Hello? Can You Hear Me?: How to Create Harmony with Your Animal Companions by Tuning into Animal Language

Hello? Can You Hear Me?: How to Create Harmony with Your Animal Companions by Tuning into Animal Language

by Bianca de Reus


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Imagine being able to talk with your dog, cat, bird, or horse? If you could hear their voice and feel what they feel?
What if you were to receive guidance from your animal companion, and provide reassurance in return? Think of the amazing life you could live together, full of joy and happiness?
Picture a world where animals and humans coexist in harmony and with love. Where all Beings are free, sharing wisdom and compassion with each other.
Animal communication can help us to achieve this!
Bianca de Reus takes you on an explorative journey of animal language, connection, relationships, and spiritual abilities. She shares her personal journey and experiences, teaching you to improve your own life and relationships with animals around you, by tuning into animal language.
Bianca brings animal communication to you in an inspiring and practical way. By learning how to tune into the energetic world, you too can learn to talk with the animals.

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ISBN-13: 9781504314947
Publisher: Balboa Press AU
Publication date: 10/16/2018
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Bianca de Reus is one of Australia's sought-after soul coaches and animal communicators. She works with people and animals around the world, teaching, healing, communicating with animals, coaching, and mentoring. Through many years of work, Bianca has gained experience working with many animals including dogs, cats and horses. She lives in Sydney, Australia, with her wife, son, and two dogs. She is available for consultations, mentoring and coaching sessions, and speaking engagements.

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Be inspired

The reason I am writing this book for you and all animals is that I want you to be inspired. To encourage you to tap into this beautiful way of connecting with animals. I want you to be amazed by what the animals will share with you, and to have the capacity to do the best you can for animals who need you.

I also want you to fully understand that animals are sentient, just like you and me. They are Soul Beings, living with genuine love, absolute passion, and a desire to serve the planet and all Beings on it.

My vision is to inspire people to create love, harmony, and joy around the world, so that humans and animals may live side by side with real love and respect.

My mission is to teach humans how to connect with animals by way of spiritual communication, inspired soul connection, mentoring, and energetic healing.

This work is extremely important for us humans to experience, so that we are in the best position to create love, harmony, joy and freedom around the world.

I know I cannot do this on my own. The world is a big Place, with over 7 billion people and too many animals to count, (but I was curious and researched this, and came to discover over 20 billion, including insects!)

I have a desire to help you become a compassionate animal lover and communicator.

This book lets you in on my journey with animal communication. It will teach you about connecting with animals, and how you can have a better relationship with them and yourself.

My wish is that this book will be a guide and useful tool for you to better understand animal communication. My wish is that this book will be a guide and useful tool for you to better understand animal communication. When we understand all animals, big and small, scaly and furry, we extend our compassion beyond humankind.

Communicating with all animals, from companions at home to those on the farm and out in wildlife, could be the beginning of a new and peaceful world.

You'll notice I frequently refer to the "Source" and other spiritual language. The Source refers to that wonderful energy of life, sometimes also described as God, Grace, or the Universe. If you feel more comfortable with a different term, please feel free to replace it as you read.

Allow this book to provide you with knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration to be with and care for animals.

So, take a breath, and open up to the possibility that you too can talk with animals and understand them.

Let's enjoy this journey together.

Love & Light,

Why are you keen to learn about animal communication?

What I am wanting to gain from this book and why:

To be or not to be spiritual ...

... It wasn't a choice

My story

Let me first start by sharing how communicating with animals became part of my life, after I first discovered some of my spiritual abilities.

I'd love this to be an insight for you; assurance that you are not alone and that you can learn to connect with yourself and your pet, or any other animal around you.

I was born into a loving family, with inspirational parents and a cheeky, hard-working, and handsome brother.

My brother and I were raised with love and we learned to make our own choices around what we wanted to do with our lives.

Of course, every person grows up with some challenges in their families, some more than others. I am very thankful that as I now look back, I do so with very pleasant memories of my childhood. My parents, brother and I had great times together.

Religion was not a huge part of our family, although I remember being Catholic was part of my life, especially via one of my grandmothers. But my parents never pushed any religion onto me or my brother. They felt it was up to us to decide what we wanted.

