe in the gift and wonder of reading, I hope you do as well.

Here's to the land of wonder, an air of Nostalgia, and childhood memories. May we never grow too old to dream...

Got a question, comment or review, I'd love to hear from you. Simply drop me a line at: .

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