Help! The Story of a Mother and Her Very Young Son

Help! The Story of a Mother and Her Very Young Son

by LaShay Pillars


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LaShay Pillars, an educator and a mother, has been blessed to work with children from varying backgrounds in her lifetime. Some children, she thought, were really difficult to handle, but overall she believed strongly that all children are a blessing.

Raised in Africa, Ms. Pillars watched children from the most humble of backgrounds become pillars of support for their families and power brokers in the community. Not only have these children overcome all the odds but through the transforming power of education, they have become as they say in Africa, ?institutions themselves?.

An African Proverb says that ?when a child has washed his hands clean; he can eat with the elders?. In Africa, the process of washing his hands was simply the process of education. Education gave each child, regardless of their background, the power to become ?someone?.

Ms. Pillars grew to have a strong love for education. She has a strong belief that education has the power to change a troublesome little child into a highly achieving adult. It was a rude shock to her when her son had been ?marginalized? and ?separated? in the education process, simply because he was a very active child.

Here is the story of a mother, who had a strong faith in education, watched as school after school had difficulty and rejected her son, because of his high energy and activity level. Where does a mother begin? What is a mother to do?

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