I remember I chose to be baptised into Catholicism when I was twelve years old. I learned everything I could about the stories in the bible and loved them all.

It wasn't until later in life I noticed I wasn't practising the religion and only visited, and still do visit churches because of the history and beauty of the buildings.

I knew I didn't need to practice one particular religion as I learned very quickly that all religions are about connecting with all that is and the Source; no matter what name it has been given. To me it's all about connecting with energy, vibration and consciousness. Connecting with the Universe. And boy, did I find out very quickly what it means to be connected to Source!

Throughout my life I have always had a knowing and could feel things. I never really knew what that was or how I could do it.

People have always and continue to come to me for guidance, advice and support. They say: "Bianca knows everything. She will make it right."

"Bianca will help you feel better."

"Bianca will be able to guide you in the right direction or help you with clarity."

"When I am around you, you always make me feel happy, at peace and light."

Up until recently I denied knowing everything, but on many occasions, it was made clear to me that I did know a lot! I feel what is right and what is wrong; I know which direction to go or where to guide a person.

But I never knew how, or why.

Not knowing drove me into a spin and depression for a long time. I felt alone, and felt different. Especially in my younger years, I felt I didn't belong, and that feeling lasted to well into my adult life.

I see myself as a practical, down to earth woman, who certainly doesn't tap into the "woo-woo" of life. To me, it has to be tangible and analysed. I love to find out why things happen, and because I couldn't figure out the WHY, it drove me nuts! Why did I know so much? Why did I feel what I felt and couldn't describe it? Why didn't I know where it was coming from? And WHY did it feel like such a heavy responsibility?

Then, around 2007, things started to change on a physical level. My hands and the space between my eyebrows had sensations of tingles, heat and chills. Sounds became too loud to bear. I had no idea what was going on!

My hands were the worst. They felt big, hot and then cold, and they were tingling all the time. I ended up going to specialists to have my hands tested as I was convinced I had nerve damage.

Nothing. Everything was fine. (Phew!) The pressure in between my eyebrows continued.

The noises in my ears were amplified to the point my ears hurt!

I was afraid to talk to anyone apart from my doctor and specialists. Even my wife, Lana, didn't understand half of what I was going through - and I was too scared to tell her. What would she think?

Finally, I spoke to my mum over the phone. She listened, and then she asked me if I could lay my hands on my legs, while I was sitting down.

I did.

The minute I put my hands on my legs, palms down, I felt an instant and massive surge of energy coming through my hands and down into my legs, straight into the ground. My whole body began to heat up and tingle. Then I felt a calmness coming over me like a warm blanket - like a beautiful hug.

I knew immediately something important and magical was happening, and this had something to do with all my physical symptoms, as well as the knowing and feeling of "things". The tension between my eyebrows changed to a moving sensation of familiarity and love. I couldn't describe it, but I knew exactly what I was to do and what I was experiencing.

From that day onwards, I started to research everything to do with energy and spiritual healing. I found the right mentors and teachers. I became a Reiki and Shambala Master healer and started to practice healing on friends, family, and animals.

My daily routine was healing myself, meditation, and learning more about the metaphysical world. I came across Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Esther Hicks, and Caroline Myss. All beautiful mentors and teachers from whom I learned so much about the spiritual world. My own world started to expand.

My depression, coupled with not really knowing how to apply this knowledge, was still a struggle every day. I didn't know what I needed to do with all my newfound skills and abilities, including my intuition about people around me - people I couldn't see. I learned more about this and started following John Edward, who, in my opinion, keeps it real and logical. He taught me that it is very normal to have this ability, and I took his learning on board and started to have fun with it. I can now happily say I am who I am, and I can do what I do, because it is part of me.

Now that I have animal communication as another layer in my abilities on this earth plane, I am living fully from my heart, being who I truly am.

Growing up with animals

Animals have always played a big part in my life, having grown up with dogs, horses, guinea pigs, and many others. My parents always had dogs, and later birds at home. I was always thinking about what it would be like to be able to understand what they had to say, what they were thinking, and how they were feeling.

