Helping Children Cope

Helping Children Cope

by Joan Fassler

Paperback(Authors Guild Edition)

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Helping Children Cope does a wonderful job of bringing selected information from the vast field of children's literature to the attention of individuals interested in child health. The book draws on Joan Fassler's extensive experience in using and recommending books for young children in an effort to help them gain mastery over specific situations. Helping Children Cope focuses on certain areas of potential stress for children such as hospitalization, illness, death, separation experiences, moving, adoption, birth of a baby in the family, and other situations that may strain a child's coping skills.

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ISBN-13: 9780595167203
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/20/2000
Edition description: Authors Guild Edition
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter IDeath1
Stories About Nature and Change3
Stories About the Death of Pets or Loss of Other Objects3
Stories That Might Relate Well to Issues Surrounding Human Death9
Stories Showing Warm Relationships Between Elderly Individuals and Young Children9
Stories That Raise the Issue of Possible Death in the Near Future9
Stories Centering Around the Actual Death of a Person11
Stories About Children Who Have Experienced the Death or Loss of an Important Individual in Their Lives Sometime in the Past16
Information-Type Books About Death17
When a Child Dies20
Books About the Death (or Threatened Death) of a Child20
Stories About Death Among Anthropomorphized Animals21
Juvenile Bibliography: Books That Might Help Young Children Talk About or Share Some Feelings Concerning Death23
Chapter IISeparation Experiences26
Reassuring Stories To Help Counteract Fears of Abandonment28
Bedtime Stories29
Gentle Stories To Help Relax a Child at Bedtime29
Stories Portraying Some Inner Concerns and Anxieties Surrounding Bedtime31
Stories About Dreams and Dreaming33
Separation-Type Stories That Might Relate Well to Early School Experiences34
Separation from Parents for Reasons Not Related to School Activities39
Accidental Separation from a Parent or Parent-Figure40
Separation from a Well-Liked and Trusted Individual (Friend, Teacher, Therapist, etc.)42
Separation Feelings and Children's Books: Some Further Suggestions44
Juvenile Bibliography: Books Relating to Early Childhood Separating Experiences48
Chapter IIIHospitalization and Illness51
Imaginative Stories That Portray Hospital Experiences52
Information-Type Books About Hospitalization57
Books Portraying Experiences and Emotions That May Have Special Meaning for the Hospitalized Child62
Separation Feelings and the Hospitalized Child63
Nighttime in the Hospital64
Self-Esteem and the Hospitalized Child65
Maintaining a Sense of Independence and Autonomy67
Encouraging an Open, Honest Expression of Feelings68
Books To Help Build Personal Courage73
Books Describing a Visit to a Doctor's or Dentist's Office74
Stories About Illness or Pain in General78
Juvenile Bibliography: Books To Help Children Cope with Hospitalization and Illness80
Chapter IVLifestyle Changes86
The New Baby87
Moving to a New Home93
Juvenile Bibliography: Books Relating to Selected Lifestyle Changes129
Chapter VOther Potentially Stress-Producing Situations135
Financial Stress136
Changes in Parents' Working Arrangements138
Changes in Family Constellation139
When a Parent Goes to Prison142
Fire, Floods, Storms, and Other Emergency Situations148
Juvenile Bibliography: Coping with Other Potentially Stress-Producing Situations153
Index of Juvenile Book Authors and Titles156
General Index160

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