The Helicobacter Pylori Handbook

The Helicobacter Pylori Handbook

by Richard V. Heatley


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ISBN-13: 9780632051762
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 02/02/1999
Edition description: REV
Pages: 72
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Table of Contents


1. H. pylori: the micro-organism:.

1.1 History links micro-organism and ulcers;.

1.2 The discovery of H. pylori;.

1.3 The scale of the problem;.

1.4 Epidemiology;.

1.5 Transmission of H. pylori;.

1.6 The host response to infection;.

2. H. pylori: the clinical problem:.

2.1 Classification of gastritis:.

2.2 H. pylori, gastritis and non-ulcer dyspepsia;.

2.3 H. pylori and peptic ulcer disease:.

2.3.1 Duodenal ulceration;.

2.3.2 Gastric ulceration;.

2.3.3 Evidence linking H. pylori with peptic ulceration;.

2.4 H. pylori and gastric cancer;.

2.5 H. pylori in children;.

3. Management of H. pylori infection:.

3.1 Detection of H. pylori:.

3.1.1 Direct tests;.



Bacteriological culture;.

3.1.2 Indirect tests;.

Biopsy urease test;.

Urea breath tests;.

Serological tests;.

3.2 Treating H. pylori infection:.

3.2.1 Monotherapy;.

In vitro effects;.


Urease inhibitors;.

Antibiotic monotherapy;.

Acid suppressants;.


3.2.2 Dual therapy;.

Bismuth and metronidazole;.

Omeprazole and amoxycillin;.

Omeprazole and clarithromycin;.

3.2.3 Triple therapy;.

Bismuth triple therapy;.

Acid-suppressant triple therapy;.

3.2.4 Quadruple therapy;.

3.2.5 Ranitidine bismuth citrate;.

3.2.6 Eradication or suppression?.

3.3 Who should receive H. pylori treatment?.

4. Managing dyspeptic conditions in the H. pylori era:.

4.1 Patients with peptic ulceration:.

4.1.1 H. pylori eradication;.

4.1.2 Suggested H. pylori eradication treatment for patients with duodenal ulcer disease;.

4.2 Patients with dyspepsia;.

4.3 Where are we going in the future?.


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