Helioseismic Diagnostics of Solar Convection and Activity

Helioseismic Diagnostics of Solar Convection and Activity


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This book focuses on the recent advances in our understanding of solar convection and activity, and on new methods and results of helioseismic diagnostics. It provides a comprehensive overview of the current status of the field and presents new ideas and approaches.

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ISBN-13: 9789401058827
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 10/29/2012
Edition description: 2001
Pages: 578
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. I: Theories of Solar Convection, Rotation, and Activity. Towards Understanding Solar Convection and Activity; D. Gough. Fluid Dynamics and MHD of the Solar Convection Zone and Tachocline: Current Understanding and Unsolved Problems; P.A. Gilman. Can We Get the Bottom B? A. Ruzmaikin. The Coupling of Solar Convection and Rotation; M.S. Miesch. Realistic Solar Convection Simulations; R.F. Stein, Å. Nordlund. Solar Magnetoconvection; N.E. Hurlburt, et al. The Solar Dynamo and Emerging Flux; G.H. Fisher, et al. On the Twist of Emerging Flux Loops in the Solar Convection Zone; Y. Fan, D. Gong. II: Helioseismic Tomography. Time-Distance Inversion Methods and Results; A.G. Kosovichev, et al. Time-Distance Helioseismology with f Modes as a Method for Measurement of Near-Surface Flows; T.S. Duvall Jr., L. Gizon. Travel Time Sensitivity Kernels; A.C. Birch, A.G. Kosovichev. Calculation of the Sun's Acoustic Impulse Response by Multi-Dimensional Spectral Factorization; J.E. Rickett, J.F. Claerbout. Ray Travel Time and Distance for the Planar Polytrope; G.H. Price. Sensitivity Kernels for Time-Distance Inversion; J.M. Jensen, et al. III: Acoustic Imaging and Holography. Acoustic Imaging of Solar Active Regions; D.-Y. Chou. Basic Principles of Solar Acoustic Holography; C. Lindsey, D.C. Braun. Helioseismic Holography of Active-Region Subphotospheres; D.C. Braun, C. Lindsey. Phase-Sensitive Holography of Solar Activity; D.C. Braun, C. Lindsey. Stochastic Seismic Emission from Acoustic Glories and the Quiet Sun; A.-C. Donea, et al. IV: Ring-Diagram Analysis. Solar Shear Flow Deduced from Helioseismic Dense-Pack Samplings of RingDiagrams; D.A. Haber, et al. Near-Surface Flow Fields Deduced Using Correlation Tracking and Time-Distance Analyses; M. de Rosa, et al. Local Fractional Frequency Shifts Used as Tracers of Magnetic Activity; B. Hindman, et al. V: Magnetic Fields and Oscillations. Sunspot Oscillations: A Review; T.J. Bogdan. Modelling p-Mode Interaction with a Spreading Sunspot Field; P.S. Cally. Measuring Magnetic Oscillations in the Solar Photosphere: Coordinated Observations with MDI, ASP and MWO; A.A. Norton, R.K. Ulrich. Interaction between Network and Intranetwork Magnetic Fields; J. Zhang, et al. VI: Solar-Cycle Variations of the Internal Structure and Rotation. Variations in Solar Sub-Surface Rotation from Gong. Data 1995-1998; R. Howe, et al. Time Variability of Rotation in Solar Convection Zone from SOI-MDI; J. Toomre, et al. Possible Solar Cycle Variations in the Convection Zone; S. Basu, H.M. Antia. Solar Cycle Variation in Solar f-Mode Frequencies and Radius; H.M. Antia, et al. Solar Cycle Variations of Large-Scale Flows in the Sun; S. Basu, H.M. Antia. Does the Tachocline Show Solar Cycle Related Changes? S. Basu, J. Schou. Empirical Estimate of p-Mode Frequency Shift for Solar Cycle 23; K. Jain, et al.

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