Help: A Prophet to Make

Help: A Prophet to Make

by Elijah



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Help: A Prophet to Make by Elijah

It is a light hearted look at life and religion as it fits into ones life. The principles are the same for all religions.
There are proven "How To, Work Shops" that come from daily living that can help those that have serious problems in their lives to work out a solution and "Never give up". . .
It is also a book to help bring those of different religious faiths to come together through out the world. The point is not in conversion of people, but that of changing the attitude of those that have a hard belligerent attitude towards others beliefs and to each other!
The intent is to leave no one behind. Many are looking for the world ruler that destroys the world. Personally I would prefer that we all learn to get along and stop all of this murder and mayhem that we see all around the world. More so in some places than in others.
Part of that is being able to forgive and forget the past animosities that have had a pretty free rein in parts of the world. Africa some to mind along with other places of note.
It is even possible to lose weight using this Work Shop Book. Particularly in the forty day work shops. Be sure to use some common sense when using this one. Forty days is a long time when you are hungry.
Covered by God's staff of authority

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ISBN-13: 9781412044912
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 10/20/2005
Pages: 162
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

About the Author

James (Elijah) Laughlin is a product of the forties and fifties. Came from a long line of Laughlin's. In his dads family there were sixteen children. His family had eight children. In the attempt to reduce the number of children even farther, he ended up with six. Since two was the target, one would conclude that this was partially a successful effort. It turned out to be her kids and his kids fighting with their kid and the other kid in the house. I guess being your own uncle has its own set of stresses.

Elijah's career consisted of a couple of occupations that were interesting. One was a Corporate pilot in which there were a number of harrowing experiences, Always manages to bring the aircraft and passengers back all in one piece. It is assumed that on occasion the passengers aged considerably and became very familiar with the cry for HELP.

Elijah (Jim) had a number of very emotional religious experiences and looking back, it seemed to be a good idea to share some of the experiences. when looking back some were pretty humorous but at the time humor was no where to be found!

The other was that of an Industrial General Contractor for many years. It seemed there was always a shortage of time and money. His wife would have the next days schedule all set and He would walk in at the end of the day and change it. Many a night it was a ride home with a less than a friendly wife. Fortunately, she had the ability to leave business at the office. By the time they arrived home, once more forgiven. That was probably Elijah's greatest thank you prayer!!!! Five days a week, once in a while six.

Elijah Malachi 4:5-6

Covered by the Swords,Staff and Mantle of AlGo

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