Every year, my parents took my brother and I on holidays, and we travelled around the country or throughout Europe. One of our favourite places to go was a family holiday park approximately two hours from our home. There were horses there. I loved hanging out with them! I looked after them by feeding them, brushing their manes and simply spending time with them. It lifted me up and I always felt so energised.

To this day I still feel the same around animals. I love all animals, no matter what breed or species they are. Yes, I even learned to love spiders and snakes!

I have to admit I am biased towards horses and dogs. And cheetahs - all of my life I have loved cheetahs! They are my personal inspiration for strength, determination, and focus.

Currently we have two beautiful dogs in our family: Rosie and Toby. They are fifteen-year-old mini-Schnauzers. Rosie and Toby have been with me since they were born, and have been absolute rocks in my life. They spoil me and my family with unconditional love, support, and guidance, not to mention fun!

Before I learned animal communication, I always wondered what was going on behind their gorgeous eyes. They would sometimes stare at me as if to say; "Don't you know what we mean, mum?" Toby especially could stare at me all day!

I would apologise profusely for not being able to hear them, and then I would guess what they wanted to have or tell me. I didn't always guess the right thing though. All I knew was look at their ears, tails, and behaviour to try and understand if I was on the right path with them.

As I already worked with animals through Reiki, I do remember sometimes seeing colours and images during the healing process. But never in a million years would I have guessed the next thing would happen!

Tuning in "to animal language

My encounter with a snake

"Hello? Can you hear me?"

I heard the words whilst I was sitting with a dear friend on an old, fallen tree trunk, in 2011. Wed stopped for a bite to eat during our bushwalk, and I asked her if she'd said anything. She hadn't.

I thought I was hearing things, so I brushed it off and didn't pay it any attention. Then I heard it again: "Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?"Again I ignored it but I heard it again, with a bit more force this time. I heard it up to five times, before finally, in my mind, I asked who it was. The following conversation took place:

"Great, you can finally hear me! I am here to tell you to go out into the world and do your job."

I asked, "Who are you, and what do you mean?" It replied, "I am a snake, and I am under the tree" "Oh okay. Wow"

The snake said, "I am just testing to find out if you can hear me. You need to keep practising this, go out into the world and do your job."

I felt confused and shocked. I couldn't believe I was talking to a snake, so I asked, "Can I see you?" The snake answered, "No, rather not. Your friend is afraid of snakes, and I don't want to scare her."

I felt even more confused. My friend had never told me she was afraid of snakes, and here we were in the Australian bush. I simply said, "Okay."

The snake then replied, "That was all. Just wanted to hear you and confirm you can hear me. Now go off and do your job."

And that was it - he seemed to be going away.

My friend was looking at me strangely, and asked what had just happened. She said my face looked weird.

I asked her, "Are you afraid of snakes?" Not a second later, she turned white as a ghost, and jumped up - looking around scared, and asking where the snake was.

That was my validation. My absolute certainty that I hadn't dreamt it, and wasn't making it up.

I explained to her that there is no snake around, or at least, not anymore, so she relaxed a little bit.

I told her what had happened and that the snake was also compassionate towards her fear.

We both sat quietly for a while in amazement.

Deep in my heart, I knew the job ahead of me. I knew the snake was absolutely right, and I had just discovered my purpose: connecting soul beings animals and humans - to reunite them, reconnect them, enabling the creation of a harmonious and loving life together here on earth.

After we ate and rested, we continued with our walk. A few minutes later, and in an Aussie accent, there was a lizard calling me full of excitement. "Hey, can you see me? Can you see me?" When I acknowledged that I saw him on the tree, he was satisfied and just wandered off. I was again both shocked and amazed. Yet this time, with a sense of excitement.

Learning to talk with the animals

When I came home from that life-changing bushwalk, I opened the door and entered my house. Rosie and Toby ran towards me, as usual filled with excitement that I was home. Then Toby stopped and went very quiet. He sat in front of me, and stared. He held my gaze for a while and I felt like a waterfall of words and excitement came over me. He said he could finally tell me everything he ever wanted, as he could sense that I could hear and feel him. He didn't stop talking! That is, until I told him to slow down, because this was the first time it had happened, and I needed time to understand, adjust, and become comfortable with this new skill. He was so excited and happy - I couldn't believe it!

