Hell's Phoenix (Road to Hell, #2)

Hell's Phoenix (Road to Hell, #2)

by Gracen Miller

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BN ID: 2940152286571
Publisher: Bama Girl Press, LLC
Publication date: 02/13/2015
Series: Road to Hell , #2
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 406,242
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Hell's Phoenix 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
andie88 More than 1 year ago
Epic sequel in an amazing series from a really talented and naughty author! I'm pretty sure I have a Lynx (A unique and very powerful breed of succubus) living inside me and it's desperately craving for the third book. Actually, it's demanding it, and I'm not sure I'm able to hold it back... Hell! What the heck I'm sayin'?? It's already took control over me and I'm suffering withdrawal. Hell's Phoenix is the second instalment of the Road To Hell series. I LOVED the prequel and the first book, but THIS was EPIC! Maybe I should duplicate my FIVE STARS rating, because if any book deservers TEN stars, then it's sure as hell this one does. We have the chance to dig deeper into the RTH world this time. So deep, that we reached Hell... literally. Madison intended to save Nix from Hell, had a good plan - okay, maybe not THAT good, but it was a plan after all -, and nothing goes as she planned. But at least she managed to get into her husband's, Micah's realm to fulfil her quest. The description of Hell was CREEPY but awesome. I'm sure I wouldn't go there willingly if there wasn't a Micah... This book contains several breathtaking scenes, maybe sometimes you will even cry -I almost did and I never cry!!- And good news for adrenaline junkies, there is absolutely no lack of action in this book. Some of the characters changed A LOT! Starting with our cheeky, a little bit arrogant and irresistible (well I Can resist him, thanks to Micah!) hero, Phoenix Birmingham. In fact, every word is still true about him, except the HERO part. Revenge. That is what turns him to the Dark side. And then there's Micah... oh my Love! I'm not sure he actually changed, but we get to see a new side (I always knew he has a sweet side too - OMG did I just say THAT?? Hope he didn't hear it...) of him. However, don't expect a 180 degree turn from him. He is still the big misunderstood player like he was before, but you might will get to love him a bit more now. Madison. What could I say about her? She's still awesome and strong and some choices she makes show exactly how strong really she is. Zen, Oh Zenny. He has definitely changed too. The question is, will he be capable of take Madison down when it's truly necessarily- just as easily as he says? Alessa is FUN to read. Nix's Lucky is a hilarious but smart character, I just love her. There's a bunch of new, interesting characters, like the Kings of Hell or Madison's new allies, who are quite bad-asses if you ask me. OVERALL: This is an Epic sequel in an amazing series from a really talented and naughty author. Thrilling, heartbreaking and sometimes funny. Featured with some of the most realistic and well-built characters I have ever read. Hell's Phoenix is absolutely a one-way ticket to the RTH world. Once you got in, you will not want to get out.
Crystal-Trent-Dotson More than 1 year ago
Hell's Phoenix By: Gracen Miller Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson WOW, WOW, WOW, This is an amazing book, I loved Pandoras Box, with Hell's Phoenix being the second book in The Road to Hell Series, it definitely meets all expectations. It has new characters that are Hot and you can't help but like,and of course the characters from book one are still amazingly steamy and funny. Nix is in Hell with Micah, and Hell has taken it's toll on him, he has turned to killing and even being intimate with Micah. Both Nix and Micah thought Zen had killed Madison, and Nix wanted revenge. He causes a Tsunami , but when it is fought against with magic, he senses that it's Mad's, so he convinces Micah she is still alive. Mad's is already planning on going to Hell to save Nix, but just hours before she was planning to leave, Micah's brother comes and gets her and takes her to Hell. Now not only is she in Hell, but she is attracted to both men and her demon wants out. Just when you think she is giving in to her deceitful husband, she does the unthinkable and sticks a dragon blade in his heart. After returning to earth with a hunky dragon, the realization hits that Micah may not be dead and will come for her. And if not Micah,then his brothers, the other Kings of Hell will. Amazing, Hot, Steamy, Gracen is an extremely talented writer, she knows how to grab you and pull you in, and I'm glad to be one of her Hell Hounds !! Never a dull moment and you will fall for each character as they all have a unique personality
LovesAllThingsBooks More than 1 year ago
Hell's Phoenix was just AMAZING, totally and completely AMAZING! Again Gracen Miller blew my mind with her wickedly awesome writing skills. The emotions that the characters go through are written in such a way that the reader experiences it in full. If you haven't read Pandora's Box then that is where you need to start. Pandora's Box is an absolute must read before reading Hell's Phoenix!! In Pandora's Box Nix finds himself making a deal with Micah in order to help protect Madison. So now Nix is in Hell with Micah and Madison has made it her mission to save him. She will do anything to bring Nix back from Hell, including going there herself and facing her husband.
