Hell Cat (XXX Erotica)

Hell Cat (XXX Erotica)

by Alexa Jennica

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Warning: Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include BDSM, incest, and other taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.
Morning light filtered through the open windows of the expensive hotel suite and tangled with the silk sheets that lay, in an abandoned rumple, at the foot of the bed. The naked man and woman on the bed had long ago -- somewhere back in the wee hours of the morning -- lost the desire for modesty.
They were busy losing it again at this very moment!
The man was in a state of fitful sexual arousal. He had been this way most of the night, but he was young -- and young animals have the capacity and the imagination to service the objects of their desire for awesome periods of time. At least it was true of this young animal.
In the very act of lustful coupling, he displayed the years of athletic prowess -- rippling muscles, lean hips, strong legs. Arched over the creamy and delightful female flesh below him, he seemed more a machine than a mortal. His hips pistoned with savage regularity, shafting his proudly stiffened manhood deeper and deeper into the honeyed and generous cup at the center of her thighs.
"You want it faster, baby?" he groaned, knowing her answer, but wanting it put into the tangibility of words, the music of raw passion.
"Yes -- " she whispered, her voice like the ragged edge of broken glass. "Yes, damn you -- faster and faster!"
He grinned -- and complied. After all, he was the young male animal. It was his duty to satisfy the deliciously weak, helplessly excited flesh that was pleading for his ardor.
For the woman's part, there was little doubt that she was enjoying her "inferior" role. Her breasts -- as lush and swollen as toy footballs -- rose and fell with every thrust of her lover's groin. Her nipples were coned, like pink thimbles, and bruised with the long night's teasing. Her Lochinvar had been especially pleased with her breasts -- and his fingers and rough tongue had serviced them for hours, suctioning prolonged vibrations of pleasure up into the throbbing peaks.
This early morning exercise was only the last -- perhaps the last -- of a marathon night of sexual revelry.
The bed creaked and groaned beneath them. Last night it had seemed as sturdy as a throne -- but this morning, the reckless use they had made of it had begun to register. The springs complained. The heavy legs squeaked. They didn't care.
They didn't give a damn about anything but roping once again the stallion of lust that pranced just beyond their grasp. They were hard at work doing just that. And they were close. Very close, now.
"Work with me, doll," the young man urged through clenched teeth. His knees burrowed deep holes into the mattress, sweat broke out on his shoulders. The muscles in his strong neck corded and pulsed.

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ISBN-13: 9781548001179
Publisher: Palimpsest Publishing
Publication date: 06/21/2017
Series: Crossdressing, Back, Non-Consensual,Strip Club,Brother-In-Law And/Or Sex Club Erotic Sex Stories , #110
Sold by: StreetLib SRL
Format: NOOK Book
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