Rosie was also excited, but she was more reserved in sharing what she wanted me to know.

To this day, Toby always talks and is happy to do so. Rosie is more selective around what she is sharing, and waits until she is ready.

In the following months I went searching for teachers and information about talking to animals. I found several sources which gave me different tools to practise, and I learned how to listen to animals, resulting in two certificates and grand expansion of my skills.

As I learned more about how I could hear the animals, I was amazed at how much I learned from them and how lovely and relaxing it could be to have a conversation with an animal.

Initially I practised only with Rosie and Toby, discovering the differences in their energy, personalities, and how they communicate with me. For example, Toby is very relaxed and his energy reflects that. He is a sook, very dependent, and his energy is extremely mellow. Toby is also an old soul, and very wise.

Rosie, on the other hand, has a higher and more energetic vibration, and comes through with lots of excitement. She is more pedantic and not always willing to communicate. She will indicate to me if she is ready to talk. She is also a very independent dog and likes to do things her own way, yet on the other hand she is very supportive towards Toby and us. In many ways, her personality mirrors mine.

I always speak with animals with gratitude and respect.

I talk to Rosie and Toby every day, whether out loud or in my mind. It is so much fun! It has also helped me to understand them much better. For example, Rosie tells me whether she is hungry or not and what she wants to eat. She also tells me what she wants to do; go to the park or just a walk around the block, chill and relax. Rosie is a wealth of wisdom, advice and support. Toby is my guardian, my gatekeeper.

Talking with animals is an intuitive process, and usually happens via telepathy. Of course they can hear our voice, but don't necessarily understand our language. What's important is what we project to them, including our energy. That is how they understand what we are saying. They can send us a picture, a smell, a colour, or words via telepathy. We receive this only when we are tuned in to them.

Animals live from their hearts. They are connected to spirit at a higher vibrational level and give absolute and complete unconditional love. It gives us such a great feeling to see our own beloved animal approach us, wanting us to receive their love.

Whether animals have a specific message for us or just want to have a conversation, communicating with our animal friends is an enjoyable and therapeutic experience.

Animals are so wise and have many stories and much information to share, so it is important for me to share how you can connect and listen to them. Whether you have a pet in your family, you are a foster animal human guardian, have animals on your farm, or rescue animals from misery and abuse, everyone can learn this wonderful and important skill.


Excerpted from "Hello? Can You Hear Me?"
by .
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Table of Contents

Foreword, 1,
Clare Mann, 2,
Amanda Powers, 5,
Hello, can you hear me?, 7,
Introduction, 9,
Be inspired, 11,
To be or not to be spiritual, 15,
My story, 17,
Growing up with animals, 23,
Tuning in to animal language, 27,
My encounter with a snake, 29,
Learning to talk with the animals, 32,
Loving whispers of a furry kind, 37,
Spirit, the leopard, 41,
Audrey the cat, 43,
Three furry children move overseas, 45,
Shadow embraces healing, 47,
May I see through your eyes?, 50,
Mitch, the cockatoo, 52,
Crossing the rainbow bridge, 57,
Animals and grief, 63,
Rosie and Toby, 66,
Connecting to your inner self, 71,
Clear the fear, 76,
The importance of connection, 82,
Our guides, 84,
Connect with your heart - a meditation, 87,
The six steps, 91,
Action plan, 97,
Is my tail in the right place?, 101,
Your pet is your mirror, 105,
Rami, the cat with the keyboard fetish, 107,
Thank you for looking after me, 109,
Treat your body with love and devotion, 111,
A recipe for health, 115,
Dinner: Recipe a la Rosie and Toby, 117,
Snack: Baked peanut butter biscuits, 118,
Veg & Bean Mash, 119,
Wellbeing for both of us, 120,
Animals can help us with our emotional wellbeing and vice versa, 121,
What next?, 125,
Awakening, 129,
Acknowledgements, 133,
To my family and friends, 134,
About the author, 137,
Speaking opportunities, 141,
Speaking topics, 143,
Shine your light, 145,
References & glossary, 147,

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