Bitten-By-Love-Reviews More than 1 year ago
~~HOLY COW!! Top pick all the way!! Hell’s Phoenix is a MUST read. It is the 2’nd in Gracen Miller’s Road to Hell series…. And yes you really do need to read the first book first. Pandora’s Box comes first and that is where she lets us know who her characters are and gives us an inkling of their myriad powers, but don’t think you are going to be bored with details, cause Gracen just doesn’t roll that way. I was hooked from page 1. Pandora is where I fell for Madison, Phoenix, Amos, Zen and Micah… well you will probably fall for each of the other characters as well but, hey everyone needs their favorites… just don’t expect to choose only one. Once I finished Pandora’s Box I didn’t even pretend to put my E-reader down, there just was no waiting for Hell‘s Phoenix! Pandora had a little steam and a lot of teasing, but Gracen definitely kicked up the heat several notches in Hell’s Phoenix. I’m lucky my tablet didn’t fog over ;) Another thing I didn’t expect was to root for the bad guy some, I mean who really roots for the bad guy? But then again Micah is not your ordinary bad guy, he is a fallen Angel and totally and utterly hawt! ~~So, in Hell’s Phoenix Madison has to come up with a plan to rescue Phoenix from Hell and Micah’s evil grasp…even knowing that Nix has fallen from grace, and has been doing Micah’s bidding. Believe me when I say, Micah’s hell is not somewhere you want to be. It is gross and creepy, definitely a 10 for eew factor. Of course nothing goes as planned….and when does it ever? Fortunately for us Mad’s won’t let a few...several...setbacks get in the way of saving Nix and returning him to his family and friends. Getting herself out of Hell presents a bit more of a problem. So it’s a good thing she has friends in high places, cause she is definitely going to need them. I don’t want give away much of what is in Hell’s Phoenix as it will spoil some of the things that happen in book 1- Pandora’s Box. I promise that if you pick up The Road to Hell series you won’t put it down again. Then you will go on face book and beg Gracen to hurry up with the next book already!!
JacquieMT More than 1 year ago
Everyone believes that Madison is dead. Nix is in hell and now is working for Micah. Nix has become very powerful and feels that Madison is still alive and wants to search for her telling himself his new home that he resides in is all for Mads. Micah has completely agreed to share his wife with Nix but wants her back home. When they find out that she is still alive, their main mission is to bring her where they feel she belongs to help run Hell. Her mission is to bring Nix back home. Will she be able to save her son and Nix? Can she break the bond that Micah has on her? Ms. Miller has still to let me down. I still couldn’t put this book down as I couldn’t with her others. A sequel is in the works for this and I can’t wait to see what happens.
StarryNightBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Gracen Miller has done it again! The first book in this series is Pandora’s Box, but it holds no candle to Hells Phoenix. This is my favorite in the series so far, it is fast paced, packed with action there is always something going on and it is smoking HOT!!! I’ve been waiting for this book to get on B&N (probably driving Gracen crazy in the process) and I just finished it last night. If you love dark books you really have to read these. Most books I read , I have a favorite I like and stick with but with Gracen’s Books I’m all over, you really can’t pick just one! And the twists and turns in the book will leave you craving more. These books are defiantly not for anyone under the age of 18 due to sex and violence. Nix is in hell and now is working for Micah, and they believe Madison is dead. Nix suffers knowing she’s dead because of his failure. He keeps telling himself he’s going to get revenge for Mads, he becomes really powerful while in hell killing innocents. A tsunami he unleashes on a Gulf Coast city is stopped with magical interference, and Nix is more than surprised to feel Mads in the opposing magic. He tries to talk Micah into believing she’s really alive. So they set a trap. Will Mads fall into the trap they set and be trapped in hell? Will Mads save Nix from hell? And if she does what will it cost her in the end?
LATB_Tich More than 1 year ago
Hell's Phoenix was just AMAZING! Again Gracen blew my mind with her wickedly awesome writing skills. The emotions that the characters go through are written in such a way that the reader experiences it in full. If you haven't read Pandora's Box then that is where you need to start. *SPOILER* (For those who have not read book one) Nix is in Hell and Madison has made it her mission to save him. To do this she must go to Hell herself and face her husband.
Gina04 More than 1 year ago
ARC review I dont know if I should write a review or pay for the ride Gracen just took me on. Once again she has touched all of my emotions with a great story. All I wanted to do was reach down into Hell and grab Phoenix up and just help him whoop some a**. I couldnt wait to get into the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago